This Valentine’s Day Don’t Forget to Pick Up your Latino-Themed Teddy Bear

papichulo_b2Wondering what Latinos are planning to do with our trillion dollars worth of purchasing power?… We’re buying Latin-themed teddy bears!

Looking to tap into our allegedly HUGE economic potential (even if most of us are out of work) the Vermont Teddy Bear Company not only has launched a Spanish-language Web site, but is now pitching its very own Hispanic-targeted teddy bears, because -you know- Latinos love to give each other Latin-themed gifts.

“In addition to our line of over 100 bears for hobbies, occupations, sports and Valentine’s Day, we developed a Mamacita Bear, Papi Chulo, El Amante with an AMOR tattoo, a Te Amo bear and a Latin Lover bear,” Irene Steiner, marketing manager for Vermont Teddy Bear, told Portada magazine.

Alas, these bundles of furry, Latin joy don’t come cheap: Osita mamacita sells for as much as $69.95, while leather pant-wearing Latin Lover (my personal favorite) is “only” $79.95. But that’s OK, I guess. We’ve got the love… and the dough!

6 thoughts on “This Valentine’s Day Don’t Forget to Pick Up your Latino-Themed Teddy Bear

  1. No puedo creer que un oso de peluche pueda costar tanto¡¡¡ En mis tiempos cuando regalaba osos a mis amigas los mas caros eran los de Sanborns y lo mejor era comprarlos dias antes del 14 de febrero, a como esta el dollar cada oso vale 1000 bolas¡¡ Y algo interesante es que estos osos tienen la misma cara y diseño que otros que se comercializan con otras marcas. O será que todos los osos son iguales?? Anyway muy buen blog el tuyo bracerita. Saludos

  2. Yup, my Latin Lover walks around with his shirt unbuttoned. And I go around with a flower in my hair all the time, dancing salsa instead of walking. They’ve captured the demographic perfectly!
    *BTW the Papi Chulo’s outfit looks like an auto mechanic’s.

  3. OK, here in the office we’re LOAO. We even went to the website, where we found a most interesting translation that referred to the different people you can send these Latin bears to:

    Para el Recipiente:
    Para ella
    Para el
    Para mamá
    Para la abuela
    Para recién nacido….

    Yeah, I’d say these Latin bears are for the “recipiente.”

  4. I agree with Paz: Papi Chulo’s outfit looks like an auto mechanic’s and this Osita mamacita is not sexy at all! you just feel like having her stay in the kitchen cooking, whatever, while you fool around with some other toy (a Barbie, perhaps?) What’s so mamacita about it? that she’s lifting her skirt??

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

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