Juan & Maria Win Top Award in Rochester, NY


And speaking of awards for outstanding Hispanics, I am happy to report that Mr. Juan Contreras, owner of Juan & Maria’s Empanada Stop of Rochester, NY, has been named Hispanic Business Person of the Year by the local Rochester Hispanic Business Association.

In accepting the award, though, Mr. Contreras humbly turned the credit to his hard-working wife (aptly named Maria.)

“If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be standing here,” Mr. Contreras told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

The couple started out selling about 10 or 20 empanadas a day at the Public Market, and have increased that to more than 800. On Memorial Day, they sold 1,025.

3 thoughts on “Juan & Maria Win Top Award in Rochester, NY

  1. And their menu includes something for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m also glad he acknowledged his wife since Latina women have, I believe, a stronger business acumen. I’m also aware they are considering expanding their business by franchising it in the region. With internet, they should consider worldwide distribution. I have a friend who has shipped frozen menudo to Maine, Germany and different parts of Mexico.


  2. By the way, if anyone can get me a digital quality video featuring Juan and Maria and what people are saying about their empanadas, I’ll put it up on our website.


  3. Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for including our story on your blog, I’m in the process of getting
    a copy of the acceptance speach, please tell me if you are interested.

    I’m impressed with your WEB-TV, I’ll like to learn more about it.

    Juan Contreras
    2007 Hispanic Business Person of the Year
    Empanada Stop
    585 303-1290

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