Calderón Goes to USA, No Permission Asked

You might not know this, but Mexico’s illegitimate President Felipe Calderón managed to get all the way to the Big Apple without asking the Congress for permission. And that is because a recent change in the Mexican Constitution now allows presidents to take short trips abroad without seeking consent from Congress. (And you know how mean Mexico’s Congress can get, denying Mr. Fox permission to travel abroad… twice.)

So … while we’re in the change-the-Constitution mode, perhaps we could tweak it a tiny bit more just so that he will now be required to ask fellow Mexicans permission to go back. I’m sure the answer will be a resounding: No!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Calderón Goes to USA, No Permission Asked

  1. Why do you call him illegitimate ? he won the election, fair and square, although by a very small margin; and I think he has been a pretty decent president, so most Mexicans would want his return.

  2. I don t want him back and he is not good why for many things like hi haven’t done any thing of what hi promes , so don t come back !!!!!

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