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How I Ended up in Twitter Jail

Ok I didn’t see *this* coming. On the morning of Dec. 15, as I opened up my email account, I saw a message from Twitter with the following Subject: Your Twitter account has been locked. My first reaction was –of … Continue reading

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No, Twitter, I Don’t Think the ‘Enchilada Bake’ Is a Good Idea

Someone really wants me to shut down my Twitter account. For reasons I have yet to understand, my “tailor-made,” “just-for-me” sponsored posts on Twitter have become an endless stream of disgusting “Mexican” concoctions. The latest comes courtesy of SmartMade, a company that prides … Continue reading

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White House Restores Spanish-language Twitter Account; Tweets Typo, of Course

Well, that was fast! After much criticism for having deleted all of its Spanish-language content online, Donald Trump’s White House on Tuesday restored the @LaCasaBlanca Twitter handle, one that had remained idle since the new administration took over on January 20. The … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet Brouhaha Proves Humanity [and Very Likely this Blog] Is Doomed

I seriously don’t know what’s worse, if Donald Trump tweeting a photo of himself on Cinco de Mayo eating a Taco Bowl (whatever that is) to say he loves Hispanics or the avalanche of serious, “investigative news pieces” from “real … Continue reading

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Congratulations, PetSmart! You Win this Blog’s ‘Stupidest Cinco de Mayo Tweet’ Award

So, ¡Felicidades! Note: Posting this as a screenshot, since I’m not sure how long the original tweet will last.

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Hugh Jackman Is in Mexico and Wants Tacos. Mexicans Take to Twitter to Help

Do yourself a favor and read some of the 500+ responses to Hugh’s tweet. Some of them are gold. Best taco in Mexico City … Recommendations please! pic.twitter.com/7mfAPfwpEE — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) octubre 7, 2015  

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Sofía Vergara Shows Twitter Critics What She’s Made of

The latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel‘s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, included some hilarious segments, in which celebrities read mean-spirited tweets about themselves. My favorite was, of course, Sofía Vergara, who was criticized by user @mamaowl_kirby for her apparently impossible accent. Upon reading … Continue reading

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Worry no More: I’ve Settled the Whole Kevin Spacey-Peña Nieto Brouhaha

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Palin Honors Legal Immigration by Visiting ‘Statute’


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¡Síganlo los Buenos! Chespirito is on Twitter

I guess it is never too late to start tweeting. Take 82-year-old Roberto Gómez Bolaños (aka Chespirito) who on May 28 sent out a very amusing first tweet ever: “Hi, I am Chespirito. I am 82 years old and this is the … Continue reading

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David Bisbal Tweets His Way to Public Shame

Poor David Bisbal. Not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined an innocent tweet would turn him quickly into the laughing stock of the World Wide Web. The Spanish singer this week took to Twitter to lament the … Continue reading

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I Just Found the Perfect Visual for my Future Hispanic Breast Surgery Business. Thanks, Twitter!

Sofía Vergara and her two Golden Globes just tweeted this from the SAG Awards in Hollywood. And I’m wondering how long it will take for a Hispanic plastic surgeon to jump on this promo opportunity. Photo: @SofiaVergara at Twitter.com/sofiavergara

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Latin America’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Joins Twitter

Not content with debuting this week on Twitter, Hugo Chávez -aka @ChavezCandanga is now inviting pals Evo Morales and Fidel Castro to follow suit. I am already a morbid loyal follower of both, @ChavezCandanga @ReflexionFidel, though my sources tell me … Continue reading

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Paulina Rubio Wants “U Guys” to Know She’s Been to Some Place Called ‘Cartejena’

In a recent tweet post, La Chica Dorada tells us about her really fascinating trip to what we believe is Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

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