Mexico Wants to Know Why Mexicans Leave (Duh!)


Here’s a good one. The Mexican government is asking Mexican nationals living abroad to send in their migratory tales to participate in a worldwide writing contest aimed at getting a “better sense of how their former citizens live abroad, what drove them to leave Mexico, what challenges they face and what they need to integrate and succeed, particularly in the United States.”

(Well, wouldn’t the Mexican government just have to look at its own policies to figure out what drove people out? duh!)

In any case, the lucky winner will receive a prize of approximately $2,000 in cash and a free trip to Mexico to accept the award. Yupi!

But wait a second: how are they going to send them back to the U.S.? will they be needing extra polleros? (just asking).

5 thoughts on “Mexico Wants to Know Why Mexicans Leave (Duh!)

  1. That 2.000 dollars won’t even be enough to cover the coyote on their way back!!! Eesh!! The unbelievable thing is the Mexican government is actually thinking this is a great initiative!!! Que pendejadas!

  2. I strongly suggest you all watch a feature lenght documentary called “Mi vida dentro” or “My life inside” directed by Mexican Lucía Gajá. I must warn you, it is brutally raw and thankfully, not manipulative or sentimental.

  3. Uh, how about the fact that they have openly encouraged it and encouraged attempts to undermine US sovereignty? What about the “comic books” (nudge nudge wink wink) and the matricular consular cards? The hordes of lawyers on tap to defend illegal aliens and cry “racism” when Americans have had enough? The remittances? Where does it stop?

    by the way, I admire the fact that you do not censor/block comments. Good for you!

  4. The Mexican government totally advocates breaking American law to aid their corrupt government! They can’t take care of their own people so they ship them over to the USA!

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