Dora Bids Adieu to her Former Self… and Socks


After all the brouhaha surrounding her mysterious new look, the new Dora was finally unveiled, complete with longer hair, less pounds and more make-up. It looks like the new girl is now ready for some other kinds of fun… if you know what I mean.

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9 Responses to Dora Bids Adieu to her Former Self… and Socks

  1. not quite a Bratz…but yes, she’s grown up, not sure if I agree with the marketing ploy

  2. Mike Periu says:

    This is very disappointing. Mattel and Nickelodeon just lost a customer. We just spent $300 going to see the Dora the Explorer musical and have all the dora DVDs, books and dolls. No more. As the father of a 3 year old daughter with a second on the way, Dora is one of the few cartoons/dolls/characters that I think are great. Educational and innocent. What childhood should be. Focus on character not image. Now they sexualize her. What kind of message does this send? You can’t go to the city of lost toys without mascara? Unless you are a size zero your cousin Diego won’t let you see the baby jaguar? So what’s next, Boots is going to get peck implants and collagen treatments?

    It is also a mistake from a business angle. They had a niche and they should have continued to own it. Now they want to go after the tweens. Good luck. I don’t think any 12/13 year old is going to play with Dora even after her make over. So you alienate your core market to go after a market where you are competing against bratz and others that are more hard core. I would have stuck with what I know.

    • Roxanne says:

      I don’t see what’s wrong. She has a shirt that’s not tight, leggings and flats. What’s the problem? I think that the new Dora can be enjoyed by kids up to age 10. At least she doesn’t look as inappropriate as Bratz dolls! they look like they’re going to a club! Seriously! They’re wearing HIGH HEELS!

  3. elconejo says:

    They should have given Dora an older sister, cousin, named Amalia. Because we all know a nice latina that has a older sister, that dresses like a hooker.

  4. Marib Melocotosa says:

    For me it is also disappointing. Dora was unique and had a very defined niche, now what? I really don’t think this is a very smart move from Nickelodeon and the creators of Dora…It is a completely different character

  5. Ashley says:


  6. Erin says:

    I really wish people would stop freaking out about this new Dora. It was already explained that the company will not be discontinuing the original Dora.
    She really looks like a 10 year old in the new modern age. I see tons of girls from ages 8-10 wearing tunics and leggings. her hair grew out, so what? it does not mean anything bad. Yes she is skinny but most children grow out of their baby fat by 8 or 9. she really is not wearing make up. a lot of people have naturally “pink” looking lips. her eyelashes show bc it adds a bit of girlyness. I feel this new Dora is more realistic.

    How many 5 year olds do you know go on adventures with a monkey on their own?

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