An Eggcellent Way to Start your Morning

One of the very few things I like about touristic places is the joy of ordering my food from a bilingual menu, where Huevos al gusto (eggs any style) magically become What eggs do you like, and huevos estrellados are turned a round natural, as was the case in Yucatán’s Sacbé restaurant.


Others, like yet another Yucatán eatery (below), have a simpler take on things, and offer you the opportunity to enjoy a good plate of Eggs off your choice.


5 thoughts on “An Eggcellent Way to Start your Morning

  1. My wife points out all the bad translations to me all the time. Me being the gringo and her a native of D.F. I thought it strange that Google translator translates “Huevos al gusto” as simply “Eggs”

  2. c’mon!!! i hate being late… i was thinking of ordering the breakfast of champions -omelet w/ham, cheese and champion- but Frida beat me to it! so i guess i’ll take the eggs “ala mexican”…
    BTW- that spanish omelette EXPENSIVE!!

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