New Hispanic Mom Site Treats ‘Gringas’ as ‘Otras’

The folks at CafeMom today announced new funding -and some editorial hires- for their upcoming blog Mamás Latinas.  And while I am not a mom per se, I am certainly a Latina (and a very nosy at that) so I quickly went to the site and signed up to see what’s going on.

Alas, the Mamás Latinas will not be live for another couple of months, but I was happy to see their registration page was a happy mix of English, Spanish, Spanglish and even some un-PC language when it asks visitors to fill up their “tradition.” Are you Mexican? Guatemalteca? From “Sud América”? or are you simply an “Otra” or a “Gringa”?

Yikes! Thankfully my “tradition” is 100% Mexican so I had no problema checking my  box.

Now I’m just going to sit patiently and wait for my Kmart / Sears-sponsored information.

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