Crap! Gringos Discover Our Secret Plan to Take Over: “Invasion By Birth Canal”

U.S. Senators plan to halt ‘invasion by birth canal’ by overturning constitutional guarantee for anyone born on U.S. soil

I told you! It was just a matter of time before somebody found out what we (i.e. immigrants) have been cooking up all these years: Taking over America by birthing lots of little creatures to populate this country.

According to the brilliant, anti-immigrant movement, what America is undergoing right now is a serious case of “Invasion by Birth Canal,” by which “illegal immigrants smuggle themselves into the U.S. to have ‘anchor babies,’” which I can only suppose means babies of people such as Jorge Ramos or María Elena Salinas, right?

[I always knew those two -and some 12 million more- were a sneaky bunch.]

Watch some more about this nonsense below:

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Jon Stewart: ‘Anchor Babies’ Sounds Like A New …, posted with vodpod

7 thoughts on “Crap! Gringos Discover Our Secret Plan to Take Over: “Invasion By Birth Canal”

  1. LOL…as a soul of Irish decent, who studies history…I have always supported Latino presence in the United States…those who study history know that the entire southern US and California were Spanish before English…thus the issue of English language only is silly…If any language were to become “official”, logically it would be one of the hundreds of Native American languages!

    I have fallen in love with a Mexican woman…her name is also Laura Martinez ironically 🙂 We really love each other and are gonna marry soon one way or another. Sadly my country, the United States has enacted blocks to keep my dearest love from visiting me in Florida with a tourist visa…and has also made blocks that limit her coming her under a fiancee or even a marriage visa sadly. My government feels that I am not capable of deciding whom to fall in love with and perhaps marry to live here in the United States. Only the really rich can visit the US easily. They “serve” me by stopping me from love and companionship with my fiancée sadly. What is free about this? What is constitutional about this? What is fair in making any Mexican have to spend extraordinary $$$, time and effort to go see a loved one in the US?

    Injustice is what this is…and trust me every white soul I know is being told about this sad, poor example of so called American “freedom”!!!

  2. I didn’t know the republicans were anti_Catholic. jajajaja. Just goes to show Republicans love the fetus and hate the baby.

  3. they found me out!!!! that was my plan all along!!! y ahora, quién podrá defenderme???
    I love J. Stewart… BTW- WMD’s very, very funny.
    the USA is heading straight to the looney house…

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