Mexicans to the Rescue of U.S. Economy


Don’t believe everything you hear about Mexicans. Sure, we come here to steal your money, your job and your chics, but also –at least in the border towns– we are here to help. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mexicans generate up to $8 billion in sales annually in Texas and California. :

“[…] as the American economy tanks, retailers and civic leaders in Southwestern cities such as Laredo are courting Mexicans more heavily than ever, hoping that they will save the holiday shopping season.”

And what exactly are they buying? Jeans, hats and cowboy boots, of course!

“If you’re going to buy a little birthday present, you will do it here in Mexico. But if you are going to buy a wardrobe, you are going to Texas,” said Silvia Garza, a vice president of a McAllen Chamber of Commerce branch in Mexico’s Monterrey.

Photo: via Flickr

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3 Responses to Mexicans to the Rescue of U.S. Economy

  1. Aquaria says:

    I used to live in McAllen, TX, and their mall would have folded up and left town if it hadn’t been for the Mexican national shoppers. They were great for the economy, but the wealthier ones were horrible to deal with, either as a retail employee, or an American shopper. Rudest customers I’ve ever encountered in shopping across the south and west. Very polite employees, though. 🙂

  2. la muñequitha says:

    hola solo
    les quiero deir que jenny rivera es una de las
    cantantes mas chingonas que hay en mexico y a los que no les gusta no saben del desperdicio que hacen al no escucharla es una de mis mejores que hay en el mundo

  3. Dominique says:

    Great job! THANK YOU!

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