Eva Longoria Wants You to Know She is “Laa-ahatin”

This blog’s favorite retro-acculturated Latina (aka La Prieta Faya) is rapping to let us know she is the queen, she is the host and any-time-she-wants-she-can-order-French-toast…

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6 Responses to Eva Longoria Wants You to Know She is “Laa-ahatin”

  1. MissX says:

    Después de ver el video la única palabra que llega a mi cerebro es NACA! muy naca EeeVa!

  2. Morena Clara says:

    que patética es! Tengo resentimiento que ella es considerada mas “Latino” que yo! jajajajja

  3. Miriam Kim says:

    Someone please make her stop, it’s supposed to be humorous but she’s just embarrassing herself and all laa-ahatinas haha

  4. Tamecin says:

    Envidiosas. Jajaja.

  5. Carla Raygoza says:

    jajajajajajajajajajaja…. huevos estrellados!!!!! jajajajajajajaja… qué? nadie tiene sentido del humor???

  6. Frank says:

    I might have to quit claiming my Laa-ahatin heritage after watching this video.

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