Arizona Business Owner Finds Racism Funny. LOL!

10011232_bg1This is the stupid “funny” sign posted outside the business of Flash Sharrar, owner of Team Ramco in Yuma, Az. who says is tired of having to turn away Hispanics looking for jobs. He says he is using the word ‘yobs’ because that’s the way we (i.e. Hispanics) pronounce ‘jobs.’

“These people come into our shop like they own the place and then argue with me about getting a job. I figured I would use their language to let them know there are no jobs here,” Mr. Sharrar told the Arizona Republic.

Well, maybe he’d be better off by actually posting a sign in our language, as in Aquí no hay trabajo. But I’m suspecting that would be a bit too much for monolingual Flash (or shall I call him Flach?)

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4 Responses to Arizona Business Owner Finds Racism Funny. LOL!

  1. Many says:

    Dear Mr, Chárra: Yo también me se una: “fó-quiu” (You can pay any Mexican to read that for you). By the way, so many Mexicans are asking you to let them do the job because they are sick and tired of seeing you not to know how to fix transmissions or do mechanics.

  2. Camila Sodi says:

    OMG! This is the funniest poster evAr!! Love it!

  3. Terry says:

    Go figure why he had to run to Yuma, where are you going to tuck tail and run to next, not too many states will tolerate your moronic racism.

    • Andy says:

      Why do you have to play the race card? You must be lacking in common sense and not seeing the real world outside your small circle of Liberal friends. Since you and your Liberal friends have not noticed, more and more states are passing Arizona style anti-illegal alien laws.

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