I Would Like to Thank Mr. James May for Putting Speedy González on Twitter Map

I was just about to turn the page on the whole Top Gear brouhaha, when I bumped into James May on Twitter. Fake or real, he seems to be all upset and shit because Mexicans keep complaining.

I am not going to get into the whole “how-to-tell-the Brits-they-have-no-right-to-talk-about-shit-food” thing… Basically, I’d just like to encourage him (or whoever it is posing as him) to continue his Mexican-themed tweets. I can’t wait to see #speedygonzalez as trending topic.


4 thoughts on “I Would Like to Thank Mr. James May for Putting Speedy González on Twitter Map

  1. I’m with you. In showbusiness there’s no such thing as bad publicity… hehehehehehe.
    Besides, I honestly think this is all coming from resentment. En mi pueblo decimos “el burro hablando de orejas”.

  2. Once again, assuming this guy reads correct English, he needs to get a copy of one or more of his countrywoman Diana Kennedy’s books on Mexican cuisine. As for resentment, what can you expect from someone who has obviously never had a hot, Mexican enchilada.

  3. This guy really ‘tweeted’ that?! Mexican food is best in the world in my opinion! He spew’ith like live chapalini (crickets). Seriously, most English speakers only know “Tex-Mex” and not the enticing variety of Mexican foods on a true Mexican menu!

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