Is Your Kosher Elevator in Danger? Hire a Mexican!

ascensoristaYou might not know this (why would you?) but a controversy has been brewing among Orthodox Jews in New York City regarding the so-called Shabbos elevators: elevators fixed to stop on every floor from Friday evening until Saturday evening so that observant Jews do not have to press any buttons.

The problem? a group of prominent rabbis in Israel seeks to ban the use of Shabbos elevators. This, of course, represents a problem for many, “especially the elderly or infirm, and large Orthodox families living with babies or small children on upper floors of high-rise buildings.”

So this blogger has come up with a Solomonic solution: Hire a Mexican! we’ll gladly push the buttons for you, make some bucks in the process and nobody will have to go to hell.

See? and you thought I was not a wise Latina!

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Kosher Elevator in Danger? Hire a Mexican!

  1. When I first moved to Mexico, I taught in a private colegio for a (thankfully) short time. For some reason the text used a short story by an author I now forget about a Puerto Rican boy in New York who lights the furnaces for Orthodox apartments. Try explaining such alien concepts as a) Orthodox Jews, b) New York, c)furnaces and d)work to a bunch of “juniors”.

    Oy vey!

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