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  1. Lisa and OCgirl, are you implying you’d actually want to see that piece of the US become part of Mexico ? I definitely wouldn’t (I’m both Mexican and American, and love both countries). Those lands have been part of the US for the last 150 years, and are now an integral part of the US.

  2. I love this ad! Let us never forget that a large part of the U.S. was once Mexico. How then can we be immigrants on what was once our land?… Que Viva Mexico!

  3. Hola Laura, soy pablo de Buenos Aires, me gusto mucho tu blog y tiene un espiritu muy parecido al mio, quisiera pedirte la imagen de el restaurante mexicano contiguo al hospital cardiologoco! buenisimo.. si podes contame mas sobre ese lugar o si tenes una foto donde se vea el hospital.
    Estamos en contacto, un saludo grande!!

  4. I’m disgusted by this ad and will never buy Abolsut and I discourage everyone I can from ever buying it.

  5. I was born and raised end educated in Mexico, this has got to be the biggest sour grapes ad ever. We lost tons of what was then OUR territory, because we were weak, stupid and corrupt, no one in Mexico cared about 2/3 of the old Nueva Espana until after they discovered gold in California and no one in Mexico cared about that territory untli the USA built it up with roads, cities, towns, services, industry in the early 20th century. Guess what, it’s the 21st century and Mexico is still weak, stupid and corrupt, socially, economically and govermentally. Instead of wroking to build a great society, instead of mexican society working as a team and building a 1st class country with the tons of human an natural resources we have, we covet jealously what we could have had, what the USA became and is, it because the Americans are smart and they have their checks and balances socially, politically and economically they built an empire out of 13 piece of dirt colonies, the Spaniards gave us an empire in term of land and as a society we pissed it away, the problem is that mexican never look at themselves as the problem, which we are, naturally we always look at some one else to blame for our own failings.

    We suck as a culture, we suck as a society, we suck as a country, were a third rate wannabe leftist dictatorship aka a latina american democracy that can never get it’s act straight. I had the good fortune of marrying into an American family that embraced me regardless of my origins these social and political conservatives are some of the most generous and hard working people and some of the closest nit humans you will find, I am lucky to have left Mexico, and I will never return to Mexico, I will die for the USA and my sons will die for the USA because it has given me everything.

    What has Mexico ever given me? Nada.

    1. @Fabiruchis (or Fabricio, whatever): You know, you are right in 99% of what you mentioned above, except in that part where it says “What has Mexico ever given me?, Nada”. Really?, John F. Kenney once said: “Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what, you can do for your country.”

      Is because of Mexicans who think like you that Mexico keeps being weak, stupid and corrupt. What have you done for Mexico?, what have you given to Mexico?… engage in your life to improve beautiful Mexico, instead of just sitting around just waiting for handouts from the government.

  6. It is documented in the book “Two years before the Mast” about what California looked like along with the local inhabitants in 1830’s. I encourage folks to read the book.

    The author returned to Ca. in 1860 and wrote about the changes. You want to know the truth then read the book.

    The California 49’ers used that book as a guide when they went to look for gold as it was the only book about California at the time.

    Texas won its independance without the help of the USA and later joined the union.

    I will never consume volka again, probably make me smarter regardless.

    If Mexico had controlled California this whole time, then it would not be anything special just like the rest of mexico today.

  7. This is “absolute”ly disgusting.
    I am an immigrant to the USA and love America.
    Mexicans are envious and angry.
    They need to solve their own problems and their weak, corrupt government.
    I came to the USA from a socialist, unionist government that failed its people.
    Mexico is no different.
    I will boycott Absolute.
    Absolute sucks.
    I am tired of the “reconquista” and “blame America” mentality.

  8. !Que verguenza, Absolut!

    Shame on Absolut!

    Let’s see a similar ad which depicts the American occupation of territory up to, and including Mexico City, back during the war our neighbors never want to forget.

    Their PR Director will be hearing from this former customer, manana.

    It’s not even shaped like the bottle, for Pedro’s sake!

  9. Fabricio: As a Hispanic, I have never before seen such an excellent summation of what is wrong with the whole Reconquista movement. I have always said it…The best thing that Mexico gave me was NOTHING. It taught me to stand on my own two feet. Gracias…for making the point that although it is EASY to fall for the easy “Viva Mexico” crap, most people who say it are standing on the US side of the line….To Mexico, I repeat what John said…”Come and get it…”

  10. I have never seen such a shameful ad. Distorting the United States of America geogrpahy to sell VODKA to Mexicans. Real SMART…. You just LOST TWO BOTTLES OF SALES for every ONE you sell in Mexico.

  11. Mexico?

    You cannot even travel safely there.

    The whole Mexican country is run by rich elitist thugs that ship their poverty stricken poor to the USA as a cash crop.

    For 300 years Mexico has been a dirt poor backwards country because of rotten Government and rotten people in Government living off the backs of the poor.

    Mexico has huge oil reserves but much of the money for the oil disappears into private bank accounts. Drug cartels run much of the country.

    No, we won’t ever be visiting that poverty stricken backwards country and we sure won’t be buying Absolut Vodak.

  12. I will never understand immigrants that pine for the old country. There is a reason you left, or your relatives left in the first place. Creating some fantastic version of the place is non-sensical. Mexico is a corrupt oligarchy. If La Raz really loves Mexico they’d return and force change rather than pine over a war lost 150 years ago like children.

  13. Shame on the author of this site. People like you are the reason some Americans think all Mexicans hate The United States. I’m proud my family left Mexico, apparently they are a lot smarter than some of the bunch. Now that they’re here, they are hard working, tax paying LEGAL citizens grateful to the country that afforded them more opportunity than Mexico ever could. I accept that people like you truly believe this radical junk, but I don’t have to respect it. Grow up and use your brain. Viva Estados Unidos

  14. Perhaps the next “brilliant” ad from Absolut-Nonsense will be one showing the ENTIRE continent of North America belong to the original Native people. They can then use that to push alcohol to their modern day descendents.

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful, an Absolut advertising campaign focused on selling more of their product to Native reserves throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    What a responsible company … NOT!!!!

  15. Wow! A Zimmerman note flashback! That is about THE BEST anti-American ad ever! W2G Absolut! Go ahead and pander to a twice-conquered people while alienating established American consumers…marketing genius! Imagine an ad reversal, showing a map of Texas that includes chihuahua, coahuila, nuevo leon, and tamaulipas? Wouldn’t that be a better message to the mexicans to be like us?

    I’d bet a chalupa that Dora and Diego would get their feathers ruffled and make official statements, whine, march, boycot, etc. if you showed their territory becoming the 51st state. This ad just proves that the saps at Absolut Spirit Company are too gutless and weak to publish this campaign here in America…instead they push their product where the people have contributed nothing to the world in the past 500 years. I really wanted to see more fallout…

    BTW, how many languages are the mexicans going to learn: first, they were Bronze Age Central American Indians; next, they were conquered by and learned the Spanish. (See! It’s their fault! Waaahh!); now they are abandoning their families, learning some English, and prostituting themselves as cheap laborers here? Finally, they will learn French (yeah! language #4!) to promote NAFTA and finalize their status as THE effeminate punching bag-of-a-people. The mexicans deserve their misery, allowing themselves to be bullied and dominated by the corrupt in their own country. Hint: the middle class–get it, then use it.

    Along those lines, I would also like to throw this hypothetical what if out there: mexico did repossess those states? Would it really help them? It is so laughable, but this is the best that ‘la raza’ can think of to spread their failure? Instead of one big concentrated pile of crap down there, do they really success comes from spreading it into the USA, intensifying the third world stench here? I don’t think so…if it’s so successful, why leave?

    Dear immigrants – If you already have, congratulations on assimilating to the American way of life–I applaud your success in OUR country. Otherwise, you are parasites sucking at Aunt Sam’s tit. Keep pressing ‘2’ while celebrating your corrupt culture in the privacy of your homes, thanks.

  16. Hey, BonBon: The key words in your question are “that ONCE WAS”. Meaning: not anymore. So, since the land does not, thankfully, belong to shitty Mexico, thus, you all are, and will always be immigrants to our land. I have family that still lives in England (yes, my heritage, unlike yours, is not from the third-world, but a prosperous, English-speaking country). The US was founded by, and ONCE WAS English land. However, when my family comes here, they will be immigrants. I understand that you probably have no more than an eighth-grade education, but it surely is not too hard to grasp the concepts of past, present, and future. Something that exists only in the past is not applicable to the present or the future. Pretty elementary!
    Anyway, I drink gin, to which vodka could never hope to compare. Besides, don’t you all drink that tequila rot? Or, as I suspect, do you dissipated Mexicans pretty much drink any trashy thing you can get, when you can get it?

  17. A third of Mexicans have left for the US in the last 35 years. What does that say about Mexico? If it was good, people would not leave by the millions.

    1. NumbersUSA? Are you kidding? Invasion? Stop being such a drama queen. It’s an advertisement for vodka. No one is arming the Mexican public with AK-47s and vodka and telling them to conquer the American Southwest. It was meant to generate controversy, and it has. There is no such thing as bad publicity. You people are playing right into the hands of Absolut and the ad agency.Thanks God you people become hysterical over every little thing. It prevents you from accomplishing anything.

  18. Time to boycot completely all of the companies products. As for the idotic ramblings stating that Mexican once owned this land. That is simply not true. They may have had a few regions, but it was all shared with the Native American Indians who held most terroritory. Then the Spanish came along. They conquered your territories north and south. This is why you speak Spanish. Understand? How many of you are truly native? And how many of you are Spanish hybrids? Who have no claim at all to this territory?

    I feel truly sad for Mexicans and South Americans in many nations. Corrupt politicians steal your wealth, your lands, your oil and you have no choice but to leave for better opportunities. America has long held its hand out to all immigrants. But why should we accept anymore those immigrants who profess to hate us? To want to turn our nation into another failed, socialist state like Mexico?

    We’ve been patient. Much more patient than your own country who treats immigrants like garbage in your own country. Most people, we understand are simply trying to make a better life for themselves and family. But I ask you, why hate America for its success? Why not hate your own corrupt leaders? Why not make a revolution in your own nation and rebuild in the spirit of liberty, free markets and Rule of Law? Are you afraid to change your own country? You have a great model in Free Market Enterprise upon which to reference. Americans gladly help your country. We’ve sent billions to your government to help. What do they do with the money we send?

    This ad is a disgrace. But even more disgraceful is the racism of La Raza. Who claim superiority and rights that they never had over other people. We defeated the Spanish. You did not. You lost. As a result you utilized their socialist system and created a disaster. That is the problem with most of South America. You took on the failed socialist economies of European nations like Spain.

    Wake up. Your problems are not America’s fault. Your problems are your own. You alone can solve them by recognizing first you have a problem, 2nd by finally changing your economic system. Allowing governemt to nationalize and be in charge of resources like oil only encourages graft, theft, and bribes. You must seperate the resources from the politicians. Privatize all your businesess and revamp your economy, open it up to the world for investment so that it may modernize and come into the 21st century. If you did this, you would love your country and have good jobs to stay home. And all the senseless blame games and false covetness which goes against Christ and the Catholic Church would stop.

    Wake up…. God hates those who envy, who covet, who blame others for their own problems in life.

  19. Thansk to those Mexican-Americans who commented above in defense of America.

    Americans truly have opened their hearts and land to immigrants for a long time. We’re not racist and we constantly give to the poor. I’ve seen billions go into Mexico thru our govt. and our charities. Yet Mexico remains a socialist nation. ITs oil should bring it massive amounts of riches for its people.

    I hope it can change, modernize and the people of Mexico have a good life. It is far to easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Truth is we need each other as good neighbors. But anyone who is pushing for taking over territory of America, like La Raza does, who creates and incites hatred of Americans, will be met with equal fury and resistance by all Americans. Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow.

    Enough is enough. 20 million illegals now. You get free healthcare, free education, and you send billions back to Mexico. And for this you hate us? STop your complaining about America and take a good long look in the mirror and at your own corrupt government.

    I don’t care about color. I don’t care about language. What I do care about is respect for our nation, rule of law, our traditions of liberty, free market and capitalism. Socialism is a failure. From France to Spain, Cuba to Venezuela, Russia to China. They all failed! The smart ones are all turning to Free Market in order to turn their economies around, except for Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico. Why? Why does Mexico continue to believe in a failed policy where political cronies control all the power?

    Before you even attempt to take over parts of our nation that never belonged to a Mexican-Spanish government. Maybe you should take care of home first! And take care of your own people first! Instead of Americans having to come to your country and give medical, food, shelter and financial care to so many of your citizens. Solve your own problems! Grow up, mature, be adults. Childs blame others for their own bad choices in life. Adults take responsibility for their failures. They learn from mistakes and move on to succeed in life. Socialist economies and nationalized systems are failures due to corruption by the very leaders who say they will take care of the masses. Wake up! Seen the Matrix? Well? Stop taking the stupid blue pill. Take the red pill and fight for your own life and demand that your own government answer to you in Mexico, denationalize oil, open up markets for more foreign investment, stop all the Drug thugs and cartels, clean up the border towns of crime and your major cities. How about just get clean running water to all Mexicans? That would be a start!

    If Mexico were to take over California. It would be like Hamas taking over Gaza. They’d destroy it within a few years with socialist doctrines and renationalization of all major resources and services. Wake up! Take the Red Pill and THINK for yourselves!
    The Democrats and socialist all take the blue pill. They all want to be like machines in a matrix, unthinking, just give me my chalupa and I’ll be happy. Instead of fighting against the machine of mediocrity, you embrace the mediocre life and allow clueless, corrupt leaders to ruin your lives.

    It is time Mexicans take back their own territory first and kick out the corrupt thieves that steal from you daily in Mexico. Once you’ve done this, then you can think about conquering other territories. First, reconquer Mexico!

  20. Over my dead body. Come take it bastards. Someone needs to be arrested for TREASON. This is a call to make war on the United States. The FBI knows who you are.

  21. Mexico can turn the southwest into what Mexico is…a third world, corruption infested, run by drug cartel dictators. Mexicans leave in droves to escape, yet Mexicans want the same conditions here that they fled? Nice country. Here’s an idea, fix Mexico first it’s a crap hole.

  22. Stupid tortilla pressers.

    You think you’ll take over by over populating. 20 million or 200 million, it makes no difference when you’re largely uneducated, welfare monkeys.

  23. The ad designers must be drunk. Leave it to a company like Absolut to push this crap on witless third world Mexicans. Just what they need – more alcohol! Cheers.

