Denny’s Wants you to Think of Dogs When You Eat a Delectable Sizzling Skillet

And speaking of innovative marketing ideas, Denny’s has decided it is a good idea to link dogs with a sizzling meat fajita.

In what this blogger considers a marketing –and gastronomical– faux pas (I grew up eating tacos al pastor outside my local subway station) the restaurant chain has tapped famous dog behavioralist César Millán (aka ‘The Dog Whisperer’) to help a Latino family deal with an extremely “aggressive” meal, a Western Beef Sizzling Fajita thing.

I don’t know you, but after enduring watching the 3-minute thing, I felt like getting myself a veggie meal. I do not want to think of dogs when I see a sizzling fajita. Or viceversa.

But watch it yourselves and let me know what you think!

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9 Responses to Denny’s Wants you to Think of Dogs When You Eat a Delectable Sizzling Skillet

  1. John says:

    Lo que viene a la mente es:

    Tacos de cachorrita pibil
    Tacos de pastor (alemán)
    Chuleta atropellada con queso
    Y no quiero ni pensar de lo que esta hecha la longaniza…


  2. This is undoubtably one of the weirdest ideas and final presentations for a commercial I have ever seen. De verdad. Control over your skillet of food with a dog dominator? Good Lord!

  3. esnyder1288 says:

    Why is a commercial 3 minutes long?

  4. Good question, esnyder1288: I guess it is to give customers enough time to change their mind and eat elsewhere! ha ha ha ha

    Thanks for your comments, guys! keep ’em coming!

  5. I love Cesar but this is by far one of the worst uses of a spokesperson. How can they miss the “guaguacoa= skillet” connection?

  6. You are right. I like César, too. Perhaps they could have used him better to pitch Denny’s Super-terrific “Cesar-Millan” Salad?

  7. Cristine says:

    this by far the worse commercial. it sure won’t atract any costumers!! and to Cesar REALLY!! i thought he was smarter than that!!

  8. Tracy López says:

    I love César but when I first saw this, I also thought it was a really weird idea. The best part of the commercial was the mother “cccht-ing” her family, but it didn’t make me want to eat at Denny’s.

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