Quick! Get Yourself a ‘Hispanic’ Name!


I love politicians.

Now it turns out that in order for your campaign to “resonate” with your U.S. Hispanic constituency, you gotta go the “extra mile” and change your name until it sounds Latino enough.

According to the Kansas City Star, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is facing a real challenge trying to convince always-suspicious Latinos that he is, in fact, Mexican. The gist of the matter, says the newspaper, is simple: With a rise in mixed marriages, more Latino politicians could be facing the prospect of having to prove that they are Hispanic.

No wonder, the country has seen a sudden rise of name changes of late.

Some examples:

Loretta Sanchez-Brixey is now simply Loretta Sanchez

Rep. Rebecca Klein is now Rebecca Armendariz Klein

Texas Rep. Tracy Fischer now goes by the catchy name of Tracy Martínez Fischer

Richard Raymond, a Texas lawmaker, recently changed his name to Richard Peña Raymond

Etc. etc. etc… You get the picture.

So hereby -and even if I never made a point to have a gringo name- I reaffirm my own identity and from now on wish to be referred to as Laura Martínez Ruiz de Velasco de San Pedro de los Pinos y de Mixcoac (pésele a quién le pese and whether you can pronounce it or not).

So now you have been warned: if you have an ancestor with a Spanish-sounding name, or something remotely similar, this is the time to dust it off. You never know when you’re going to need it.

5 thoughts on “Quick! Get Yourself a ‘Hispanic’ Name!

  1. Here in New Mexico everyone knows ‘good ole billy’ as one of the smoothest politicians ever (depending on source of course). He can schmooze with the best of them of them in English and Spanish. Impressive, but for anyone who has seen Bill he is as ‘ethnic’ as they come. All that is missing is a nopal on his forehead!

    But where you win in one area you lose in another. I recall several articles and shows analyzing Richardson chances in the Presidential race. Those critics were that he was ‘too ethnic looking’ to win the more conservative Republican votes, but that his name Bill Richardson was still appealing to the same demographics. So billy does have it tough, not ‘Latino’ enough and not ‘white’ enough.

    Pobrecito, Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla!!jajaja

  2. Bill Richardson is actually the best qualified to be President of all the candidates now running. The question is, will Latinos buy what he’s selling? So far, here in Cal-eey-fornia, he isn’t very well known, which means his organization hasn’t made an effort to make him known to Latinos. As a result, Obama and Clinton are being endorsed by prominent Latinos throughout this state. But, his name doesn’t matter. We liked and knew Loretta Sanchez as Lorretta Sanchez even before she became a Democrat.


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