Philly Union Not Happy at Prospect of Wearing ‘This’

And speaking of popular clothing, The Philadelphia Union, a MLS team, is undergoing its own T-shirt drama: Thanks to a multimillion dollar sponsorship by Mexican food giant Grupo Bimbo, the team’s players are going to have to run around wearing the company’s logo or -as many are already calling it, the “offending moniker” BIMBO.

The season hasn’t even started, but some fans are speaking up about the whole thing. At least one fan has said she would not attend games with her kids until the misogynistic slur was removed from the team players chests.

“Misogynistic”? Wait ’till she gets her hands on a Negrito Bimbo. I’m sure she will throw a fit.

Watch below to see Philly Union’s CEO talk about Bimbo and the sacred ground that is the team’s jersey:

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