Move Over Margarita. Here’s a Real Latin ‘Abogado’

Tired of those 1-888-Margarita ads on Spanish-language TV pitching Trolman, Laser & Glitman, defenders of us, defenseless Latinos?

Meet the new abogado in town. Sacha Baron Cohen (left) who brought us Ali G and Borat, will produce and star in the upcoming film Accidentes.

“The protagonist will be a lawyer of Latin descent who transforms from contingency attorney to hero of the working class when he helps an immigrant win a judgment against his wealthy employer after a landscaping mishap. He also becomes the enemy of L.A.’s power elite,” says Variety.

The pic is sure to be hilarious. Not only because Mr. Baron Cohen is going to co-write, but because –just like Obama’s sister– he looks like one of us.

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