Who Says Mexicans aren’t Honest?

You can say anything you want about Mexican women except that we make false promises.

Take Lupita, a humble, provincial girl, who might not look like a top model but promises unbridled passion in addition to a big, hard butt and the possibility to touch everything you may fancy. (She is even willing to accept food stamps and a slice of cake in exchange.)


Lupita, neither a top model, nor a hostess or the foreign type; why promise something I cannot give? I am humbly provincial and because I didn’t go to school I have to resort to these ads; I will let myself go (ED: seeking better translation for flojita y cooperando); 28 years, white, size 7, big and hard buttocks (not big hips though). Touch everything in 90 minutes. Everything with a condom. Unlimited relationships. $700.00 (ED: pesos, that is); I accept food stamps and a slice of rosca [de Reyes?]”

Photo taken from El Universal, México.

4 thoughts on “Who Says Mexicans aren’t Honest?

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve read the Aviso oportuno in the El universal newspaper…

    Hilarious and depressing at the same time… Great post as always…

  2. Why even bother reading the classifieds in El Universal?

    Here in Tampico we have guys standing on corners handing out fliers to passing men to advertise the latest knocking shop just a few steps away from the Plaza. Come to ‘El Paraiso’ etc – best little whorehouse in town, clean girls, free rubbers, no cover charge etc

    Sometimes, the openness of it just leaves me gasping with wonder…

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