  24. I just want my lawn cut every couple weeks in the Summer and the occasional drywall and paint job done correctly. If I get a sober beaner to do the work, it’s a bonus. Also stop paying for things at my 7-11 with 100 dollar bills because you’re too stupid to “entiende” the currency here.

  25. Time to boycott Absolute and push to have them delisted from local vendors.
    I will be contacting our local purveyors of spirits to let them know how offensive this “ad” is and hope to start a boycott.
    I guess they thought they were being clever.
    Hispandering at its finest.

  26. Wow, this post really brought the crazies out of the woodwork.

    Take heart, white supremacists! I think what Absolut is saying is that, even if Mexico were to take back all her territory, English would still be the lingua franca of marketing and advertising. You won’t even have to “press 1” for it.

  27. The United States been screwing with South America destabilizing regimes, formenting rebellions, causing untold misery to millions of people. So those of them that can escape the conditions there, are now swamping the US – Delicious Irony

  28. Hey Frank,

    FU Buddy. It is not “white supremacy” to love ones country. If someone called me one to my face I would knock their teeth out.

  29. It’s always a simple question when discussing “Reconquista” and La Raza (“the Race’).

    Would you want the same group of people who run the Mexican government running the Southwest United States?

    And if you answer yes, you’re a moron.

  30. Whoa!! Does someone need a hug? I agree with Frank, some crazies came out for this one. It’s called advertising people!! Just the way ads are tailored to pump “USA rocks” or any other ad for that matter, this is for a different demographic hence being published in Mexican magazine.

    Now i know this is hard for some of you to understand but it’s an AD! Not a call for revolution, not kill the “white man” campaign, not any of those things. It was simply taking history and placing it in a different text for an AD!

    There is another ad in which “In an absolute world men would be pregnant.” Oh my god! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! Lets protest against the pro genetic-tampering, anti-God, absolute vodka demons!!!!!

  31. Frank – You and others that do favor open borders (ie. uncontrolled migration) reflexively call your opponents bad names. Painting with a broad white supremacy brush, no? My wife in I met and married in Mexico City – Sure this is all about racism?

    y por parte de los ilegales aca … Gracias por indicarnos (los mexicanos sin papeles del eeu) que ustedes de absolut nos apoyan en absoluto en esta lucha contra los gringos ladrones.


  32. A boycott of Absolut would be effective for this hideous reconquista/ la raza ad campaign!! They are advocating for the overthrow of a sovereign country and as an American I will not stand for that. I suggest that everybody and their families should never drink Absolut again and call for a boycott of any of their products!!

  33. Like I said in a previous post, it is beliefs like the author’s that create a negative, generalized idea of all Mexicans. People like you do a great disservice to your /my culture and ethnicity, which is apparently dear to you. Just take a gander at all the morons who refer to all Mexicans as drunks, beaners and a variety of other enlightened terminology. I am ashamed of the United States’ residents on this site who truly believe these things. It is one thing to be weary of Mexicans because you don’t know them or you see the bad apples abusing the system; however, it’s ignorant and bigoted to hate a culture just because you perceive that all abuse the system. It’s somewhat like the English who think of the United States as a bunch of gun-totin’ stupid rednecks who like being racist for fun, yeee haaa! Pretty ridiculous, right?

    “Neither Hispanic Nor White”:
    The United States, like every other country, looks out for its best interests. It is not always right, but it is no different than any other country in that respect. Further, destabilizing regimes sounds like a good thing. Have you even been to Mexico or are you just comfy over there in Europe, full of information provided to you by your BBC? How ridiculous you are.

  34. Who said anything about race? Maybe it was LA RAZA!

    News for the historically ignorant, Mexico never controlled many of the areas represented on this idiotic ad.

    And the open borders crowd will refrain ‘oh silly gringo it’s just a joke, it’s just advertising’. Well I wonder how Mexicans would like it if Absolut had an ad about illegals in the USA: “Absolut criminals”.

  35. I think I would have less issue with this creative if it were a Mexican company. Sadly, it’s an American company.

    Who apparently have no pride in their nation. I suggest they move to Mexico.

  36. Absolut is owned by the govt of sweden or or some other cold country up north by russia. It is not an american company.

  37. The ad is disgusting. But for the commenters here, please remember that Absolut is responsible for the ad, not the Mexican people. I know many of them, they are primarily decent, honest, hard working people. Yes, there are some idiots who continually harp about how Texas and the Southwest was “stolen” from Mexico, (who stole it from Spain, who stole it from the Native Americans, who stole it from ???). Most of those idiots are in the United States, not Mexico.

    Can we direct the anger at the ad at those who are responsible, Aboslut???

  38. Just genius.

    A huge amount of people want to escape Mexico, but also want to bring that same dunghole 3rd World culture up here with them.

    Never have a people been so proud for so little reason that the Mexican.

    Yeah, that’s really brillant.

  39. I’m a little confused…if all the other language is in spanish, why would “In an Absolut world” be in English?

    That doesn’t make much sense…

  40. I smell a hoax. Absolut traditionally uses a bottle shaped design element somewhere in their ads, this thing just reeks of photoshop wankery. Let’s not get all worked up over someone’s idea of a “joke”.

  41. Well said, NoMoreAbsolut.

    Most Mexicans who have come north are very industrious and make a substantial contribution to the U.S. economy.

    That said, I don’t mind ridiculing any Mexican, productive and decent or not, who has truck with the Aztlan myth.

    And it is certainly fair game to point out that Mexico is such a disaster that anyone who would want to expand it north of the Rio Bravo just isn’t thinking.

  42. To whom it may concern:

    That’s a cute map, considering Mexico couldn’t conquer a bag of fluffy kittens.


    The Indians

  43. Yes I’m sure a boycott by the dirt poor, crazy American peasantry will have a great impact on a Swedish Vodka company owned by a French Multi National corporation. Go for it folks!

  44. The ad plays into the widely-accepted idea that many Mexicans are Absolutely stuck in the past. How true!

  45. Well Martinez and Absolut just offended not only every American but every Hispanic that is NOT of Mexican origin and doesn’t believe in the mythical land of Reconquista Aztlan. I know many educated Mexicans like Fabrizio and others who have commented on this site and, like them, can see the false pride and arrogance that has been indoctrinated into the uneducated masses of illegal immigrants from Mexico in the United States. All done to keep them on this side of the border as cash cows to the wealthy oligarchy in Mexico….ask yourself what has Mexico done for its underclass? ABSOLUT is going to be absolutely sorry it insulted Americans and many immigrants alike with this stupid, stupid, tasteless ad. How much influence did the racist, ethno-supremacist National Council of La RAZA have on this?


    I am not crazy or a supremacist, but I do have an opinion. I will ask you yours:
    You are an American that accepts a hypothetical map of mexico annexing some southwestern states? It is just an image making a sell, right? What image would be offensive to you as an American? Do you care about your country? To each his own…

    Patriotism is measured nowadays, Frank. You just flunked.

    Hypothetically, you just allowed millions of Americans to be “displaced” by a simple ad that promotes the takeover of the western U.S. I don’t think this ad is a gee-whiz history lesson, a review of once was. If it were to happen (The mexican military and their grenade…funny!), do you think it would be peaceful? I sure don’t… How many Americans do you think would stay and submit to a foreign government? How many of my countrymen (not yours, apparently) would sell everything, voluntarily relocate from California, and start over in say, Illinois? Maybe you have family or friends that live in that region; would you accept taking them in while they rebuild their lives, or would they happily stay give the finger to the rest of America?

    FYI, I happen to take offense at this multi-culti anti-USA propaganda trotted out by absolut. I am thankful that I have the freedom to call them and you, Frank, un-American and treasonous. It does fit their alcoholic beverage global marketing model, though: selling a product that inhibits positive judgment to a mostly uneducated, corrupt populace that fiestas every time a taco is rolled. That should earn absolut plenty of pesos…as they say, there is a sucker born every minute. In fact, I want the mexicans to increase drunken procreation: sad to say, but the more brain damaged youth south of the border, the better. Dumb them down now, as America will have an increased need of cheap 3rd world labor in the future. Drink up, Frank!

    I do not have any respect for people who make bad choices in life…it just so happens that there are millions of such persons south of the USA. If they do not respect our immigration laws, why should I respect them? The illegals’ poor choice/selfish delusion of “jump the border and everything’s cool” fails the respectability test. It does rate, however, as unethical judgment below the retarded level…just the type of people you want living in your neighborhood, making decisions in your community… right Frank?

    I will give the mexican people credit for trying to improve their quality of life. Please, come on over! Just do it legally. Rumor has it you can get a passport, visa, and apply for U.S. citizenship. Live here, assimilate, contribute to our society, and practice the freedoms you will earn. Heck, keep on sending your hard-earned dollars home so more of your family can start their own journey here to the U.S. Illegals not taking the time to have authentic documentation BEFORE coming here and making an illegal “life” here is just pure laziness. Pass it on: save up for the passport fee before coming over. If it is cost prohibitive, ask yourself and your representation why you can’t afford it. Maaaybe it is it the crappy Mexican economy—make them answer; don’t blame us. America can help, just don’t make us deal with your problems.

    In conclusion, Frank: your passive mindset sucks. Please leave my country, move to mexico and see if the lingua franca works there as well as it does here in America.

  47. Contact Absolut and let them know what you think about this stupid, insulting, offensive ad…..and how Absolut won’t be purchased ….

    Jeffrey Moran
    Director of Public Relations and Events
    The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
    1370 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone, direct: +1 212 641 87 20
    E-mail: jeffrey.moran@absolut.com


    Yes, the U.S. has been destabilizing regimes, fomenting rebellion, and causing untold misery in the Americas…to socialists and communists. We call it the Monroe Doctrine. Read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monroe_doctrine.

    Delicious fact.

    Now, please prove your theory of the USA destabilizing TRUE democracies in Central and South America. You have 15 minutes. You may begin…now.

  49. Clearly Anti-American. Only a bigot would approve of this ad.

    Will Absolut do one that shows Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Iraq and all the other nations we saved; as an “absolut” America? I can’t wait for that one. Won’t hold my breath.

  50. Lighten up people. This ‘map’ is a creation of a marketing company to ‘draw in viewers to the ad and bring the product (Absolut) into the publics eye! It worked.

    Not being a drinker, they won’t care what I think about it they don’t get my money anyway.

    Insofar as the geopolitical angle – there is no moral high ground here. NO ONE can claim this was ours, this was theirs, it’s a piece of land for goodness sake! There was ALWAYS someone here before us, including the Europeans who ‘created’ America, north, south, and central.

    The first principle of peace is that you can’t OWN a part of the earth – you can live on it, you can fight over it, you can fence it in and use it as you wish, but when you die it doesn’t cease to exists, and no one will ever find you name tag on it.

  51. John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln both voted against Polk’s war. Grant, who did his duty in the war thought it “one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory.” Having said that, General and President Paredes was an idiot, (Mexiico was paid $15,000.000.00, less than half what it had been offered before the war, for the ceded territories) and Alta California and Nueva Mexico’s total Mexican population prior to the war was something around 8,000 families, most of whom opted to stay even under a new gov’t.

    It’s yet again a huge disappointment to see how easy it is to manipulate people’s emotions on either side of the US/Mexico border.

    An old Gringo who presumably died in Mexico once wrote, “…In Dr. Johnson’s famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the last resort of a scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit that it is the first.”


  53. If you were to ask the residents of those parts which country they’d want to be a part of, I wonder which they’d choose.
    a) One that has plenty of natural resources, but has a government that is corrupt beyond words with it and the media basically being run by a single socialist party, therefore having an economy that isn’t anywhere near what it could be?
    b) Mexico?
    Of course, seeing that 10% of Mexicans have fled their country in the past decade….

  54. Just a question here. Isn’t the entire territory of Mexico, including its capital city, just land that was stolen by conquistadors from Mayas, Aztecs and other native societies. If Latino separatists want California “back”, how about a little consistency and give back Yucatan for an independent Mayan state?

  55. As a few have correctly pointed out, my ancestors lived here long before the spanish (lower case on purpose) invaded.
    Bon Bon, would you support my ancestorial rights to lands in that map/ad?

    To “hispanics”, “latinos”, or whatever name you like – your people murderd mine for land, gold, and power, and now you’re complaining about Americans? Get over it.


  56. Newsflash Laura:

    Mexicans are not even Latin by ancestry. They are descendents of Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas, who were invaded, occupied, and Catholicized by the Spanish Conquistadors, who also took the western part of the American continent, including California, away from the native people. (“Indians”)

    At the end of the Mexican-American War, (1846–1848) Mexico ceded 525,000 square miles to the United States in exchange for $15 million; equivalent to $313 million in today’s dollars.

    The “you stole our land” mantra is unmitigated bullshit. Get your history straight before you try to appeal to the “La Raza” anarchists and illegal aliens.

    In a perfect world, US Code Title 8 would be enforced, our borders would be secured and montiored properly, and all of the illegals in this country would be deported.

  57. Not Latin by ancestry but Aztecs, Mayans and Incas gives em all the more license to occupy the southern united states which is currently mostly occupied by a primitive unevolved specie of lesser apes (the redneck)

  58. ello there:

    No it doesn’t. It wasn’t theirs to begin with.

    As for “primitive unevolved species”, have you gotten a gander of what’s been crossing the southern border?

  59. It doesn’t mean anything because we’ll all be one happy family in the North American Union while we go to the mall and spend our Ameros 🙂

  60. My Dad was and Ad man on Madison ave for 40 years. He’s dead now but I’ll bet he’s rolling over laughing in his grave at this one!

    What a bunch of dumb asses!!

  61. Amero –

    Sorry to say, you may be right. Not because of some evil conspiracy, but because our politicians are so brain-dead that they will stumble, bumble, and fumble us into it. 20 years from now, we’ll have some Chertoff-like figure intoning that we “must bow to reality” and accept that there is no longer any meaningful border between us and our neighbors.

    What would be interesting to see though (and I’m too old – I won’t be around) is how states like California which will within 30 years be majority Hispanic actually function. Will it be like the USA, only Spanish speaking, or will the “whole package” come with it, i.e. poverty, lower levels of literacy, corruption, and one party rule? If CA goes all the way, don’t be surprised to see millions of impoverished Californians of Mexican ethnicity fleeing to places like Idaho, where things function more or less the way they used to in what was once the USA.

  62. Wow!!! I have never seen so many reactions on a post. Felicidades Laura!

    This topic is always misinterpreted though. Everyone who is stupid enough to argue on this topic doesn’t understand that there is a new trend out there called cosmopolitanism, which has made us hybrid in between cultures. this is not a topic of Mexico against the United states, this is a topic about breaking down “false identities” of nationalism, and focusing on the reasoning behind this messages. you can continue to insult one country or the other, at the end our youth continues to have hybridity as a way of life. Listening to music in English, but dancing merengue to it, loving hamburgers with jalapeños, drinking Absolut Mango in Can Cun paying with dollars.

    come on people grow up and face reality! Nationalism is not going to take us anywhere, open your eyes!

