12-Year-Old Seeks Help in NOT Going to Colombia

12-year-old Colombia-born Alejandro Ramírez is seeking your help in keeping him as far from Colombia as possible. The reason? Ramírez and his mom, now green-card holders, claim his biological dad and other family members in Colombia want him to go visit just to later snatch him and keep him there. Forever.

But the kid won’t take any of it.

“I know how dangerous Colombia is. I definitely don’t want to go to Colombia. I love the U.S.A. and want to stay here,” Alejandro writes in his very own personal Web page, aptly named SaveAlejandro.com

He also says he likes to watch TV, play video games, ride a bike and take Kung Fu lessons. And, as we all know, you cannot do any of these things in the jungle Colombia.

So, without further due, I am hereby launching SaveLaura.org, aimed at keeping myself safely here and away from the dangers and creepiness of my fellow Mexicans. Wanna help? I take most major credit cards, menos Amex of course!

2 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Seeks Help in NOT Going to Colombia

  1. Laura, Any major city in Colombia is not more dangerous than a US city, check the statistics. This kid has to explain he has specific family reasons. it is not fair to our country to promote the same old story. The country has changed a great deal and most people acknowledge that.

  2. Jaime, with all due respect, I encourage you to double check in the dictionary the definition of irony. Laura is excercising in a very healthy manner the meaning of such mentioned word.

    With that said, not only I’m supporting saveLaura.org, but I’m also launching savegallega.org. My fellow countrymen smell of old cheese cured with worms and my country doesn’t exist in the map, unless you hear the clacking of castagnets somehere in the distance. I don’t want to go back to nowhere. HELP!!!

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