The Real ‘Casa’ Louis Vuitton Is in Mexicali, Not Paris

You can accuse my people of whatever you want, but you cannot deny Mexicans are a creative bunch.

This uniquely designed house was spotted in Mexicali, Mexico, and as far as we know is the first -and only- place that can rightfully be called La Casa Louis Vuitton.



Hat tip: Hazme el Chingado Favor

17 thoughts on “The Real ‘Casa’ Louis Vuitton Is in Mexicali, Not Paris

  1. Ahora, que alguien me diga donde está ¿? porque tengo que ir a verlo con mis propios ojos… hasta no ver no creer!!!!!!

  2. I’ll look for it next time I visit! I’m from Mexicali and somehow, this does NOT surprise me. Great Blog!!! will keep reading. saludos.

  3. nooo pues siii !! jajajaja osea hueva con la casa que le esta pasando al mundo, ya no hay sentido común y mucho menos buen gusto.

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