    It is fun to read this debate though! Have a nice day Patrioteros!

  63. I was just thinking, If Mexico gets back Texas, Arizona and California, that means that George W. Bush, John McCain and even Schwarzenegger would be Mexicans…being a proud Mexican I must say we are going to pass on this one…by all means KEEP THEM!

  64. Bad move. This is going to be “absolute”ly a disaster for their marketing…….. err propaganda. This ad disgust me.

  65. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Now I know to never spend another penny on any Absolut product. Mexicans NEVER made up a significant portion of any ‘US occupied’ territories until the late 1960’s, and have no legitimate claim to any portion of the United states.

    The Republic of Texas kicked you out for a reason.

    3rd world immigrants make 3rd world countries. Please stay in your shit hole if you’re so proud of it.

  66. I think this is great, Mexico should take over this whole territory, Please oh please come up thru Texas again and see what happens

    Their are no Black-America, Asian-Americans, Mexican-Americans, just American
    and the others are criminals that sneek over the border with the approval of Congress and Bush and should be shot on site.

    John Wilson
    Texas Militia

  67. I’m sure the Mexicans wouldn’t mind the Aztec’s, the Mayans and the Incas coming in and taking what once belonged to them back.

    Like others have said, I’ll never buy Absolut ever again.

  68. It’s JUST AN AD!!!!!!!! It’s about history, and it was only published in Mexico. They don’t wanna get it nor invade… Those states were originally part of mexican territory before 1846. Look:

    The most important consequence of the war for the United States was the Mexican Cession, in which the Mexican territories of Alta California and Santa Fé de Nuevo México were ceded to the United States under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In Mexico, the enormous loss of territory following the war encouraged its government to enact policies to colonize its northern territories as a hedge against further losses.

    In an Absolut world THERE ARE NO WARS, therefore THIS HAPPENS. That’s the explanation.

    Remember that advertising it´s a fantastic and imaginary world, where everything can happen. This is just an ad, very good by the way.

  69. That map you show there covers land that “I” own. You better bring a bunch of friends and pack a lunch, it’s going to be a long day for you.

    Don’t forget a shovel so you can bury your dead , afterwards you can pour some concrete for us.


    I’ll never buy another Absolut product ever.

  70. “In an Absolut world THERE ARE NO WARS, therefore THIS HAPPENS. That’s the explanation.”

    Are you on crack?

    This ad is pandering to a people who seek to invade and overtake the Southwestern United States. (NOT Northwestern Mexico, you La Raza morons.)

  71. Louis Avila,

    Phuque 0ff genius. You can now begin to understand that this is not about “breaking down barriers” and becoming “cosmopolitan”. It’s about Law and Order, advantage over Chaos. Rules that a society needs in order to function.

    Now go back to smoking dope and suqueing k0ck. No rules necessary for you, I see. One day, when I become committed to abandoning family, friends, and neighbors, and begin living a degenerate lifestyle that wishes for the end of “government intervention” in our personal lives, but demands “government control of industry” I’ll have a wonderful conversation with you where you will be el heffe. Until then, keep shovin that sausage in ur rectum. It stretches to guevere proportions after a while.


    Yo Daddy

    P>S> Please call you r mother, she’s worried about you.

  72. and by the way, for the “IT’S JUST AN ADD” crowd. Call your office, we’re not buying it. ever again.

  73. and by the way, for the “IT’S JUST AN ADD” crowd. Call your office, we’re not buying it. ever again.

  74. That is probably the most stupid add I have ever seen!! If you think that add is ¨cool¨ than you are an idiot. I dont drink that crap vodka anyways, but if I did I would never again..

  75. Some cultures need to learn there place in the greater order of society. Mexico = cheap labor. As a culture, they really haven’t contributed anything above Taco Bell. Seriously, outside of labor, what good is that hell hole? All of Mexico should be ashamed of themselves over the past 50 years. Quit running form your problems and fix your country….or, keep mowing my lawn.

  76. So too all the “just an add people”…would it be cool for Absolut to run an add showing a beaner mowing my lawn while I sit in a lawn chair, sipping delicious vodka? Absolut Spic.

  77. I’m not a vodka drinker but I think I’ll start buying lots of GREY GOOSE or STOLI from now on just to help Absolut’s competition. This has got to be the dumbest marketing move ever. The name Absolut is now synomous with Reconquista. Way to go Absolut! You are Absolut Idiots!

  78. Hey Luis Avila – I wonder how the Guatemalen illegal aliens in Mexico feel about “false nationalism” when they are beaten with sticks and raped and murdered for being in Mexico illegally. Yeah Mexico has a real nice attitude about the “Cosmopolitanism”. It’s another word for “invasion” and we ain’t buying it and we welcome you invaders to just TRY and take any of this country back and you will find out why this country is so much batter than your shithole of a country called Mexico. There’s a reason it is below the United States. Crap rolls down hill.

  79. “TRY and take any of this country back”

    There’s a reason we have a 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. We have the right to protect ourselves from not only the encroaching onslaught of “ILLEGAL ALIENS” but also from a government that wittingly allows the illegal invasion of our Nation.

    America is very close to Civil War if this shit continues.

  80. I’m struck by how similar the Aztlan movement is to a movement of one A. Hitler at the end of the Weimar Republic. Will the new Mexican Lebensraum be organizing roundups of whites, blacks, and Asians and deporting them to work camps as well? “Arbeit Macht Frei!” Remember? Will other Latinos be included into your Volk, or just the ones who are brown enough?

  81. fucking wetbacks if this map was true and half the west coast was mexico, then that just means that your pile of crime and drug infested shit hole of a country would be bigger and all your beaner people would still beg to come hop the fence to mow my lawn

  82. You obviously can’t stand the country you have now. You think by increasing the size of your shithole will make it better? You’ll still cross the boarder looking to have what Americans have. Fix your own country and leave our’s alone, you welfare sucking, job stealing, law breaking low lifes.

  83. I agree with some folks- We made our coutry great, Mexico is a total polluted swamp, and they’re too lazy to fix their country and want to try to steal ours by saying they’re taking back what we stole (never mind HISTORY, and the fact that we kicked their ASSES, and won’t hesitate to do it again, and Mexico SURRENDERED that territory to us! HA HAHAHAHAH!!! Stupid idiots!)

    If they had any respect, they’d fix their own houses before trying to steal someone else’s- but they’re NOT respectable! The only ones worth a damn are the ones who came here LEGALLY, and continue to try to better themselves.

    Regarding the second amendment, I agree with Tusk. We’re pretty proud of our little collection, and I think I’m gonna go shopping today to add to it!

    I just read an article about how well Absolut made out in the USA last year- one of the #1 Vodkas is Absolut, here. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

    Furthermore, how hysterical is this ad, anyway? People in Mexico are so poor- they couldn’t even afford to buy it if they wanted to! You know how many pesos it would take to buy a bottle of Absolut??? Too funny.

  84. Maybe it is just an ad, in Mexico, by a Swedish vodka company. It reflects all this Aztlan BS “La Raza” propounds, and it Absolut(ely) GUARANTEES I’ll never buy their product. I have only one other word for this. Stolichnaya!

  85. I will never buy Absolut again, and I will advise everyone that I know to do the same.

    This ad is nothing more than a call for war, to change territorial and cultural lines that have been fixed in place for 160 years.

    My wife is from Mexico, and she understands well that Mexico’s economic, political and moral culture are HORRID. Yes, the US has problems, but Mexico has many, many more – because of the decisions of Mexicans. She is a proud US citizen and won’t go back there for any reason except to visit family.

    By the way, the idiots at Absolute should have their heads examined. How much vodka will they sell in tequila-drinking Mexico, vs. what they’ll lose in the US with this ad? Sell your vodka based on how good it is, not on messing into political and cultural issues that are none of your Swedish business. Morons…I guess that they’ve been consuming too much of their own product.

    Absolut can absolutely go to Hell.

  86. Waaaaa go cry me a river Mexicans…. Are you pissed because we beat your asses and took your land? Well maybe you should have fought harder.

    Now your trying to breed us out. Wont work. The new laws against employers and landlords are working. Arizona is becoming a ghost town as all you dirty low class scum are crawling back to your shit hole of a country. Thats right, prove to me Mexico is nicer than the US…lol Your dirty low class scumbags turn neighborhoods into ghettos. Have you ever heard of actually taking care of your automobiles? Only a Mexican can ruin a car faster than it being submerged under salt water.

  87. To address a few of the comments:
    Please look for America in the map, it is a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY. Mexicans, Venezuelans, Brazilians and US citizens are all Americans.
    Also people, you might have read that Pernod (a French company) just bought Absolut from Sweden http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23878244/
    Finally, it’s only a joke! Not being able to take a joke is a big sign of insecurity.
    Be well, have a good weekend!

  88. For all who say that it was “Mexico’s” land before America’s, let us not forget who’s land it was before that, all the different native american tribes. So if you want to play that game then we can. You guys lost a war get over it, you’re lucky America had pity in 1848 and Zachary Taylor didn’t march straight into Mexico City and take over the whole country. It’s the way the world works it’s been that way for centuries. Don’t you think that you should try fixing your own countries infrastructure before trying to take back land that was once yours. America should be doing the same thing rather than policing a region of the world that doesn’t give a crap about us or “our” freedoms. We should all be more like the great philosopher John Stuart Mill and more Utilitarian

  89. BL- Don’t lie. I spoke to Jeffery Moran yesterday, twice who verified the ad is REAL and they are curently running it with no intention of bringing it down.

    You people with your “America is a continent”- that is SOOO stupid. You see Canadians and Mexicans calling themselves Americans? NOOO, you thick skulled morons. The abbreviated version of the United States of America has been America for HOW LONG? Now because you say that, it’s somehow not valid?

    Geez, you people kill me. Like it’s United Mexicans of America, or Canadians of America. People in Africa refer to the USA as America. What a stupid remark. Is that like, “No human is illegal?” I mean, what do you call all the convicts locked up in prison right now? ILLEGAL.

    If it isn’t obvious why our country is better, I can’t think of a way to reiterate. Must be all the non-Absolut you guys are drinking down there, because you sure couldn’t afford the Absolut if you wanted it!

    For anyone interested, Jeffery’s email has been disabled due to overload. Here is new contact info for Absolut:

    Press inquiries from the US, please contact:
    Sarah E. Bessette, Public Relations Manager
    The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
    401 Park Avenue South
    New York, NY 10016
    Phone, direct: 212 641 8653
    Fax: 212 641 87 03
    E-mail: sarah.bessette@absolut.com

  90. Facts? Mexico belonged to the Aztecs, was then stolen by Spain, then by France, then by Mexico who lost a war with the U.S. and ceded the land to the U.S. The now American part of the green was inhabited by a myriad of Indian tribes, none of which had a culture advanced enough to learn farming. Naturally they weren’t advanced enough to know anything about metallurgy so they weren’t wearing gold, silver, or whatever else was in the ground. All that part was part of whatever “Mexico” you want to claim.

  91. Mexicans,

    There is nothing inherently wrong with Mexico.

    You can fix Mexico.

    You only have to find out what does work, what does not, and make a decision.

    One thing you are going to need though, is the 10% of your population that is in the United States. They are your best people.

  92. Mexico is a despotic, poverty-ridden, corrupt, third-world cesspool.

    If you want American terroritory, come take it from us.

    Otherwise, STFU.


  93. Jenny, of course thead is real! Some ads are just jokes, or did you think Mr. Clean, the M&Ms characters and Burger King’s king really exist?

    I hope you channel your anger into a positive action: volunteer, plant a tree, read a book, just be happy.

    Only US citizens call the USA America; do some travelling, that might mitigate your anger and illustrate you a bit.


  94. wow… look at all the “divide and conquer” going on in here…

    the shame of this day goes way beyond borders and races and religions, and whatever.

    someone or something is playing you people and you are eating it up with a spoon…. meanwhile, they sit back and watch it like a football game…. just like every other conflict going on in this world today. it’s all just a game to them and you are their willing players.

    stop it already… just say no

  95. I gotta think that the Mexicans, once they read this comment thread, will realize that the last thing they would ever want is for the people in the southwestern United States to suddenly be part of their country. That was some impressive rhetorical jujitsu, everyone! Our work here is done…

  96. I will never buy Absolute again.

    This is disgusting. The looters will stop at nothing until there is nothing left to loot.

  97. BL- you’re pathetic to compare this with Mr. Clean- especially in light of the politics going on. Just for that, I’ll buy a Carbon Debit in your name.

    And I have been around- and they do call USA America, and refer to the people as Americans. What’s wrong with you? You don’t even have to leave the country to see that, you can just read their own newspapers to see it in print.

    If they don’t call us Americans, what do they call us, USA’ers? The Middle of North Americans? The States People? Britian’s Child? Your post is SO mind-numblingly stupid, it defies logic.

  98. Mexico has had over 100 years to turn itself into a prosperous, non-socialist country. Not going to happen in our lifetimes. The government is owned by the hidalgo-type rich and the druglord rich, with no attempt to encourage small-scale businesses, and no way for a poor meztizo to move upward in society. America is attractive to the poor in Mexico because we generally don’t care who your ancestors were (take a look at our recent Vietnamese/Asian immigrants starting businesses), as long as you are willing to work hard. We do have a concern that people who come to America do so legally. Yeah, I know, all Europeans were “illegal immigrants” 500 years ago, but I haven’t seen any Canadians or Hispanics volunteering to leave North America/Central America/South America to go back to their old countries and let the natives take over the two continents. Funny how it’s only the evil Yanquis who should leave. Anyway, the government of Mexico CANNOT afford to stop the illegal border crossings into Mexico. The illegals who are entering the USA are, generally, young, male and poor: the revolutionary class in Mexico. The Mexican government is deliberately exporting its potential revolutionists to America, to keep them quiet and out of the country. If those 12-20 million people had to stay home in Mexico without work or hope, the Mexican government knows damn well there would be government heads rolling in the public squares of Mexico.

  99. Good bye Absolut. Your “negative publicity is still publicity” ad equals no more of my business.

    Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link to this site – but I’ll never come to this spic moron’s page again.

  100. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mexico had a future to look forward to, as well as a past to be proud of.

