Green With Envy: I Want My Own Fragrance


As soon as I heard the Chica Dorada (aka Paulina Rubio) will be launching her own fragrance in 2008, I decided to check out the market and explore the chances of getting myself my very own eau de parfum. Alas, the idea is by no means original. Latino celebrities, it seems, have inundated the marketplace with their respective scents:

Rafa Marquez: the Mexican soccer beau this year launched ‘RM’ La Esencia del Triunfo (The Essence of Triumph)

Antonio Banderas, the Spanish actor that the gringos so want to sell us as a Mexican macho, has ‘Spirit,’ ‘Diavolo’ and ‘Mediterraneo’ (ay Dios!)

Jennifer Lopez, the non-pregnant (maybe yes) Puerto Rican, Bronx diva is pitching ‘Glow’

Gabriela Sabatini, the Argentinean tennis player you might not remember, has a complete line called, what else?, Gabriela Sabatini with sub-names such as ‘Devotion’ and ‘Temperamento’

So I guess for now I’ll pass on that idea and perhaps will come up with something more original like a mouth wash or a line of wool underwear (oops, I forgot there’s plenty of those too.)

4 thoughts on “Green With Envy: I Want My Own Fragrance

  1. Send it over Adrian…! I mean the ad. Would love, love to see it. (love the name by the way: sobaco has so many good product placement opportunities)

  2. So when can we expect to see teen heartthrob Belinda Peregrin bringing out her own eau-de-toilette? Seems she made a better career move being a Cheetah Girl than the chica/girl.

    Some advice for Pau-Pau – stick to singing in Spanish dearie and leave the English hits to the youngsters, si? ‘At the End Of The Day’ (como dicen los ingleses) sabes no es una ‘bella traicion’ a tu mama.

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