This Ain’t Your Typical Abuelita Breakfast

This week McDonald’s triumphantly announced the launch of a half-pound, culturally-relevant burrito: the McSkillet, which the media is tauting as as the McLatinization of the breakfast menu, mainly due to its “Mexican influence.”

I beg to differ. I am as Mexican as it gets, and though my mother sometimes fed us with some weird concoctions, I don’t ever recall having a rolled flour tortilla stuffed with Jack cheese, red, green peppers and onions mixed with scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast (I don’t even think my mom or my abuela know what the hell hash browns are.)

According to Advertising Age, the sausage McSkillet has 610 calories and 36 grams of fat, making it McDonald’s third-most-fattening breakfast, behind the Big Breakfast and the Big Breakfast Deluxe.

William Lamar, CMO McDonald’s USA, told AdAge that “it was important for McDonald’s to have more burrito-based options as Mexican food becomes increasingly popular and schedules get tighter.”

Yeah, right. People are getting fatter and time-pressed, so blame it on the Mexicans!

7 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Typical Abuelita Breakfast

  1. Doesn’t McDonald’s introduce a new breakfast burrito every six months, where they essentially take whatever spare meat-like substance is available and wrap it into a tortilla? It looks like they just super-sized the regular breakfast burrito. It’s more like the McFATinization of the breakfast menu.

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