  101. Fabricio’s reply to the ad was straight and very forward. It was very turthful about Mexico’s attitude towards America. I am a 62 year old american and not mexican. I, like many of my friends, would like to see good people, no matter what race, come to this country and call it thier country. And also earn your right to call it your country – not hi-jack it for little or nothing besides sucking the blood out of it instead of contributing to it. How about becoming a citizen? Mexico is digging it’s own grave with the American population. Every American household now owes $34,000 to the federal reserve for the national debt – and Mexico isn’t helping matters. Mexico and it’s wannabe immigrants need to get thier crap together and do it rigth. You have to kidding with this ad – what a trouble making piece of crap. I was in the liquor business for 28 years and will never touch a bottle of Absolute again as long as live / or my the friends I am going to tell live.

  102. You will NEVER see a bottle of ABSOSUCK vodka in my house again. I just poured 1/2 a jug down the drain.

    Now if we can get 12,000,000 ILLEGALS to go home maybe we can get the USA back on track. Of course, it would be more than possible if each of them took a flaming liberal back with them !!

  103. The makers of absolut and those Mexicans that envy us, can kiss my ‘Manifest Destiny’ backside. You want it back? Well you just come and take it! Oh, I see. That IS what you are doing. my bad…

  104. Absolutely disgusting.

    “How then can we be immigrants on what was once our land?… ”

    The exact same way you’d be a guest in a house you sold to someone else.

    “How then can we be (illegal) immigrants on what was once our land?… ”

    The exact same way you’d be an intruder in a house you broke into that you sold to somebody else.

    Educate yourself on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo and the Gadsden Purchase than take your happy arse back home.

  105. Here is a list of the companies that market thru the Mexican Ad Agency TERAN\TBWA (e-mail bolsadetrabajo@terantbwa.com.mx ) That is the source of the disgusting Ad…






    Haagen Dazs






    Call Contact and ask them why their subsideries do business with an add agency that markets potental Race War…

  106. The advertising company said this in an article in the LA Times:

    The campaign taps into the national pride of Mexicans, according to Favio Ucedo, creative director of leading Latino advertising agency Grupo Gallegos in the U.S.

    Ucedo, who is from Argentina, said: “Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It’s very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea.”

    Perhaps the makers of Absolut would think that this ad run in Germany would be equally funny and culturally relevant:


  107. Why was a Mexican flying at the Alamo with the number 1824 on it? Give that some thought. Better yet, crack a history book.

  108. Thats it.. Machine guns on the border. The South Koreans have automated machine guns manning parts of the DMZ. Lets get some of that going here. Or maybe enact “Operation Mexican Freedom”.

  109. Let’s do this the right way.

    Mexicans can have Texas back, but first they have to give it, and I guess Mexico too, back to the Spanish, then the Spanish must return it to the French, at which point the French will hand it back to the Alabama, Apache, Atakapan, Bidai, Caddo, Coahuiltecan, Comanche, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coushatta, Hasinai, Jumano, Karankawa, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Tonkawa, and Wichita.
    Everyone happy?

  110. Way back when I was a kid, I read Mein Kampf. The lesson I took away from reading that book was that if some nutburger threatened to kill you,
    it’s a good idea to take him at his word, and act accordingly.

    The Reconquistadores from MEChA and La Raza both on their websites promise ethnic cleansing if they manage to regain control of the Southwest. They believe that and I believe that they are serious, ergo that map is inflammatory in the extreme.

    The ad agency for Absolut is utterly reckless in supporting those positions with their advertising. And I think that maybe, rather than just going after their corporate schills, perhaps we should be flooding the Swedish Embassy’s email addresses. The ad agency doesn’t give a damn whether it promotes what we usually consider to be war crimes on one side and a strong reaction to that on the other, but I’m sure that if their government starts getting painted with being in favor of ethnic cleansing by acquiesence of non-negation, that the discomfort factor.

    The email address for their Counselate in San Fransisco is : sf@consulateofsweden.org. You can also send mail to the Swedish Foreign Minister via their website at : http://www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/2085.

    If you want to turn up the heat, those are the two addresses that you need to mail objections to.

  111. yeah, I live in the green zone, trust me, any attempts to turn it over to mexico will be met with STRONG “resistance”

  112. Quite frankly, i think this entire argument is completely rediculous and i feel that it is necissary to address my opinion on a number of things:

    First, Absolut simply tried to design an advertisement that would appeal to Mexican cosumers. Admitedly, this ad was rather extreme and over the top, but it is only a joke. Mexico invading and taking over the southwestern United States is about as likely as Kosovo taking control of Russia. It is never going to happen, as Mexico does not have the money, technology, or military might do do such a thing.

    Second, The United States of America does have a severe immigration problem. We need to increase border security and decrease illegal immagration, because it is becoming a big problem. However, it would be completely unacceptable to close the borders completely or restrict legal immigration in any way. One of the great things about a democracy is that every law abiding man, woman, and child in any country has a right to become part of it, as long as they do so in a legal and responsible manner. as a matter of fact, it would be against the opinions of our founding fathers to do otherwise.

    Third, Any “Patriotic” person posting on this page needs to remember that all americans are theoretically immigrants, except for the Native Americans. Actually, all of this land that we’re all currently bickering over really still belongs to them.

    And finally, many of you immigration supporters need to realize that America won Texas, California, etc. fair and square in battle, and those states are and will be a part of the united states forever. I’m sorry if you still feel cheated and resentful about what happened 150 years ago, but thats just the way it is. You guys need to get over it and start striving to make Mexico a safe and hospitible place to live, so then nobody will need to cross the border illegally and this whole thing will resolve itsself.

    So there you have it. The white supremacists, patriots, or whatever the hell the radicals are calling themselves these days just need to calm down, as do the people on the other side of the fence. You all need to remember it is hateful and disrespectful to bring violent threats and rascism into this argument, no matter what you think.

  113. Come On People this is just an DAMN AD !!! Calm the F*CK Down.
    No one is declaring any kind of “WAR” on America, well except our own Governemt, Not this distasteful company, not the mexicans, No One. Some of you are blowing this way out of proportion. The United State of America has so much more to worry about than this pathetic ad. Have you read reports of job losses since the beginning of the year how about the rising prices of food, gas, and living ?!?! How about the wild ride the stock market has been going through ? How about the value of the dollar going down the toilet ? How about the total disregard of the US constituation our president has had. HOW about the millions of Americans lossing their homes and OUR government does nothing to help them but yet they spend billions to bail out Bear Stearns and billions on a war we shouldnt be fighting ? We Still havent found those WMD’s that Iraq had. Oh. Wait. . . thats right that was another lie from the MOST CORRPUT ADMINISTRATION in US history.
    Wake up People. We are on the threshold of economic disaster here and all some of you can do is whine about this stupid ad and mexican people. Why dont you focus this anger towards the government.
    To many wanna be vigilantes. There are so many illegal immigrants here not just mexicans. Are you going to get ’em all when you do you “ethnic cleansing” ?
    Wake up people. Pay attention to whats going on RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW IN AMERICA !!! Wake up and stand up for YOUR RIGHTS ! There are more important things to get all hot and bothered about. Wake Up America before its to late.
    Sadly the majority of you wont.
    So when the government turns on its own people, taking away everyone of our civil liberties, our freedoms and our rights, our guns, when they start rationing our food, our gas, our money, when we see more and more jobs being lost, when we cant feed our children, when we have no homes when this country is in such financial turmoil, will this ad still be so important ?

  114. Rights have been suspended before this Bush guy… Lincoln anyone??? We’ve had soup lines/job loss before.. Great depression anyone??? Rationing.. Remember WW2? Iraq is a matter of opinion and has nowhere near the rate of unpopularity Vietnam did. We found many chemical shells filled with nerve agent a year or two ago if you’ve been watching the news every day. They claimed they were “out of date” and was quickly forgotten about. I bet if you drank some or took a bath in it you wouldn’t live very long. Most Corrupt administration?? Nixon??Or how about the Gulf of Ton kin? We’ve been in allot deeper shit than today and came out smelling like roses. Not that we should invite a repeat of it, but if it did happen we would survive like always.

    We are awake. Just because we don’t all have the same political bent and know a bit of history and can compare it to today’s world doesn’t mean we are sleeping. Also doesn’t mean we cant care about more than one issue at once. Yes it’s an ad but as you can see it mirrors the way many Mexicans feel toward us, and it makes them look sour and jealous as they stream across our borders. And yes our border with Canada needs to be tightened also, along with our ports just for our own good.

    FYI the United States is not a democracy. It’s a federal republic, any good American government teacher will make sure you know this. Also.. Mexico is on the North American continent guys.. So… yes you live in America. We to the north are the United States <<>> America not of all North America. Don’t be offended by people saying you live in America… Christ…

  115. I will never buy Absolut again, no question.

    Would the Norwegians like to see ads showing Sweden back in their land in a vodka ad under “Absolut Svenska”?

    Would blacks like to see the Confederate States of America resurrected with the battle flag in a vodka ad under “Absolut Rebel”?

    Would the French like to see themselves back under Nazi control in a vodka ad “Absolute Vichy”?

    Would the only recently freed countries of Eastern Europe like to see their map back under Soviet control in an “Absolut Hammer and Sickle”?

    This is disgusting.

  116. Wow. People read your history. It’s simple really: Indigenous peoples, Spaniards, THEN Mexican and lastly “Americans.” Linear, almost.
    I am particularly concerned with those of you who claim that the ad is a ’cause for war’ because it proposes the invasion of a sovereign country – WE did it in Iraq and we’ve been doing it since 1846 when “Americans” invaded Mexico. But of course, since we’re holier-than-God, we’re exempt from criticism. We can sure dish it, but we sure can’t take it.
    To those of you who claim you’ll boycott Absolut aren’t you the same obese “Americans” who claimed you would buy no more “French Fries” and even proposed calling them “Freedom Fries”? Last I checked McDs and all other fast-food joints haven’t gone out of business. C’mon “Americans” take a f*cking joke. It’s a f*cking ad. And, what’s worse is that it worked – just look at how much attention it’s getting. We’ll soon see it discussed on Fox and I can’t wait for our presidential-hopefuls to take this to a higher level and talk about it for weeks instead of proposing achievable answers to our pressing problems.
    The Mexicans who you claim are invading your country and taking your jobs couldn’t have put this ad together because they were busy working, trying to earn a living wage so that they can support their families here or wherever they reside, just like you and me. If you’re offended, blame our American-inspired, global consumer culture that will stop at nothing to make a sale. But why shifts blame? Let’s fix our current problems without the Nazi Germany attitudes towards others. Wait, too late: we’re already invading and killing those who think differently from us. We wave our Stars and Stripes, we push our ideas of “democracy” and “freedom” … why can’t others have the freedom of speech we so love?

  117. They have the freedom to speak and we have the freedom to respond. That’s how freedom works.

    We didn’t invade Afghanistan just because of minor differences. If you cant remember why we invaded your a lost cause. If you cant remember Mr. Hussein was in blocking IAEA inspectors and hiding long range missiles (which we kept finding he was so bad at hiding them) while shooting at our planes protecting the Kurds and the Shiites in the no fly zones for ten years. WMD was just the last straw and the UN was to cowardly to enforce it’s own sanctions. In walks the US.

    Nazi Germany attitude… Yeah those Zyclon B shower stalls are all over…. And the SA is running through the streets beating and smashing everyone in it’s path. You have no clue how stupid that sounds? Please learn how ruthless the Nazis were and compare it to the US and you have no logical way to compare the two. Could you imagine people flooding INTO Nazi Germany every day (other than forced Jewish labor/death camps)? HAH.. What a laugh riot.

  118. Right, the WMDs that even our government has claimed we didn’t find. I remember perfectly the reasons given as to why we were invading Afghanistan, I just never believed in them blindly. Have we found Osama yet? Didn’t think so. Aren’t we the omnipotent nation that we claim to be? Why can’t we find him? Afghanistan is not that big of a country and it has been five years. If we’re so good, it should be easier than finding Waldo. All I know is that innocent people are dieing for a cause that had no real backing. When Afghanis fought the Russians we fed them guns, now that we’ve “beaten” the Russians we want to beat our allies, too. Expand your mind. Stop watching Fox News.

    History is a process, Nazi Germany didn’t start with the Gas Chambers, but it ended up with millions dead because of them. But, then again, explaining this concept to someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” is pointless.

  119. Yes yes just jump to my spelling of your and call me a moron. The US is not perfect and we aren’t gods we cant see through a cave and find him like he has a fucking beckon attached to him. Being such a smart guy you’d also know Afghanistan borders Pakistan which is where Al Qaeda’s bankroll and recruiting stations were for the fight against the Russians. So he has serious connections to that country and unless you want to start another “nazi murder horde invasion” of that country we kinda have our hands tied.

    Never believed that Bin Laden was a guest of the Talaban? Ok just ignore contemporary history and current events so suit yourself. We gave the Talaban a chance even to hand him over and they declined. The leader of the talaban even had a meeting with Osama and asked him if he had a part in 9/11 and at the time he denied it to the leaders (this is from Talaban officials)

    Your right but I also mentioned the SA.. How many mexicans have to wear a little sombrero on their clothing showing they are illegal? How many legal Mexicans aren’t aloud to run a business? Where is it legal to destroy their property? How many blood thirsty mobs are combing the streets in jack boots looking for Mexicans? I’ve been studying WW2 for 9 years just for fun.

    Don’t just think you automatically know more than someone because they have minor mistakes in their English on a blog’s comment section. You come off looking like a know it all freshman college student. Should I be in awe of your huge massive pulsating brain? What’s next? Going to chastise me for using “kinda”?

    You jump into the same cliches you speak about with the Fox News comment. Typical of the rabid liberal type to think everyone else should expand their mind. Just as easy to tell you to stop getting all your news from CNN.

  120. Dear Mexicanos;

    THIS IS Los Estados Unidos;

    We Built It, after you decided you DIDN’T want it enough to fight for it.
    You want it back?
    You think you’re BAD enough?
    I don’t think so. But you ca nTRY.
    Meanwhile, all you Swedish and Finnish vodka distillers?
    Kiss OFF!
    I just switched to Russian; besides, Stolichnaya is the real anyway.

  121. ours by right of conquest you sad bastards. if you can’t hold on to what is yours, don’t come whining about it 150+ years later. in the mean time, go ahead and have your little fantasies. it’s really all you have these days. that and the memories of the macho men you believe you once were.

  122. I have contacted Pernod Ricard of France who is looking at acquiring Absolut. After this debacle, I have told them they would be better off waiting because they will be able to get it at a much reduced price. Bar owners are becoming aware of this ad and changing the products that they will sell. Smooth move Absolut. Offend American citizens and those who love America and your sales will go down. My son is a chef a prestigious Las Vegas restaurant, in fact the owner has a restaurant in Paris. I have given him this information and suggested his sommelier SUGGEST other brands.

