David Bisbal Tweets His Way to Public Shame

Poor David Bisbal. Not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined an innocent tweet would turn him quickly into the laughing stock of the World Wide Web. The Spanish singer this week took to Twitter to lament the uprising in Egypt, declaring:

“Egypt’s pyramids have never looked so desolated. Hopefully, this revolt will end soon.”

It only took about few minutes for Bisbal followers – and eventually everybody else – to make fun of his “profound reflection” on the political crisis in Egypt, prompting the “Turismo Bisbal” trending topic and sending one after another message mocking his remark. “I am changing channels on my TV but cannot find Panama’s,” read one. “I just saw the Sistine Chapel. For a ninja turtle, Michelangelo was not a bad painter,” read another one.

The public ridicule was such that the singer quickly deleted his post. Alas, it was already too late.

This story first appeared on Voxy.com

2 thoughts on “David Bisbal Tweets His Way to Public Shame

  1. Es obvio que a David Bisbal no se le da la profundidad filosófica-literaria. Su comentario es un claro ejemplo, pero si hacemos un pequeño esfuerzo podemos entender que no quiso dejar pasar la oportunidad de hacerse notar y qué mejor que en un sonado, llevado y traido conflicto como lo que está sucediendo en Egipto. “HAY QUE LEER SEÑORES CANTANTES” Leyendo buenos libros se aprende a profundizar. (Ojo, Cristian Castro también para Tí aplica mi recomendación)Hay un buen libro para empezar: “YO ANÓNIMO” de mi Tocayo Rafael Cuevas Sánchez, consta de 18 Capítulos manejados en forma amena,son Ensayos que tocan a profundidad algunos aspectos lacerantes de diario vivir. Pueden pedirlo por INTERNET a: ventas@palibrio.com y en USA por teléfono al 1 812 671 9757 ext. 8219 (Lo recomiendo por que me parece MUY BUENO)

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