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This Fine Restaurant in Arizona Might Want to Consider a Name Change

Shopping for a wedding venue in Arizona? Well, there’s this fine place at the base of Camelback Mountain offering “breathtaking views, impeccable service and an unforgettable experience,” –and judging from the pictures found on their Website, it looks like it … Continue reading

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GOP Congresswoman Eats Pozole Pizza and I Can’t Even…

GOP Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, from Arizona, took to Twitter to show off her very own Arizona Pozole Pizza, a weird concoction made specially for her by the local D.C. Pizzeria Paradiso. The stunt was part of  Pizzeria Paradiso’s United States … Continue reading

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Andrew Thomas Wants to Ban the Mexican Flag -or Something

Arizona’s nutcase Andrew Thomas has launched a new campaign video, featuring Thomas himself (aka “the only candidate who stood up to the gay lobby”) vowing to take on sneaky Mexicans and banning their flag -or something like that. Filing this under … Continue reading

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Sheriff Arpaio is a Pretty Nice Guy, Says Arpaio

This is plain hilarious. Watch Sheriff Arpaio tell Jorge Ramos he is actually a pretty nice guy, because he has lived in Mexico City, Texas and South America. P.S. I also love the way Ramos says the word findings… it … Continue reading

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OMG! Even Jorge Ramos Thinks His Skin Color Could Get Him into Trouble in Arizona

If you are still unconvinced about how bad things are in Arizona, consider this. Even our very own Jorge Ramos, Univision’s cute-as-a-button, blond and blue-eyed news anchor, fears he could be stopped in Arizona because of the color of his … Continue reading

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It Was About Time: El Corrido de Joe Arpaio

NOTE: This blogger is quite busy this week, but will be posting a translation real soon, I mean, for the monolingual crowd.

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Palin on Arizona: Brewer Has Cojones; Obama Doesn’t. This Blogger Chuckles at Her Accent

Sara Palin Uses the Word ‘Cojones’ [This Blogge…, posted with vodpod

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As Arizona’s Passage of the SB1070 Becomes Imminent, I Worry for the Future of Miss Caliente

With Arizona’s sb1070 set to take effect Thursday, nobody has been able to inform this blogger what will become of the state’s annual Miss Caliente pageant, that “unforgettable event that places the strength of Latina woman in the spotlight.” I’m … Continue reading

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Arpaio Goes to Univision… and He Is Armed!

Univision this Friday hosted an unprecedented town hall on immigration, Inmigración: Un Debate Nacional featuring some of the country’s most prominent figures on immigration law and public policy, representatives of Hispanic organizations and -who else? Maricopa County Sheriff Mr. Joe … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bill Opens World of Business Opportunities for This Blogger [Part II]

First came the Deportation Order Baby Onesies. Now, this blogger is peddling the EXCLUSIVE Jan Brewer NOPE poster, which can be yours for only $9.99* *With proof of your undocumented status in this country. Puerto Ricans, absténganse.

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Club América to Arizona: “No Fut for You!”

Full disclosure: I am a Pumas fan. But as the sensible person that I am not, I would like to personally thank Club América and Tuzos de Pachuca for their decision to cancel a soccer match that was scheduled for … Continue reading

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Chandler, Arizona Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With Chihuahua Race. Whoof! Catch Them if you Can

Enough with the bad news hailing from Nazi Arizona. Residents of Chandler, AZ. are ready for their Cinco de Mayo celebration, which this year will include a Chihuahua race scheduled to take place in the courtyard of the downtown Chandler … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Immigration Bill Opens World of Business Opportunities for this Blogger

After several days ruminating about what to do and how to go about Arizona’s sb1070s, this blogger decided to take the creative route and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that only “America” can offer its immigrants. So, without further ado… here … Continue reading

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Attention, Immigrants: Coming Up on the War Against Us: The SUV-Mounted Gun

If you thought anti-immigration efforts were going to stop at racial profiling and sending of UFO’s to the border, think again. The new tool against the war on us, immigrants, is the Dillon Aero SUV Mounted Gun, a “high-powered rifle … Continue reading

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Bigotry Leads to -What Else?- Bigotry

Via Cuernavaca 2.0. For the uninitiated or, rather, the monolingual crowd, this Mexican taxi driver wants you to know There is no service available for gringos from Arizona. Hat tip: Luis Cabrera

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