Time to Help Hispanic Seniors Navigate Medicare


Ah… the wonders of marketing!

In an effort to promote a free seminar on Medicare to Hispanics seniors, the ever-creative minds of United HealthCare are combining a series of educational talks with a session of Zumba, the Latin-infused fitness program that blends the rhythms of salsa and rumba… because there is nothing like a tough, sweaty, cardiovascular salsa-infused exercise routine to help senior citizens navigate this country’s surreal health-care system.

Note to Hispanic seniors: To attend the seminar, you are required to wear sneakers (i.e. tenis, not ball-room dancing shoes) and hopefully be healthy enough to endure hours of aerobic workout.

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8 thoughts on “Time to Help Hispanic Seniors Navigate Medicare

  1. I dont personally approve of marketing education for services to a particular demographic. No matter how they do it. You tell me how that isn’t reverse prejudice and reverse segregation? Giving a helping hand to one group as opposed to all, by catering the education around cultural or linguistic activities is just plain frekked up. It forces any other demographic to essentially participate in, and in a way adopt, another social ideology. No matter how much they may not want to associate with anything from that corner of the earth.

  2. This is almost as annoying as the phone greeting at most companies that says, “For English, press one…,” and then the instructions for Spanish. Why does this group deserve special treatment? What about Pacific Islanders, or Asians, or Middle East immigrants? Even those horrible Armenians in Glendale and Burbank, who are even worse than Mexicans, which is saying a lot? What happens when we divide up services based on ethnicity? And why have I never heard of Hispanic-Canadians or African-Canadians?
    How about this: proof of citizenship or legal residency for anyone, and I mean anyone–white, back, brown or purple, seeking Medicare benefits, with terrible and swift consequences for illegals trying to game the system.

  3. I hope that United Health Care is telling these folks that Medicare is a government program than works, contrary to private health insurance. That would help them to have a sane view on revamping the health care system!

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