Eva Luna’s Secret is Out: Pizzas, Phones and Cars

SPOILER ALERT: Attention, telenovela fans, if you prefer to be pleasantly surprised Monday night, please don’t read this post.

Turns out the “secret” behind Univision’s much-hyped upcoming Eva Luna is finally out: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the telenovela, which will premiere Nov. 1, will give viewers plenty of product placements by marketers including General Motors, Domino’s Pizza and T-Mobile.

That way, Hispanic TV viewers will be able to savor the wonders of advertising even before -and after- watching the actual commercials.

Isn’t that just freaking dandy?

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3 Responses to Eva Luna’s Secret is Out: Pizzas, Phones and Cars

  1. Frank says:

    Eva will look hot eating a Domino’s pizza, talking on her G.M. SUV or talking on her T-Mobile pjone.

    Is Victoria’s Secret doing any product placements? 🙂

  2. Latina in LA says:

    It’s EVA on Univision vs AURORA on Telemundo tonight. As both networks will debut these novelas at the same time period. If I am not mistaken, this is Univision’s first time producing a novela in the U.S. ; it will be interesting to see how EVA does up against AURORA. My bet is on AURORA, I’ve compared the talent and promos! My other bet is that Televisa novelas will continue to be Univision’s savior, and Univision better get back to buy good stories, before their ratings start to suffer for it.

  3. Ruth S says:

    I love this novela but the product promo is soooo lame!

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