Oh No! Gringos Use Our Lotería to Teach us English


Some woman called Deborah Frisch has come up with an English language method weirdly named ¡Binglés! La lotería para aprender inglés. And it’s no joke. According to a company’s press release, this “revolutionary and cost-effective method” uses our beloved juego de lotería to teach us, monolingual Latinos, how to pronounce things in English with lots and lots of accents: Watermelon, for instance, is Guá-ter-mélon; La Sirena is the mér-med; The musician is the myu-zí-shan, and so on. You get the picture (and it’s not pretty!)

In her Web site, Ms. Frisch tells us about her career as an accomplished language teacher, but most importantly informs us about the importance of the lotería in the daily lives of us, lazy Mexicans.

Wherever there are Mexicans and people of Mexican descent, while the parents take siestas after dinner, the kids find shady spots to play la Lotería.

And I thought I had seen it all… Good Lord!

11 thoughts on “Oh No! Gringos Use Our Lotería to Teach us English

  1. Well really is it any surprise, I mean some white folks really just want to steal everything in sight including others cultures and replace them with their own . I mean its not like California was created by the white folks but yet their wet fantasy would be to make every Californian English speaking and nothing else.

    The rest of the world has and continues to give so much to the west and yet all the west does is systematically plunder, destroy and kill the care givers.

  2. Ja, ja, ja, ja, y asi piensan que nos van a enseñar a hablar bien? Guatermelon??? con acento! dios santo. Alguien deberia decirle a esta gente que deje de explotar mexicanos y que mejor no les disparen en la frontera

  3. I have a lot of affectionate memories of learning Spanish by playing la loteria in elementary school Spanish class. I found the same set we used in a store the other day, and I was a little surprised to see how un-p.c. some of the images were, e.g. “el negrito.” This wasn’t that long ago–in the nineties–but I doubt that would fly in today’s classrooms.

    And re: marcelinopena’s comment: I think it’s a little grandiose to say: “all the west does is systematically plunder, destroy and kill the care givers.” There’s a lot of good things that western civilization has brought to the world as well.

  4. jajaja i love the down loadable pdf. “The Tree=the tri” And all this time I thought el tri were Mexican rockeros!

    All i have to say is “Huat tha hel is hurong huit pi-ple?”

  5. GUAT? Loved this woman’s comment… So ignorant, prejudiced and patronizing… Hate that she had the idea before any of us fence-jumping beaners… She’ll make millions!

  6. ok first of all you guys have no idea who this woman is. 7 years ago i came to this country not even knowing how to say “What time is it” i came to this country because i wanted to surpass my parents expectations of me in school. My first day in Middle School was Horrifying, i didnt know a soul, i came late to my orientation class and everyone looked at me whispering stuff in english that i did not understand at the time. I came in and i saw this older caucasian woman speaking this language i did not understand, after she stopped talking she said in spanish “Hay Aqui Alguien que no entienda Ingles?” at that moment my heart started beating faster and knew that i wasn’t going to be clueless anymore. They passed around a form that we had to fill out, i was so nervous, i asked another student sitting next to me what i had to write down, he said ” tu nombre excreibe tu nombre” i did not even know what “NAME” meant, Ms Frisch Went over to my desk and started helping me, The i saw my Schedulle and i quickly found out that she would be my teacher for 2 periods. i was her student for 2 school years, she was a great teacher, really nice, respectful of other cultures and she was in no way a “Gringa”. after my second year in her class (ESL 1 at the time), she talked to my counselors and told them i needed to be moved up to a higher level so i was, by 8th grade i was in ELD 3 after many ELD tests, and another year i was Fluent In English and was taken out of the ELD Program in school. and i have this lady To thank, she really cared about teaching young immigrant students to read, write, and speak the language, and i’m realle proud of her work with this loteria thing.

    -S. Ruiz

  7. I’ve been using the software loteria workshop to make loterias to teach math and I tell you those kids are learning.

  8. Shall I remind you, dearest, that the reason you care so much, sometimes even worry so much, is because there still exists between you and life, a passionate love affair. And because of this, everything’s going to be just fine.

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