  123. The southwest belonged to Native Americans NOT MEXICO.
    Why do Mexicans like to state differently?
    Because Mexico is a cesspool?

  124. And I thought there was no way that California governance could be worse than Gray Davis. Mexico has proven hopelessly unable to manage their affairs and put capable leaders in place, and if SW US was part of Mexico it would turn into a similar cesspool and Mexicans would have no place to go to do day labor, since the rest of the US speaks English. Go ahead and take California–you idiots deserve each other.

  125. Dont You Remember the Alamo. If that were to happen , just imagine what will transpire around the globe. Wake up and understand the world you (we) live in.

  126. The last thing people from the busted ass, dysfunctional and corrupt shithole called Mexico would want, is for the South West to become part of Mexico.

    If that happened, millions of wetbacks would have to go to Canada if the wanted to earn more than 75 cents an hour.

  127. For 500 years Mexico, and everything in it, has been owned, and controlled with an iron fist by its tiny ethnic Spaniard white ruling class. Brown Mexicans risk their lives, flee to the U.S. in hopes of surviving, and then proudly wave the flag of their oppressor.

    Will Mexican men ever strap on a pair and take back their country? Or will they forever continue to run away, run north, so they can wash our cars and mow our lawns for $6 an hour? Has there ever been a more pathetic people than Mexicans?

  128. Wow, some people have way too much time on their hands to get this upset about an ad from another country.

    It also shows the ignorance of the general american person. Way to do us proud guys!!

    And if you find this offensive, you should hear what most of the rest world actually does say about the US, and it’s not through ads.

    But we’ll be patriotic and scream obsenity in a virtually incoherent manner, because we’re American! Get a life guys and stop worrying about something so meaningless. It’s not worth it.

  129. If the ad is for people in “another country”, 90%+ of whom speak Spanish and don’t understand English, why was the ad written in English? Doh!

  130. To Frank:

    you said: I think what Absolut is saying is that, even if Mexico were to take back all her territory, English would still be the lingua franca of marketing and advertising.


    Oh really? Why is the ad in Spanish then? The only English part is “In an Absolut World”. The rest is Spanish.

    Absolut put out an apology. But I will still never by any of their products. This was too major of a faux pas and they should have known better!

  131. Why people are getting upset over this? Vodka ads are not meant to be taken seriously anyways… or perhaps I should drink Mikes Hard Lemonade and check my garage for a Ferrari, then bedroom for a hottie… and if they are not there, cry and moan about it on the internet. Let’s move on people, there are more important things to waste breath (bandwidth) on.

  132. Can you imagine the unmitigated gaul that it takes for a company that has nearly half of all it’s sales in the U.S. to run this add. To all you proponents of reconquista go do unspeakable things to yourselves. I have great aim high powered weapons,lots of ammo and the ability to get more ” Go Ahead Make My Day”

  133. Ok..OK..What’s the problem with this ad? Well to tell you the truth, would hurt some ones feelings? Mexico did not own this land. The Indians did! I am part Indians. (Black Foot and Cherokee 1/8 on both side. I am also German) The ABSOLUT ad is crap! This ad is a joke to all, it’s in poor taste. I am sick of everyone saying that they are mix American. I do not go around telling people that I am a Indian German American. (I did above to prove a point) I tell people that I am an American. When you start telling people that you are different then you are containing the cycle of hate or just plain keeping mixed feelings alive. If you live in the United States then you are an American. (Only if you live here by birth or legally) If you choose to enter this country by illegal means, then you are a criminal by law. (I don’t care if you are MEXICAN or CANADAN or from any other part of the world.) I so if you are so damn proud of the country that you came from, then please GO BACK! What make this country great is that we accept all people as long as they love this country. I know this ad is not a call for war! It’s a STUPID AD!

    John J. Gately

  134. mighty america seem to know now how actually it does feel to mess up with some1’s country – that’s what you did recently to serbia with kosovo, palestine, russia, cuba, panama, vietnam, mexico, lakota, creek, iraq, afghanistan, japan, korea, germany, italy etc. etc. etc.

    funny part is that THIS time was only a joke – apparently you’re too damn stupid to understand that..

    GOD – Gold, Oil, Drugs – welcome to the US!

  135. to those morons switching from Absolut to Stoli or whatever..

    Keep in mind that Absolut’s arent company – Pernod owns Stolichnaya Vodka as well. Along with several other liquors like Beefeater and Wild Turkey. And they aren’t Swedish, they French, capisci?

    now i’m not surprised that US economy is fallin’ with such an ignorants with their big guns living in the country – UE, China and Russia will OWN you in anon!

  136. Excerpts from The Mexican War

    Another 1,000 Americans fell sick at Puebla, apparently from the ” local water supply”. By July 15, with recent augmentations, Scott’s forces numbered about 14,000. However, over 3,000 were sick or convalescent, and the sickness rate showed no sign of decreasing.

    On September 16, Santa Anna resigned the Mexican presidency. Forced to resign his command also (October 7), he fled the country.

    The water is still bad and they are still fleeing!

  137. Pernod just paid a couple of Billion for Absolut, and now they are watching the name value of the flagship brand go down the commode (thanks in no small part to not only the ad, but brush-offs by Moran et al)

    here’s a handful of email addy’s for Absolut & Pernod (managers from various departments up to and including CEO’s)

    Perhaps one or two of them can find time for a reply (beyond the dismissive corporate PR ‘apology’)

    Ketil.Eriksen@vsgroup.com, Krister.Asplund@vsgroup.com, Andreas.Berggren@vsgroup.com, Håkan.Carrefors@vsgroup.com, Kevin.Fennessey@vsgroup.com, Matthias.Aeppli@vsgroup.com, Olof.Stålnacke@vsgroup.com, Paula.Eriksson@vsgroup.com, paula.eriksson@absolut.se, matthias.aeppli@absolut.com, matthias.aeppli@absolut.se, michael.misiorski@absolut.com, michael.misiorski@absolut.se, kevin.fennessey@absolut.com, kevin.fennessey@absolut.se, Claes.Dahlbäck@vsgroup.com, Bengt.Baron@vsgroup.com, Ola.Salmén@vsgroup.com, Rolf.Cassergren@vsgroup.com, Mats.Andersson@vsgroup.com, Jacob.Broberg@vsgroup.com, Mikael.Spångberg@vsgroup.com, Gunilla.Winlund@vsgroup.com, Krister.Asplund@vsgroup.com, Andreas Berggren Andreas.Berggren@vsgroup.com, Eva.Kempe-Forsberg@vsgroup.com, Anders.Carlson@vsgroup.com, Ketil.Eriksen@vsgroup.com, Jay.Maltby@vsgroup.com, Anders.Olsson@vsgroup.com, Peeter.Luksep@vsgroup.com, Michael.Persson@vsgroup.com, Claes.Åkesson@vsgroup.com, sarah.bessette@ABSOLUT.com, ambassaden.washington@foreign.ministry.se, claes.akesson@vsgroup.com, sofia.leffler.moberg@vsgroup.com, jeffrey.moran@absolut.com, jeffrey.moran@absolut.se, siteinfo@absolut.se, paula.eriksson@vsgroup.com, kristina.hagbard@absolut.se, jacob.broberg@vsgroup.com, Pierre.Coppéré@pernod.fr, Pierre.Coppere@pernod.fr, Pierre.Coppere@pernod.com, Xavier.Beysecker@pernod.fr, Xavier.Beysecker@pernod.com, Frantz.Hotton@pernod.fr, Frantz.Hotton@pernod.com, Jean-Marc.Roué@pernod.fr, Jean-Marc.Roue@pernod.fr, Jean-Marc.Roue@pernod.com, Jean-François.Lalu@pernod.fr, Jean-Francois.Lalu@pernod.fr, Jean-Francois.Lalu@pernod.com, Jean-Charles.Castellano@pernod.fr, Jean-Charles.Castellano@pernod.com, Régis.Souillet@pernod.fr, Regis.Souillet@pernod.fr, Regis.Souillet@pernod.com, Sylvie.Machenaud@pernod.fr, alexandra.cleon@pernod.com, sylvie.machenaud@pernod.com, sarah.valence@pernod.com, Emmanuel.Babeau@pernod.com, Alain.Barbet@pernod.com, Alain.Barbet@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Peter.Szemenyei@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Jack.Shea@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Thomas.Lalla@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Lori.Gage@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Mark.Orr@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Dan.Denisoff@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Stephen.Brauer@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Theodore.Roman@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Patrick.Piana@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Judy.Goldfarb@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Charles.Smith@pernod-ricard-usa.com, corporate_communications@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Deborah.Moss@absolut.com

  138. My people were here long before Mexicans were…

    They need to go back where they came from and let us have [b]our[/b] continent back!

  139. Native American is right. Before Cortez, the American Southwest was populated by Apache, Zuni, Navajo etc. No Aztecs. No “Mexicans”. The Spanish came north with their Aztec servant/ass whores, aka “Mexicans”, looting and murdering and claiming land for Mexico. If ytour identity is “Mexican”, there is a third world shithole custom made for you. It is called Mexico. Get your ass back where you belong.

  140. To StopIt: You wrote:

    Oh really? Why is the ad in Spanish then? The only English part is “In an Absolut World”. The rest is Spanish.

    Um… ‘cuz the “rest” of the consists of legalese fine print and the “drink moderately” health warning, which have to be in Spanish under Mexican law. Also, for what it’s worth, most Mexicans affluent enough to be buying top-shelf vodkas understand at least some English.

    To the rest of you of who are flushing vodka you already paid for down the toilet in an effort to cripple the company (or something), could you just send it to me instead?

  141. What a bunch of nonsense talk I see here. Those who say Mexico is dirt in its all and has nothing else, is obvious yo’ve never been beyond the border towns and cities, or had the money to travel beyond that. Just go a little bit to the south, and your eyes will see the truth. That’s the error of many of us americans, many are ignorant , don’t know a bit of history (even our own) and with this lack of knowledge we dare to give judges about other cultures or contries. I’ve traveled many places in Latin America, and is beautiful and I’d hope we americans had the same family values than the ones I saw in this countries. American society is falling apart because we’re losing values, and when a society loses its core values, it collapses…just like the Roman empire did.

    So, I advice to be informed, studied on the subject first before rising conclusions or judges. Otherwise you’re applying the behavior of morons and stupids.

  142. A perfect world there wouldn’t need mexicans nor americans. A perfect world wouldn’t need borders at all. Actually, this ad and this silly discussion would never take place.

    From the infantile behaviour, one thing is evident: people want to fight. What for? Why for? “Who cares”, seems to be almost everyone’s answer. So, keep on. It’s kind of funny (even though truly saddening and disappointing, as Kearny said) watching you arguing over your fears, your hatred, instead of trying to understand… it’s not a matter of education, but of humanity. And that apply to everyone.

  143. Well written Charles. I am already feeling a bit sick after reading some of these ignorant, not to mention utterly tasteless, comments.

  144. cant u see that we both mexicans and americas are acting just like puppets of those Absolut guys??

    They create a controversial ad and then we all raise hell, we throw shit to eachother, we reply blogs with anger, etc, etc… while their product gets more and more publicity.

    All of us replying here are contributing to make Absolut more famous

  145. lol, big talk from a bunch of fatass Americans who can’t even be bothered to throw the corrupt plutocrats out of their own government. You militia bitches don’t have the guts to join the real Army and kill some brown skinned people in Iraq? What’s the matter, too lazy and stupid to get in? Or are there just too many beaners and niggers in the Army for your tastes? Please guys, I beg you, GO down to Mexico and start some shit. Attack the Mexican Army! Show us all what tough guys you are! I need the laugh.

    Seriously, your own country is a debt-ridden shithole that will one day be China’s lapdog, you don’t care about democracy in your own country, and yet you talk shit about how everyone else should have one. Honestly, please please PLEASE start shooting some Mexicans as they stream across the border, just be sure to keep in touch once you end up in prison for it and get gang-raped by the Aztlan Kings nightly.

  146. this ad is REALLY disgusting, a vodka company making money out of a cheap revenge feeling that still lives in the minds of millions here in mexico.

    We lost the 1845 war because we were corrupt and ignorant and because our generals were traitors, adn much of it remains the same 150 years later.

    In my Absolut world there would be absolutely no absolut

  147. P.S., all this talk of corruption, ignorance and treason on the part of ones leaders/generals is more suited to America’s current folly in the Middle East than Mexico’s past. But that would require all the pig-ignorant American weekend warriors who’ve shat all over this comments section with their impotent rage to actually, you know, think about the choices they make and apply their patriotic vitriol to an examination of their own government. It’s just easier to blame the brown hordes for their problems than admit they are too stupid and lazy to govern themselves and let a bunch of eltist pigs sell them into slavery to the Chinese.

    Listen, militia turds: The real enemy is your government. They are all, to a man (and woman) corrupt Imperialist swine who are mortgaging your future and the futures of your children and grandchildren to the Chinese in order to make themselves richer and more powerful. They wipe their asses with your Constitution, and you actually believe them when they tell you to the greatest threat to you is Mexicans and Muslims. Illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorists are the least of your problems, but they are dark skinned and speak a language you don’t understand, so you’re easily led into pouring all your hatred and fear into them. They are the best scapegoats imaginable, but unfortunately your economy is collapsing and eventually, even people as ignorant as you lot will no longer be duped by your government’s parlor tricks when the Chinese call in their markers. Better start studying Cantonese, Jethro.

  148. I think this is hilarious! I love it, it’s too bad that people cannot see passed themselves and read articles like this in context. And hopefully people can remember that this land was stolen not given!

  149. Shorter most of the people on this comments section:

    “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

  150. So, if the borders are moved north, I guess all these “new Mexicans” will then be jumping the borders into the far northern states? It would be better to just have the US take over ALL of Mexico. That way they wouldn’t have to cross no steekin’ borders, we could show them how to get “their” oil out of the ground, get rid of the corruption, clean up the country, get them better water, (21st century and they still drink contaminatd water. Yeah, GREAT friggin country!), undiseased food, tillable lands, and productive farms. Then they can all stay the hell down there where they belong!

  151. Pinches gringos pendejos, estudien, enterense de como se formo su puto pais, de puros inmigrantes que aniquilaron a la raza que vivia en el continente. Ahora se rasgan las vestiduras por una pendejada que hasta a nosotros los mexicanos nos ofente. Pinche agencia estupida esta de TERAN TBWA… Abran un libro de texto y enterense bien que es lo que paso en la guerra Mexico-EU, porque estos territorios fueron cedidos, cuales fueron independientes y dejense de mamadas. Gringos pendejos.

