Wanna Go to P.R? Watch Out for Chupacabras

You might have seen this before, but you will have to forgive my tardiness (as I’m still cleaning up my Inbox). The New York Times informs me that Marvel Comics has released Isla de la Muerte, a new comic featuring none other than the infamous Chupacabras.

The comic, available in English and Spanish, launched late December and it features the Fantastic Four battling “a rabid band of chupacabras in the Puerto Rican rain forest.” But what’s most fascinating about the whole thing is the author’s motivation: “My aim in this book was for the reader to learn about Puerto Rico,” Tom Beland, a Guanabo-based writer told the U.S. press.

Oh dear! I have never been to Puerto Rico, and after this I don’t think I’m gonna. (And to think that all these years I thought Chupacabras was a Mexican creature)

One thought on “Wanna Go to P.R? Watch Out for Chupacabras

  1. Actually, I was born in Chicago… then grew up in Napa Valley… then moved here to PR about ten years ago. I’m Irish and French. Just so you know.

    And, just to be clear, the thing that motivated me was making a book that a child here on the island could look at and recognize their home and culture. That was a huge joy to see.

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