I’ll Wear my Red Shawl, So I Can Look Just Like Her

First came Cinco de Mayo Barbie, then the “authentic,” Hispanic-looking [sic] quinceañera and more recently Kmart’s new line of ethnic dolls.  So let’s welcome now the Friends Forever Reina Doll, the latest “multicultural” addition to the Dolls Like Me line.

Reina, its creators inform us, not only means Queen in Spanish but, at $89 apiece, comes clad in a red shawl and zippered backpack: a truly Latino-look if you ask me. She is kind of cute, or at least better looking than Ugly Betty.

But wait! Can somebody please explain why Kameko (below) is only $59.95? (I guess this is one of these instances in which size DOES matter!)


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2 Responses to I’ll Wear my Red Shawl, So I Can Look Just Like Her

  1. Sandra says:

    The amount of hair. That did it. Both have silky, black shiny hair; very precious these days. The little baby does not have enough. The “latina” doll, however, has a long promising melena and that, everybody knows, is worth some. Sorry babe! Maybe next time. Hey, baby doll, maybe if we give you a couple of Taco Bells you’ll grow the pricey black silky gold.

  2. With those prices this is not directed to the “latino” population, probably more marketed to the anglos with multicultural aspirations…

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