Televisa Wants you to Know [Rich] Mexicans are Recession-Proof

Give us earthquakes, floods, stock market crashes, currency devaluations, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, public beheadings and drug wars… Mexicans can overcome anything… just as long as they are rich and got themselves a juicy long-term contract with the Canal de las Estrellas —Otherwise, you’re pretty much screwed.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering… lots of these telenovela guys have already moved to Miami.)

2 thoughts on “Televisa Wants you to Know [Rich] Mexicans are Recession-Proof

  1. I wasn’t too worried about this crisis…

    Now, after watching this advertisement, I’m scared as hell!

    It’s easy to speak about “don’t worry, be happy” when you live in a different world than the “average Joe”…

  2. what the f*#k??????
    for those who don’t understand Spanish but love to read this blog, think of this ad as the same slap in the face the US people got from Diddy when he publicly protested against high oil prices by refusing to fly his private jet (too expensive!) and settled to fly commercial… first class, of course.
    ha!! it sucks to be rich!

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