Gulf of Mexico to be Renamed Gulf of America

Remember the Absolut brouhaha?

Remember the Alamo?

Well, none of those contentious binational wars would ever come close to what’s looming behind a moronic proposition to rename the Gulf of Mexico as Gulf of America. The brilliant idea popped into the head of State Rep. Steve Holland of Mississippi, most likely because there’s not a lot to do in  Mississippi, so people have plenty of time to think over important stuff.

I couldn’t make this up… even if I tried.

State Rep. Steve Holland (D) has introduced HB 150, which says that “for all official purposes within the state of Mississippi, the body of water located directly south of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties shall be known as the ‘Gulf Of America’; and for related purposes.”

So from now on and without further ado, I am going to go choke on my café americano, ahem, café mexicano.
Hat tip: Bathtub Media

13 thoughts on “Gulf of Mexico to be Renamed Gulf of America

  1. ¡Ay no! No puedo con tanto ignorancia. Faltaba mas! Ojala que no se alboroten los estados colindantes, ya ves que sobran los …endejos por esos laredos.

  2. State Rep. Steve Holland is absolutely right. History teaches us that Mexico has always been a threat to the USA (Remember when they wanted to take Texas away from us?). So it’s only fair that we start using a name that makes clear the gulf belongs to America. (And America means USA, of course.) I just hope now that there is somebody out there brave enough to change the name of “New Mexico” to “New America” or “New Freedom” (Like “freedom fries”, remember? By the way, that was another awesome idea.)

    Tersites Domilo

    1. Tersites: Must be writing in sarcastic key, right? I’m an average-educated Mexican, and all that nonsense only has a meaning for me if you’re sarcastic or if you’ve not read a letter of History in your life… like that Representative seems to.

  3. Well, since Europe is very unitedstatesian-ized… that ALSO shall be called America… well, let´s call it United States, so we don´t get confused with the term “America” that stands for the whole continent -from Canada to Argentina-… so, let´s call it the United States… and Japan, and …

  4. I think we need to beging (1) requiring minimum IQ’s for anyone in the government and (2) begin impeaching people when they show sheer stupidity. Clearly that guy didn’t meet the first criteria, he should now suffer step #2

    1. Paco… I am not sure why you say I spread ignorance & incite hatred given the fact that none of what was said in this posting was the creation of this humble blogger… so feel free to express yourself and explain
      thanks for visiting & commenting

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