Canadians Get Real Bored in Mexico

Extra! Extra! After a long, harrowing process, the town of Chapala (in Jalisco) will not become the twin city of Edmonton, Canada. The news, which broke today, came as a blow to Canadian citizen Peter Kertesz, who since retiring to Chapala a year ago had been campaigning to get his new home town twinned with Alberta’s capital.

Councilor Ron Hayter of Edmonton yesterday concluded Chapala (pop. 19,000) “is a much smaller community than we are,” thus “the focus of the twinning relationship hasn’t been well established.”

Poor Mr. Kertesz. I wonder what will occupy his time now.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend (even if you’re not in Chapala).

Photo: Jupiter Images

2 thoughts on “Canadians Get Real Bored in Mexico

  1. lissen here dummy,i am far from bored and i have facilitated no less than 3 twinnings with alberta communities. not only that an alberta company has come down here and hired 200 hundred workers to go to alberta legally for 2 years.
    what have you done lately ,smartass?

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