Greg Creed Stands by His ‘Beef’…Even in Spanish

Taco Bell’s president Greg Creed did not want to miss the opportunity to include U.S. Hispanics in his staunch defense of his restaurant’s “beef.” But instead of embarrassing himself pretending to speak Spanish like some people we know, he took the safe road of subtitles.

Watch him stand by his “beef,” which contains a delicious mixture of beef, water (to keep it “moist and juicy,) seasoning, salt, chilli, pepper, onion, powder, oats, lecithin, sugar, spices, Maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, citric acid, caramel color, Silicone dioxide, yeast, salt, sodium phosphates and modified corn starch. Yeah, just like the one your abuela prepares at home.

Maltodextring AND silicone dioxide???!!!  That’s gotta be good!

One thought on “Greg Creed Stands by His ‘Beef’…Even in Spanish

  1. Maltodextrin AND silicone dioxide? Sounds like you don’t know what they are, and yet you probably have eaten them recently in other things. In fact, grandma probably does use them.
    Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide made from starch, usually wheat. If you’ve eaten corn or bread, congratulations! You’ve eaten the basis of maltodextrin. It makes things feel better in your mouth.
    Silicone dioxide is an anti-caking agent, found in many seasonings and powders. Yes, it’s a chemical, but without it, you’d hate the lumpy, hard feel of everything powder/ground based. It keeps ingredients loose to make it flow easier. It’s not bad for you. You’ve eaten some. Three times today. From some creamer in your coffee, to your soup, to the seasonings that made your food taste better.

    Autolyzed yeast extract is yummy. It gives a Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter taste to anything its added to. Japanese use it, and it a special ingredient used here. Some fancy restaurants use it too.

    Sodium phosphate is just really salt derived from phosphoric acid. Nothing mysterious there.

    Another ingredient Taco Bell uses is cocoa powder, a common ingredient in some Mexican foods.

    So, yeah. If abuelita uses Adobo, Goya products, salsa, canned tomatoes, and other seasonings in her taco meat, she used the ingredients above. Except for maybe the yeast, it’s pretty weird to be an ingredient, but believe me, they should probably use more of it. It’s that good.

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