  152. “So, if the borders are moved north, I guess all these “new Mexicans” will then be jumping the borders into the far northern states? It would be better to just have the US take over ALL of Mexico. That way they wouldn’t have to cross no steekin’ borders, we could show them how to get “their” oil out of the ground, get rid of the corruption, clean up the country, get them better water, (21st century and they still drink contaminatd water. Yeah, GREAT friggin country!), undiseased food, tillable lands, and productive farms. Then they can all stay the hell down there where they belong!”

    Contaminated water, diseased food? Yeah, sounds like America! Productive farms? Huh, that doesn’t sound like America to me, unless you’re talking about corporate farms, and even they get subsidies (you conservatives know this word better as “wellfare”). Yeah, great friggin country that America!

  153. Absolute should continue this great Ad theme:

    Chinese Ad’s: Show Taiwan and Japan combined into Chinese territory with Mao Happily looking down from the heaven’s.

    German Ad’s: Show France, Poland, Austria, Italy and other’s as part of Germany.

    Middle Eastern Ad’s; Show Israel pushed into the sea, and the former Israel divided up among Syria, Egypt and Jordan ….Wups! Still no palestinian “state” – tricksy Arabs thems……..

  154. You americans you love to “fight” for your truth, you “boicotte”, you “scream” for usa but you never ever see the real world…so what if you have this territories for 150 years???… u think that is a long time…??? 400years is your full history…in an absolute world usa should be 5-6 states only… cheers!!! I LOVE THAT AD

  155. Damn guys… You call us(mexicans), morons and u are much worst than that(not everyone, just the low-minded guys who wrote the crap up here)!!! I mean u get offended for a simple and stupid ad? c’mon guys! Get over it! We already did!

  156. Seriously minutemen, please post more of your impotent rage, it fills me with such glee. Tell us to try and take over your country some more! The image of a handful of inbred, toothless hicks brandishing their rifles in “defense” of America makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  157. We have been seen how the USA helped the Israelis to return to their lost land and how the centenary of small countries separated from the Russian Territory after the wall fall in Berlin, this also could happen in the USA…

    There is no doubt about it – that this land was stolen from Mexico.
    The land from one country belongs to the citizens there, not to the corrupt presidents…

    The Mexicans in the year 1846 + were not ready to stop this corrupt president that sold our land like Judas sold Jesus for 30 silver coins…

  158. Pancho Villa would be disgusted by you Mexican cowards. Mexicans are treated like dogs in their own land, are prevented from making enough money to support their own families. Do you stand up like men and fight for your own rights in your own land?

    No. You run away. You run to America so you can clean Gringo toilets for $6 per hour.

  159. I had never seen so many hillbillies and rednecks so pissed at the same time, actually I’m surprised they can read and write. But what can you expect from a so poorly educated society, they’re so stupid they call themsaelves americans, like if they did’t know that an american is anyone who was born or lives in AMERICA the continent THERE IS NO COUNTRY NAMED AMERICA, hello!! And honestly you should learn some history, and find out why some Mexicans still resent the sneaky way the US stole those territories from them (yeah, through illegal inmigration into Mexico, which then forced the Mexico-USA war) So don’t look so surprised, from an ad that was created by Mexican creatives to target the Mexican consumer, so don’t feel so ofended, when historically you have behaved as bullies and thugs. Dudes you took half the Mexican territory for real. We, we just printed an ad with an ald map, so as Hector says GET OVER IT

  160. Rey Cuahutemoc, “Bien Dicho”……

    yeah through illegal enmigration into Mexico was exactly the way they took over the Mexican territory…

    Why they call themselves Americans?
    IS maybe because they are the real Americans???? hahahaha

    Hey don’t get piss, I myself like Americans… i.e from Chile, Argentina, Mexico Arizona, Texas, California etc etc….

  161. I can’t get over the overreaction. I understand the ad and am not offended. (I should mention I’m as Anglo as they come, too.)

    My condolences and prayers on the loss of your mom. Peace be with you.

  162. Gringos talk about 150 years of occupation, mexicans have that territory for more than 300 years before their illegal occupation. If gringos haven´t yet realaized, that territory is mexican, it´s just managed for some corrupts gringos.

    We´ll go for those territories, in time. Time is on my side, yes it is.

    By the way, gringo is a derivation of green go out…

    PD: The Ad just missed one thing, the Centralamerican countries.

  163. Why are you angry with a simple Ad?Becasue you feel guilty!! Yes that the reason, if you read the Hystory, Texas was declared independed when Mexico was bussy in their war with France, Texas were occuped with Gringos troghut illegall inmigration
    Poor people infected of cocaina and trying to conquest all the world .
    I have visa to travel to Usa, but i prefer enjoy the caribe. Yes a remenber whe i pissed the liberty Statue.

  164. Come now, let’s not be silly, mi compadres. We’re not going to “take back” that part of Mexico any more than the minutemen are going join the real Army and show some backbone. They’re keyboard warriors only, not fit for real combat, and to be honest, we shouldn’t WANT that territory back. Mexico’s got enough problems, why take back a land saddled with that much debt to the Chinese? The ignorant minutemen toss the word “Socialist” around without much thought given to its actual meaning, meanwhile the pinche pendejos are allowing themselves to be sold to the Chinese more and more every day, while their Republican masters line their pockets. You are all SLAVES. All of you. And all the Republicans have to do to shut your ears, eyes and mind up when its in arrest is coo softly about Jesus and the flag and apple pie, and you shrink like the cowards you are. You’re nothing, minutemen. You’re lucky we don’t want your shitty country for ourselves, because you’d be steamrolled, because you are fat, lazy and stupid. You can talk about how Mexico is a toilet all you want, but at least we have the good sense to recognize our leaders are corrupt pigs. You people are being sold into slavery day after day and you spend your time worrying about us or gay marriage? Arrogant, stupid cowards, the lot of you. Have fun with your place in the sun while it lasts, your empire is crumbling fast and one day you will find that history has passed you by. Like I said before, start learning Cantonese, gringos. You’ll need it.

  165. Con lastima leo que la mayoria de los comentarios a quie hechos son de “Mexicanos” que se fueron de aqui para buscar mas opotunidades en el pais vecino o de origen “mexicano”. Confirma mi teoria que son mas razistas los que algun dia fueron “fueron mexicanos” que los propios estadounidenses (americanos no, por que yo tambien lo soy, nacie n el continente americano). Que el govierno es una porqueria, si lo es, pero su gente es el que lo hace grande, que tenemos muchos narcotrficantes tambien, pero no los habria si el vecino del norte no los consumiera.
    Por lo que respecta al cartel de Absolut se me hace que esta fuera de lugar. Pero de que es uno de los mejores vodkas, lo es, así que ni modo seguiremos consumiendolo jaja

    Saludos a todos lo gringos y no se enogen, eso ya paso y no hay pex, México es un país de paz.
    Pa los de origen mexicanos esos si chinguen a su madre por olvidar sus origenes y creerse lo que no son y nunca van a ser.

  166. I think that the best answer written in the blog comes from an Australian. Treat the rest as you wanted to be treated… Why is it so offensive for USasians to see this ad, simple: ignorance and xenophobia. This WAS Mexico and the add does not mean a thing, what the other way around, well I think that USasians has always though the world belongs to them, so if this was meant to be offensive, you should take it as a sample of what you do to the world, if not, just ask Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Chile, IRak, Iran, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, and so on. Nevertheless, there still are many people from the US that has grown up to pass this kind of comments behind, hope the other learn.
    Mexico lost this territories in a quite on equal war, but we did lost thanks to Polk adn Santana agreements even before the war starts, the problem is that most people north of the border only learn the part of history they want to learn. For those of you that had left Mexico and think you haven’t got anything from it, guess what? you are there because what you learnt you’ve got it from here, but don’t worry, keep on trying to be part of a country that does not like you in, and a country that does not need you anymore. What is to be from no where? What it means to not have any roots? Don’t bother to respond

  167. Wow, what a bunch of racist isolationists this brought out. Thankfully, they don’t speak for all of us although they seem to think they do.

  168. Zago lo peor del caso es que luego esos Mexicanos que se sientes güeros nordicos, estan más paisanos que el mismo Nopaltzin (ver Rius).

    Eso si, aqui cabe un comentario muy bueno . . . . los Mexicanos descendemos de los Aztecas, Mayas, Toltecas, etc . . . Y los gringos????? Ellos descienden de los barcos!!!!!!!!! Me temo que aquellos que reniegan de su cultura, origen, como escribiste que chinguen a su madre

    So let my tell you other topic . . . . ok México Lost California and other lands on 1846 . . . so??? Now we are living on 2008. When Katrinas hit into New Orleans, Mexico send soldiers to help people and I remember in the news we can read how the USA people tinhg and said “is an invation” . . . . please!!!!!!!!!

  169. Zago tiene razon, al parecer son mas racistas los seudoMexicanos que se van a EU.
    En fin, solo pido que recuerden que antes de ser mexicanos o estadounidenses somos Humanos, somos hermanos hijos de la madre tierra y de Dios (respetando las creencias de cada uno de ustedes).

    Please remember that before of being mexican or american people, we are humans, sons and daughters of the Earth and God (respecting your beliefs).

  170. Mind blowing how many nasty, ignorant people with selectively self-serving interpretations of history are getting wound up about this. As I note in my brief post here, if Absolut loses those kind of folks from their customer base, it’s addition by subtraction. Perhaps they could introduce a new brand of vodka called Xenophobic Jackass sold in an red, white and blue bottle catering to that audience.

  171. jajajajaja gringos babosos! que con una idiotez como esta se prenden luego, luego. Por favor, estudien mejor la historia de la región, o por lo menos la propia.
    Estados Unidos, país de inmigrantes
    sin identidad cultural.

    No todos los mexicanos quieren irse a su país, somos muchos los que queremos un mejor lugar para vivir cerca a nuestras familias; en MEXICO.

    Santa Ana fue un vendepatrias y Pancho Villa, su peor pesadilla.

    Si entiendes el mensaje, te felicito, y si no: “learn spanish”

    Víctor Espinoza

  172. Love the ad! Love it! Love Absolut! No todo el mundo quiere irse a su pais, and I don’t even speak Spanish and don’t especially wanto irse there.

  173. The map shown on the ad is a crappy one! Mexico did not own that land 900 years ago, hell not even 400 or 350. It belonged to the Indian tribes of the continent. Boarder lines were drawn when the European’s started coming over here. Now as time goes by land is bought sold and lots of people died for it. Native Indians now live on revelations and the continent has new boarder’s lines. America is a melting pot and we accept all walks of life here. So if you came from Mexico and you are so damn proud of it, go back! I am sure we can and will live without just fine. I wonder what the as would look like if we went back 900 years?

    John J. Gately

  174. America a melting pot? Oh John Gately, you must be a comedian. Since when has America ever accepted all walks of life? People aren’t allowed to be proud of their heritage, apparently. Yet another example of the warped, perverted mindset of so many Americans.

  175. Hooray…more Absolute for me! Its just a freakin add people! Far be it for a company that sells alcohol to come up with a provocative ad – yeah that’ll never happen. I guess we are closer to the Muslims-getting-angry-about-a-cartoon-of-their-prophet than we thought huh? Maybe we can get Budweiser to come out with an add showing the border moving down south 300 miles – that’ll teach um.

  176. This is only an ad, it isn’t a call to war.
    Is is stupid thinking that.
    Anyway, regardind that map, one important part of the mexican identity was born after Mexican-US war from 1846-1848.

  177. This is the modern American: Freak out over an ADVERTISEMENT. Ignore a $10 trillion dollar national debt. Ignore the creeping totalitarianism that will make Americans 20 years from now less free (and poorer) than Mexicans today. Ignore growing militarism, growing government, growing socialism.

    Keep focusing on that ADVERTISEMENT, and Britney’s hair color.

  178. Extracted from:

    Spanish Is Here To Stay

    A study titled: “The Future Use Of The Spanish Language In The USA — Projected to 2015 & 2025” just released by Hispanic U.S.A. Inc. reveals startling results about the dramatic continued growth of Spanish-Speakers in America.

    Among its findings:

    — By 2025, the number of Spanish-speaking Latinos in the United States will reach 40.2 million, up from 27.8 million today.

    — Fully two-thirds of Hispanics 5 and older will speak Spanish 20 years from now.

    — On average, 35 percent of third-generation Latinos in the United States speak Spanish.

    — The 18-and-older Spanish-speaking population will increase by 53 percent, to 15.2 million by 2025.

    — The key 18-to-49 year old demographic will grow by 7.5 million, and will include 59 percent of all the Spanish speakers.

    I believe that Spanish speakers or (speaking) will take over the USA on the near future…

    So my fellow gringos, encourage you children to learn spanish…
    Will be good for them in the future…

    El español sera la lengua del continente Americano… Si, Señoooor!!!

  179. I don’t see the big deal. Can we worry about more important things, like who’s getting kicked off Idol this week?

    (yuck, I can’t believe I just said that).

  180. Jajaja, kick ass ad.
    I love how White people freaks out over a little thing. That’s your lack of culture and security whitey, ask your grandparents where they came from. Even if they descend from Europe and they are white, they are still IMMIGRANTS that came in search of a better life, as we all do.
    That is a real map dating years ago, Santa Ana sold that land, that’s reality, not your stupid tv shows you watch everyday. Let go of that TV and go to your local library and culture your ass off .

  181. Arthur
    And don’t forget . . . . . . If you can visit Texas, California and near towns you can know people with secod names like Perez, Garcia, Gonzalez, etc. Wath can you do????? The governor Arnold is an inmigrant and he is trying to kick out all Mexican….

    One more time let my tell you Mexican was from Culture Aztec, Mayan, etc.
    People USA was from ships . . . . sorry.

  182. First of all, WOW. I have never seen so many outrageously bigoted comments from an obviously obstinate group of people uneducated on the subject. (not everyone mind you, but many)

    To Fabricio, who seems to think he’s a great theorist on the subject:

    You claim Mexico is such a fucked up nation because its own people exploited each other, thus letting the nation be exploited by other nations. You blame the decay of Mexican society on the citizens’ coveting of foreign luxury and success, and on their subsequent rejection of self-criticism and reform.

    Where does that leave you? Haven’t you done the exact same thing? Lured by the prospect of material wealth in the US you’ve turned your back on your country. You’re no better than Porfirio Diaz and the elite who exploited the Mexican people.

    Thank you for reminding me that hypocrisy is still healthy all over the world. On the bright side, it seems you’ve found your niche of equally unintelligent bigots in your new country.

    cheers, have a good life.

