Battling Homophobia Mexico City Style

The local government of Mexico City has launched a new campaign against homophobia, featuring a series of outdoor ads like the one above plastered around the city’s subway system.

For the monolingual crowd: “This is what you look like when you discriminate against homosexuals.

Via: Brief Blog

5 thoughts on “Battling Homophobia Mexico City Style

  1. Frank, you naughty, naughty boy!!
    Ja ja jaaaa
    Nevertheless, what I love the most is those three heading over to Barranca del muerto.
    Karma is such a bitch!!

  2. Hi everyone… I usually don’t comment on my own postings but geez! Frank really made my day. The translation of the tagline should have read: “This is what you look like when you discriminate against gays… Like Charlie Chaplin”…..

  3. Nice campaign. Are they still running it? Given recent events in Mexico (the Agustín Estrada Negrete case) it seems like there is still a way to go to battle homophobia (although I live in Britain which is also homophobic).

  4. Does anyone know where I can find news articles, academic journal articles, or recent reports on the treatment of LGBT in Mexico?

    I am interested in factual resources that report what is really taking place in the country and if the legal changes have, in fact, changed treatment of LGBT, if there is any way of reporting abuses, persecution, etc.


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