Speaking of Hot, Latin Bodies…

QuePasa.com has launched a nation-wide search for 12 Latina models who will appear in the 2009 Latinas Illustrated calendar which promises to be hotter than Dr. Manny’s Latin Diet.

According to the company, casting call will be held in Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and San Antonio.

I suggest they hurry, while these tomatillo-eating beauties still look their best. You never know when the transformation will begin!

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1 Response to Speaking of Hot, Latin Bodies…

  1. sandra says:

    ¡¡Ja ja ja!! Lo que no sabe es que se está atando las sandalias para ir corriendo (bueno, en taxi si puede) al macdonals más cercano. Todo el mundo sabe que no se puede correr con tacones tan altos. Se está preparando para la batalla.
    Coño, is it jealosy speaking from the very core of my fat layers?

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