    As for my own opinion on the subject: chill out, it’s just an ad.

    As Dave pointed out, there are a lot more important things to worry about.

  183. heit people im proud to be mexican , and just 4 the record if we talking about “invation” how about the “AMERICANS ?

    ya´ll are illegals too, ya´ll coming from france , italy, german, and all the european contries so don´t be talking about that …

    we just move were the money is and if the states have the money we don´t go overthere to steal we just go to work hard and do the jobs that the AMERICANS refuse to do , they just want to be behind the desk giving orders ………..

    just remember what Pancho Villa did bk on the time

  184. cheers to Absolute for having the nerve to portray an image that reflects the truth.. and nothing but the truth. I don’t understand why so many U.S citizens (notice I did’t say Americans, because Mexicans are Americans too) get all boggled up about this. If the United States indeed took these lands through amicable terms, like they say. Then what is there to be offended about. Or is is that the the “Big Bully” is afraid the world will learn that this war or should I say “invasion” like all others was won by aggression and harrassment. What Am I suppose to do if you abruptedly come into my home and wave your flag high outside of it.. I have no other choice but to sign it off, just like Santa Anna did.
    Thank you Absolute and don’t worry about monetary losses. The most potent commerical market in the United States consist of Mexicans anyway. May prosperity flow and in abundance to your corporation..!!! Absolute it is!!!

  185. I don’t like imperialism and nationalism. This map glorifies bizarre nationalist fantasies. I’m always amazed by how easily people aspire to empire. Mexican nationalism is just as stupid as american nationalism. Reconquista my ass. Weren’t the conquistadores Spaniards?

    The land that Spain (that’s a colonial, European power by the way) took was taken from Indigenious people. By force, by brutality by Spaniards/ MexicansIt was stolen land before the US stole it, and if Mexico were to take it back, well, it would just be stolen once more time.

    When you praise this map, you praise colonialism.

    Also, while I don’t like to see anti-Mexican and racist stuff, I am equally appalled by the anti-white prejudjice. But what gets me most off all is people standing up for a Mexican Empire, when Mexico wouldn’t have existed as a nation if it weren’t for Europeans. Oh and preEuropean America’s weren’t some paradise. The Aztecs were particularly brutal towards other tribes and mezo american civilizations.

    By praising this map you parade your own hypcriosy. People like you tend to rail against boarder fences and border control. You cry racism. But in reality. You’re all for boarders. You’re all for onwnership. You’re all for racial hiearchies. You just want the boarder in a different place. You just want to be the owner. You see the benefits of racism- you just want to make sure YOU benefit. You want to be on top.

    AbsoSLUT vodka sucks anyway.

    All in all this will all blow over. It’s only the radical fringe, the people who think mecha is too “moderate” and self hating whites who crow about reconquista.

  186. To all americans:

    History tell us that empires rise and fall… Maybe we won’t see Mexico getting back that territory, but maybe in several centuries it will. All I am saying is that Mexico has been (and is) weak, but third world coutries have rise to become very powerfull countries (ex. Russia, China, etc), so don’t be surprised in the future if your world dominance fade away…

    Greetings and relax, it is just an ad directed to Mexicans!!!

  187. Hmmm… americans are so hysterical. Just one Ad has made them feel insecure and went upto even boycotting the drink. Think about the kashmir issue which is being fought by India, Pakistan and China. Anyway, Brits made what USA today is and so was Spain for Mexico.

  188. As an educator I don’t understand why people are so upset about this ad. We all should know our History and the fact is that part of the U.S used to be Mexico and that is the a fact. I personally love the ad and hope the company doesn’t back down or apoligizes for anything. There is no need for an apology, and that is my personal belive. The company doesn’t have to worry about people not drinking your product. I believe we have enough people that believe and love your product because it’s great. So all I want to say is I hope I get to see this ad and maybe get ahold of a poster. Love it!

  189. i don’t really understand why people can spend so much time and energy on this ad (by the way this is how maps used to look….it is called history, remember that class?) Are there not bigger issues to deal with than an ad? Lets start with wars going on all over the world, human rights, and gas prices. When was the last time you fed the homeless? Gave money to a cause you believe in? I can’t imagine why the rest of the world looks at us as “stupid Americans”.

  190. that ad is great I am going to buy that vodka jeje thats so cool
    absolut vodka
    ¡Viva Mexico!

  191. To the many commenters: Sit down, take a deep breath, a shot of Vodka, and relax. To each his own. You have yours, I have mine. No one is taking it away from you if you work hard. That is that. Don’t blame the whole country of Mexico for your problems or fears. It’s one ad. The world is not ending. BREATHE…

  192. Lets face it if that land went back to Mexico the illegals would be right back where they started..in a corrupt failed state , unemployed and with no real prospects for advancement or any future.. you know right back in the human cesspool that is Mexico. After all why did they come here..to live in the squalor that is Mexico ? Mexico was owned by Spain until they won the war to form Mexico as a country in the early 1800’s. By this foolish argument Mexico actually is rightfully owned by Spain and the Mexicans should vacate it immediately. My suggestion….head South.

  193. jodanse, gringos, son egoistas y a ustedes no les importa pisotear paises con tal de “expandir el area de la libertad”. Igual que Hitler y sus nazis, igual que el imperio romano, igual que tantos otros imperios que han caido. Todo tiene consecuencias y espero que dios me de vida suficiente para ver como se derrumba su imperio economico de guerra, terror y odio.

    Fuck you, gringos. You all are very selfish and you don’t care about pissing off another countries, with the pretext of “Extend the Liberty Area”. You are equal to hitler and their nazis, the roman empire and another many fallen empires. All has consequences and I hope in god to have a long life, just to see fall your big & fat, war and money hungry empire.

  194. wow. I love how the ignorant “patriots” parrot each other, to the point of misspelling “ad” (it’s not “add”) over and over. And guess what, pluralizing a word DOES NOT USE AN APOSTROPHE, you Fox-TV-watching, Coors-swilling, undereducated, close-minded idiots!

    If you’re so intent on keeping America English-speaking only, perhaps you ought to learn to use it fluently yourselves!

  195. wow. I love how the ignorant “patriots” parrot each other, to the point of misspelling “ad” (it’s not “add” ) over and over. And guess what, pluralizing a word DOES NOT USE AN APOSTROPHE, you Fox-TV-watching, Coors-swilling, undereducated, close-minded idiots!

    If you’re so intent on keeping America English-speaking only, perhaps you ought to learn to use it fluently yourselves!

  196. As usual gringos think they are hated by everybody. Relax buddies, no one takes care of you common people. The problem is your facist goverment (or the leaders behind them) that has pissed off many countries for many years and blinded most of you, pseudo “well educated and well informed” people. If you believe everything that appears on TV is true and rigth that’s up to you. Not everything is about WAR, war is W R O N G. You support your troops but cry when your son is shot in a far away land. What do you receive in exchange ? Freaking G. W. Bush giving you a medal to remember?

    It is true that mexican goverment is bullshit, it is true that many things in Mexico do not work, we will take care of it, leave us alone! You have corruption and drug dealers too (remember you’re the client number one). We just want to be similar to you in wages, that’s it. Your life style and way of thinking sucks, believe me.

    What we need in this fucking world is peace, tolerance and love!!!

  197. An ad started all this? Now, I understand why you us-citizens want to destroy the world.

    I really hope your tremblng empire ends up really soon, so that you start thinking about serious things.

    Look up in the dictionary what “socialist” mean, you assholes.

  198. I just heard your interview in Jambitz and wanted to see THE POST that started everything… It’s nice to read things like this from a mexican woman like you are.

    Saludos desde la Ciudad de México.

    No pierdas jamás esa avidez de saber qué postear en tu blog.


  199. I assume all Mexicans with any Anglo blood will leave the land they illegally stole from the Aztecs, and return the millions of tons of gold they stole? Not to mention artwork, culture, the slaves….

  200. First of all shame on every single person who has written a racist remark on the Mexicans, Absolute vodka did the campaign not the Mexicans, so back off!
    Mexico and the US have been brothers for many years, we share a lot of our cultural and historical background, and although these two countries have had their differences lets not forget that thE USA has sacrificed a lot of itself just as Mexico has sacrificed a lot for the US. These two countries need each other.
    Now Mexico does have a lot of political problems, but the image Americans have of Mexico is terrible, Mexico is the richest country in latin America, it has incredible natural reserves, it is home of one of the most important civilizations in history (Aztecs) it is one of the few countries that have patrimonies of humanity in every single state, tourism is incredible, and people still keep much of their traditions alive. Mexico is visited by thousands of Americans every year, and leave loving the country, this is why I recommend anyone who thinks Mexico is a big pueblo with sombreros and donkeys to visit it first and build a criteria.

  201. Im Mexican, and I feel extremely insulted by your comments. The ABSOLUT Ad is just an ad, but your comments are exactly why everybody in the world hate you, why everybody wants to put a bomb on you ass, why everybody applauded the WTC attacks, and everybody applauds every kill of your soldiers in Irak.
    You win US-Mexican war in 1847 just because we were just getting out of our Independende War with Spain, you obtain your Independence from the UK just because FRANCE help you, if you were gratefull you should speak french. WWII was win by the Soviet Union, not the US, everybody who reads besides comics knows that. You lost Vietnam and you will loose Irak.
    Mexico is recovering their rebbed territories, using the same strategy that americans used in Texas in 1836, using immigration.
    Americans are historically a nation of robbers, probably your ancestors were English pirates, Irish drinkers, Italian mobsters, German racist or Black slaves, thats why you are inclined to stole Mexian land, Irak oil, Vietman youth, German pride and Japan culture.
    Your culture is so basic, you use Matrix analogies and Burrito comments in this blog. Remember that when we had the Aztec culture you were living in caves.
    For those Mexicans that now regret your culture, remember that you were loosers in here, so you needed to go to aplace were they are so ignorant that you can evolve.
    Remember that we only lease to you those territories, and now we want them back.

  202. If you read the history of Texas in 1836 you will see that all your “heroes” were bassicaly ilegal aliens that didnt have permits by the Mexican government to be there. Thats why perhaps now you are worried that Mexicans will do the same now. It is an historical fact that the US government backed Texan-American settlers to populate that territory and then declare independence, the US waited 10 years and when we were having our own Civil War you invaded Mexico.
    Using your own stupid conclusions in this blog, you stole Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and even Oregon from Mexico: you stole Florida an Puerto Rico from Spain, you stole Luisiana from France, and Hawaii from their natives; you stole all the Continental US from the Indians, and the 13 Colonies you steal it from the English.
    You are bassically a nation of robbers.
    It is uncomprehensible to me that a nation of inmigrants like the US, all of which came to America because they were poor or persecuted, with no oportunities or education, now argue that the original owners of the land have no right to imigrate to the US legally or illegaly, its absurd.
    Remember that the grass that now cuts an ilegal immigrant, is the grass that YOUR SON IS GOING TO BE CUTTING A CHINESSE IN A FEW YEARS if you continue to be so lazy.

  203. “I was born and raised end educated in Mexico, this has got to be the biggest sour grapes ad ever.”

    Eh? Sour grapes would be an ad that suggested that the Mexicans didn’t want that chunk of the US, ’cause it was sucky anyway. (Like the fox in Aesop’s fable, who convinced himself that the grapes were sour, so he wouldn’t feel so bad about being unable to reach them.)

    I don’t see the big deal about this ad. It’s not much different than maps made by Americans that label Canada as “America’s hat”. It’s just a joke.

  204. that’s sad how a us citizen get all wet when they “defend there country” even though most of it was stolen or bought when the original owner were In need of money so the us toot that opportunity to get bigger. But the real point is that every one in north and south America is an American and how u gringos killed off the native Americans to expand ur sh*ty lands were sh*tbwas throuwn in the street and how u almost killed of one of the most inteligent propel one the world the AZTECS ego were studing astromony and predicting evry eclipse yo near presition while ur ancestors where dieing of wat u thought was curse while my ancestors “buy the way in 97%azteca 3% spanish we were diseace free while ur eropean as brought it to our world and by our I mean every Indian tribe in north America and if u guys did go to war with Mexico u would be fighting within ur nation as well while other countries would seize the opportunity to attck u causing world war “likely” but before u do this fix ur economic problem while we fix ur and become the next great nation ” the second riches peron in the work is a Mexican so were not that far behind. ” tierra y libertad” fck this add trying to get two close nation to fight on this pge and tring to cause a war this just proves u guys will do anything to keep ur freedom even if I mean sucking ur presidents DCM

  205. BROWN2DABONE: Sacrifice yourself to Huitzilopochtli then. Ditch that poor ass gringo itouch and get a proper stone table and a chisel to write on like your Aztec forebears did.

    @Juan: Yeah, take the land back, you’ll make it as crappy as Mexico is. That land wasn’t even yours; paraphrasing what another commenter said about the 13 Colonies being stolen from the Brits : “Mexicans stole the land from the Spaniards”, and the Spaniards stole it from Apaches and Comanches. Your “heroes” capitalized on the NAPOLEONIC INVASION of Spain to achieve the independence of your PoS of a country. USA should have annexed all of Mexico when they had the chance and ethnic cleanse the place.

  206. Come on… get a grip people!!!! Absolut campaign caters to cultural knowledge… If you don’t know that territory was part of Mexico before, you don’t deserve to have an opinion… This ad was only circulated in Mexico, therefore is well-targeted… So, please save the tears because you won’t ever see this print in the US.

    This is an example of ads that appeal to our brain’s desire to acquire information… Moreover, the campaign worked!!!!! The neuromarketing characteristics are quite remarkable… But of course, if you don’t work in marketing, advertising or you’re a Mexican… YOU’LL NEVER GET IT!!!!!!

  207. los estadounidenses son unos verdaderos ignorantes,
    se creen los mejores del mundo hahaa y nada que ver
    se concideran los mas valientes.. cuando todos los concideramos
    unos viles miedosos haha pero ellos juran!, se creen mejores por
    qe los conquistaron los ingleses.. resultaaa que a la mayoria de los europeos
    le cagan hahaha
    vamos a estados unidos y que vemos pura gente gorda sin cerebro y la prueba
    esta en sus actual presidente. se que obvio no todos son iguales pero que tampoco
    se ciegen como los mejores.. nos hablan que los mexicanos no tienen cultura alguna?
    lean porfavoor, la realidad es que cultura le sobra a mexico al igual que recursos
    se toman demaciado enserio cuando la realidad es que mexico se la esta curando
    con ese anuncio.
    y para los mexicanos que se sienten muy estadounidenses, que pena me dan
    la verdad, no lo son y nunca lo seran ! lo peor es olvidarte de tus raices..
    y obvio te va a ir mal en mexico si no estudias y lo quieres todo a lo facil..
    la desgracia es que la mayoria que se va a eu no cuenta con ninguna educacion
    alguna, y que no salgan con que no hay, tampoco lo quieran todo regalado
    si, hay mexicanos flojos obvioo, al igual que estadounidenses !
    pero ustedes son tan cerrados que creen que la mayoria son iguales..
    y resulta que soy mexicana y entiendo todo lo que dicen!
    apuesto que no saben español.. ni nada de lo que yo digo..
    pero bueno hahaa estan de risa sigan viviendo en su mundo !


