Who wants to be an illegal alien?


Tired of your typical board game? You might want to try The Illegal Game, an “educational game” that depicts the lives of illegal aliens in New York City.

According to an online retailer The Illegal Game begins as players arrive at JFK airport, get a job and begin a rollercoaster adventure of a life that might include getting mugged on the subway, learning ESL at school, getting fired from a job or even winning the lottery. But it is also paved with danger: players also get arrested and deported, or get sick and die (perhaps caught in the middle of a pipe explosions or sick from eating at a rat-filled fast-food restaurant in the Village). And just like in Texas, it looks like you can buy your stuff with pesos!

But besides all the fun, the game’s creator, Ecuador-born Jorge E. Freire, has a more ambitious goal in mind: “It’s a teaching aid for ESL schools and we hope it influences politicians’ minds as they work on the Immigration Reform Bill,” he told TDMonthly.

We certainly hope so. Though if politicians don’t get aroused by the vicissitudes of illegal aliens, perhaps they will by the scantily-clad mamacita in the pink mini-skirt, or the hat-wearing large-breasted fruit seller.

The Illegal Game is launching Oct. 12 at a price of $30.00 (or about 6 hours table-cleaning in the city). ¡Sí se puede!

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4 Responses to Who wants to be an illegal alien?

  1. latinbeauty says:

    I wish I had learned English with the Illegal Alien game. Kaplan should definitely adopt it in its classes!


  2. Adrian Perez says:

    I’ll wait for the video game.


  3. Carla Raygoza says:

    Where can I get one???? Why didn’t I think of that? I think I just founD the perfect Christmas present EVER. It’s like we beaners say in regards to the endless walls the USA keeps putting up “If they buid it, we’ll still come”…. PLEASE JOIN TEAM MEXICO IN “PROJECT JUMPSTART”

  4. Patricia Barahona says:

    Wow, es perfecto, es una oportunidad para que todos vivamos el sueño Americano en unas horas. Lo compre por correo por $30 en theillegalgame.com. Mucho buen humor tambien.

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