The Real ‘Casa’ Louis Vuitton Is in Mexicali, Not Paris

You can accuse my people of whatever you want, but you cannot deny Mexicans are a creative bunch.

This uniquely designed house was spotted in Mexicali, Mexico, and as far as we know is the first -and only- place that can rightfully be called La Casa Louis Vuitton.



Hat tip: Hazme el Chingado Favor

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17 Responses to The Real ‘Casa’ Louis Vuitton Is in Mexicali, Not Paris

  1. Now that…is funny….

  2. Joseph Negro says:

    This is awesome. It’s like the Quinceañera Cake houses I saw in Puerto Peñasco.

  3. Luis Ocampo says:

    que onda con el tanque de gas butano? (Louis Butanno)?

  4. Chenchis says:

    Ahora, que alguien me diga donde está ¿? porque tengo que ir a verlo con mis propios ojos… hasta no ver no creer!!!!!!

  5. latinbeauty says:

    Chenchis: fuentes bien informadas me dicen que la direccion es: Montes de toledo #189 fracc. Villas del rey.

  6. Smooth Thug says:

    Is this house the real deal, or is it a “knock-off”?

  7. Erik Perez says:

    Love it! Mexicali is my hometown and will definetly visit this house next time I go visit!!

  8. C-Monster says:

    Would go perfect with pimpin’ “Louis Vuitton” car I found in L.A.

  9. Me pregunto si tendran problemas de copyright?

  10. Silvia says:

    that’s is pretty funny 🙂

  11. Aida says:

    No, lo puedo creer!!! de verdad que eres una fregona amiguita…me encanta como escribes. Besos…

  12. lifeinspanglish says:

    I’ll look for it next time I visit! I’m from Mexicali and somehow, this does NOT surprise me. Great Blog!!! will keep reading. saludos.

  13. vikin says:

    como que huele a culo de jotos por dentro

  14. bodygap says:

    se ma afigura que huele a culo por dentro

  15. Laurie says:

    That is just tacky and ugly.

  16. nna mosha says:

    nooo pues siii !! jajajaja osea hueva con la casa que le esta pasando al mundo, ya no hay sentido común y mucho menos buen gusto.

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