  209. All of you need to get it who believe this country will ever be the land of Mexico again, or China as was stated somewhere in the mire of opinion and judgment.
    I will start with a short history lesson. In the Mexican War of 1846, Mexico agreed to the change the boundaries between their country and the United States when they surrendered the land in 1848 after a two year war.
    The most important consequences of this war, for the United States, were the Mexican terms of surrender under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in which the Mexican territories of Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo México were ceded to the United States, emphasis on the word “ceded”.
    In Mexico, the enormous loss of territory following the war encouraged its government to enact policies to colonize its remaining northern territories as a hedge against further losses. In addition, the Rio Grande became the boundary between Texas and Mexico, and Mexico never again claimed ownership of Texas, or the other lost territories. However, it was just a matter of time before people would bleed into their neighboring country looking foe a better life, thus beginning this silent invasion that has caused so much trouble, and which would be the end of understanding between neighbors. At one time it was advantageous to do so, but now this country’s economy will no longersupport these people, and they find that they have a tougher time finding work in this environment. And those who come here illegally do so because they think they will have a better life, as do everyone else, but they fail to understand that if they would just come here legally, it would solve everything. But bhat was then, was then, and what is now is not then. And the way the boundaries are set today, however, what lies inside the continental United States is, in fact, the United States whether it is the land of your ancestors or not. Again, get over it.
    In addition, I could say that this entire country,or at least the eastern part, has been the home of my ancestors, the Cherokee, and the Osage, for thousands of years, or more. However, I have to understand that 4000 tribes who lived from coast to coast in this North America lost their land, yes, to a people who out smarted them or took advantage of them, or those who just pushed their way to win the land one way or another, a practice that has been done for centuries. But is that the right way to do things? I think not, again.
    So, why don’t you stop living in the past and get on board? Because, if the American people have to fight for what is now theirs, and they will, if they are pushed as they have been recently, and as they did just a century or so ago, and the outcome again will not be pretty. If we have to have another Mexican War, or fight the Chinese, or the Canadians, let it be so. We have little time left to make things right.
    Furthermore, I have nothing against natural born American citizens, but I do have a problem with those who come just to have their children, thinking they will change anything to their liking, not to mention those who refuse to speak the language of this country in spite of the rudeness of it all.
    I say, come here legally, speak the language, become a citizen, and become an American with allegiance to the United States of America, not Mexico, or China, or Canada, or any other country for that matter. Come here, as did my father’s ancestors three hundred years ago to develop this country, and to find a place to live without fear of reprisal. In doing so, you will have done something more than just squatting, and working as slaves for a country that has always had its slaves. And guess what, you are just the new kid on the slave block. So why not be here as citizens of this country? We can all live together as long as everything is legal. You will be a better person for it, and you won’t have to defend yourselves any longer.
    That won’t happen, though, because you want us to change to your liking, you who reintroduce your culture to what is now our land for your sake, not ours as did the white man when he told the Native American that he could not speak his own native tongue, that he had to have a white name, and that he had to wear white mans clothes. You see, I know what it is like for a people to have to change to be part of this great nation. But then this is the way of this country. Love it or leave it.
    And, even though many changes come about, if this silent invasion continues to happen, the American people will not put up with it very much longer, and what is now our land, and to some of us that which has always been our land, not the land of the Aztecs, or the Mayans, or the Toltecs, or the Chinese, or anyone else who thinks they may lay claim to it, will run red with the blood of those who fight to the death to defend it, and those who invade.
    Aside from that, there is another culprit who is partly responsible for this mess, and that is the American businesses. They are the worst yet when it comes to helping those who come here from Mexico by making it easier for them to live here with everything written in both languages. All the products produced in Communist China are in both languages to cater to the continued laziness, or the ignorance of those who refuse to again speak the language, because they wish to sell their products to everyone. I’ll tell you, if I went to Mexico, do you think companies there would cater to me the way these companies cater to your demographic? I think not. I wonder too what this Absolut Vodka company thought when they decided to cater to the hopes of a people who thought, mostly because of their ignorance, that a land given up by their country in a war they lost was going to be re-won by an ad. How ridiculous. I also believe this was no mistake, and that they hoped this ad would go unnoticed in the United States. That was short lived however. How ignorant people are if they actually believed the map from 1830 reflected of the boundaries of today, especially from a foreign company who wanted to sell their product to them, these hopefuls. If that same ad were marketed in this country, America, I can only hope that they would be bankrupt right now.
    To say the least, this ad is an insult to this country’s sovereignty and anyone who defends it by implying that the land in this map is still part of Mexico has got to understand that this will never happen in your lifetime, or your descendant’s lifetime.
    Moreover, when it comes to populating this country, we have three hundred million people here. We no longer need to populate this land as we did when the whites first settled this country. But now, those who come here do nothing but add to the stress of the system that already is too worn out by those of this country already here who have taken advantage of it, not to mention the illegal aliens, and those legal immigrants who also take advantage of it, not to mention everything else in their paths like locust on the plains. How long do you really think a system will last if it is always stressed to its limits?
    It is too bad that people coming to this country cannot come here with the idea that they will get a visa, honor that visa, work towards citizenship, learn the language, and be an American instead of being a Mexican, or a Chinaman, or any other nationality, in this America. That includes anyone else who comes here not wanting to become an American citizen of the United States of America. Don’t forget, Those who don’t respect the people of this country, dishonor themselves in that act of that disrespect.
    The solution to this is so simple, but it is lost on those who refuse to understand that we all have to work together. And if this is the way it works to keep the United States from foundering because of too many taxing the system, then I will say if you do not love America, you have the right to go somewhere else. Come here to help, not to hinder.
    By the way, we all make mistakes. So, maybe we all could use some understanding when it comes to judging others. It is late here. So, if I made any mistakes, please look at the gist of what I say instead of condemning the little things you can. It matters not to me that I make a mistake in grammar or in my composition as long as I try to get my point across. However, I do try to get that point across correctly.
    You might try to do the same. No one gets out of this life alive, so you may as well learn to get along and do what is expected to ease the pressure of that co-existence, even in this blog. Another words get over your selves again. And for those who wrote in Spanish, don’t forget, some of us out here know the language, so you cannot hide for very long behind what you write in a foreign tongue thinking no one understands.
    Finally, if you read through this, I thank you. And now that I have had my say, I look forward to your response.
    Good night and good luck.

  210. The comments in this post really show how narrow-minded Americans and Mexicans are. I am proud to be mexican, but live now in the UK after living 9 years in the United States (not illegally mind you, but doing my PhD). I believe you should keep your cultural roots, but not the physical borders. The US is a great country, but american culture is just a cancer to humanity. I will never return to the States. If you are not able to recognize the abuses that your own country has made through the decades, in Mexico and beyond, then you really can’t see beyond your own stuck-up nose. The map shows how the territory was divided in the early 19th century, plain and simple. Now is different and there are many reasons for it. I agree that Mexicans should stop blaming the US for its problems, but Americans have used and abused Mexico and Mexicans for centuries now. They are just so fckd up that they don’t realize it. Drugs, illegal immigration, rural poverty, corrupt governments… it has been caused as much by Americans and American governments as by Mexicans. Oh, and mexico is not a socialist country, what an ignorant thing to say.

  211. Fuck off Americans your end is near, fucking killers and oil stealers, soul killers. making wars for make money and they said its a christian nation (a few deserve that) BEST AD EVER

  212. The Center for Media Research has released a study by Vertical Response that shows just where many of these ‘Main Street’ players are going with their online dollars. The big winners: e-mail and social media. With only 3.8% of small business folks NOT planning on using e-mail marketing and with social media carrying the perception of being free (which they so rudely discover it is far from free) this should make some in the banner and search crowd a little wary.


  213. Ah, it’s so joyful to see Americans’ reactions to this ad! The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You shoud know that it’s still more and more obvious for the poeple around the world that the USA are the Evil Empire (as you used to call USSR before) which is ready to invade, to attack any country and any nation if only it’s lucrative. And ethic rules don’t matter for you at all. You do not have any ethic rules.
    I am Polish and have many friends across Europe. And most of us, Europeans, hate your imperialistic way of acting: your invasions on Mexico, Panama, Cuba, your wars in Viet Nam, in Iraq, in Afganistan. For you there’s only money which counts. You don’t care about human lifes as long as these are not U.S. citizens’ lifes (and you dare call yourself Christians?? Ridiculous!!!). You just care about installing McDonald’s, Coca Cola and other American corporations around the world, just to get money from poor people, to exploit them.
    I’m so happy that I am a European and that I don’t have anything to do with you. Remember: if you don’t chang your arogant attitude, whole world (within all your allies) will turn against you and then the USA will be surely doomed to collapse, even though now it is the most powerful country in the world. But even the most powerful country will lose when it has whole world against it.
    And I’m pretty sure it will happen at some point, because more and more people around the world are aware how cruel, imperialistic country is the USA.

    1. Wow, what a lot of hatred Absolut has stirred up here. I think that’s exactly what their intent was. “You American imperialist pigs stole our land!” “You Mexican slobs live in filth and corruption!” …and on it goes.

      Maybe in an “Absolute” world, Mexicans and Americans could be friends and quit bashing each other?

  214. Prior to 1822 What is today Mexico, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California are all Spanish colonies.
    1822 Mexican colonists, following the American revolution, rebel against Spain and win their own revolutionary war, making Mexico a free nation just like America.
    1844 James Polk campaigns for the U.S. presidency, supporting expansion of U.S. territories into Mexico.
    February, 1845 James Polk, on his inagauguration night, confides to his Secretary of the Navy that a principal objective of his presidency is the acquisition of California, which Mexico had been refusing to sell to the U.S. at any price.
    Early 1845 The Washington Union, expressing the position of James Polk, writes: “…who can arrest the torrent that will pour onward to the West? The road to California will be open to us. Who will stay the march…?” “A corps of properly organized volunteers…would invade, overrun, and occupy Mexico. They would enable us not only to take California, but to keep it.”
    Early 1845 John O’Sullivan, editor of the Democratic review writes it is “Our manifest destiny to overspread the continent …for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.”
    Early 1845 James Polk promises Texas he will support moving the historical Texas/Mexico border at the Nueces river 150 miles south to the Rio Grande provided Texas agrees to join the union. “The traditional border between Texas and Mexico had been the Nueces River…and both the United States and Mexico had recognized that as the border.” (Zinn, p. 148)
    June 30, 1845 James Polk orders troops to march south of the traditional Texas/Mexico border into Mexican inhabited territory, causing Mexicans to flee their villages and abandon their crops in terror.
    “Ordering troops to the Rio Grande, into territory inhabited by Mexicans, was clearly a provocation.” (Zinn, p. 148)

    “President Polk had incited war by sending American soldiers into what was disputed territory, historically controlled and inhabited by Mexicans.” (John Schroeder , “Mr. Polk’s War”)

    Early 1846 Colonel Hitchcock, commander of the 3rd Infantry regiment, writes in his diary: “…the United States are the aggressors….We have not one particle of right to be here….It looks as if the government sent a small force on purpose to bring on a war, so as to have a pretext for taking California and as much of this country as it chooses….My heart is not in this business.”
    May 9, 1846 President Polk tells his cabinet: “…up to this time…we have heard of no open aggression by the Mexican Army.”
    May 10, 1846 Violence erupts between Mexican and American troops south of the Nueces River. Of course Polk claims Mexicans had fired the first shot, but in his famous “spot resolutions” congressman Abraham Lincoln repeatedly challenges president Polk to name the exact “spot” where Mexicans first attacked American troops. Polk never met the challenge.
    May 11, 1846 President Polk urges congress to declare war on Mexico.
    May 12, 1846 : Horace Greeley writes in the New York Tribune: “We can easily defeat the armies of Mexico, slaughter them by thousands, and pursue them perhaps to their capital; we can conquer and “annex” their territory; but what then? Who believes that a score of victories over Mexico, the “annexation” of half of her provinces, will give us more Liberty, a purer Morality, a more prosperous Industry…?
    1846 Congressman Abraham Lincoln, speaking in a session of congress “…the president unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced a war with Mexico….The marching an army into the midst of a peaceful Mexican settlement, frightening the inhabitants away, leaving their growing crops and other property to destruction, to you may appear a perfectly amiable, peaceful, un- provoking procedure; but it does not appear so to us.”
    after war is underway, the American press comments:
    February 11, 1847. The “Congressional Globe” reports: “…We must march from ocean to ocean….We must march from Texas straight to the Pacific ocean….It is the destiny of the white race, it is the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon Race.”

    The New York Herald: “The universal Yankee Nation can regenerate and disenthrall the people of Mexico in a few years; and we believe it is a part of our destiny to civilize that beautiful country.”

    American Review writes of Mexicans “yielding to a superior population, insensibly oozing into her territories, changing her customs, and out-living, exterminating her weaker blood.”

    1846-1848 U.S. Army battles Mexico, not just enforcing the new Texas border at the Rio Grande but capturing Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and California (as well as marching as far south as Mexico City).
    1848 Mexico surrenders on U.S. terms (U.S. takes over ownership of New Mexico, California, an expanded Texas, and more, for a token payment of $15 million, which leads the Whig Intelligencer to report: “We take nothing by conquest….Thank God”).
    (date unknown) General Ulysses S. Grant calls the Mexican War “the most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one.”
    Primary Source: “We take nothing by conquest, Thank God”, in A People’s History Of the United States, 1492-Present, Howard Zinn, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. (This book is available on the shelf at virtually every bookstore in America. The New York Times Book Review says it “…should be required reading for a new generation of students….” )

  215. The only offense I really take to this post is the author typing “getting the U.S.-Mexico border straight once and for all”. The ad is just another creative print ad from a company already known to target an audience, and tending to lean politically liberal. No biggie, really. As a Tucson native, there’s lots I both love and loathe about the border culture. And while there’s no way I’d want to be a Mexican citizen (not a race-based statement, just a commentary on the government), I don’t intend to let this advertisement’s fictional map impede my enjoyment of the doodad Absolut puts at the mouth of the bottle to ease pouring.

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