Chinos, Latinos… Same Difference

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…

Turns out Time Magazine’s much hyped March 5, 2012 cover about Latinos picking the next U.S. president (yeah, right) actually features a non-Latino person, who according to OC Weekly is half-Chinese half-Caucasian•

Time magazine promptly apologized but the damage is done and this blogger is having a blast!

•Per OCWeekly the trucho Latino is the third guy, from left, on top row. His name is Michael Schennum and he is a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic.

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7 thoughts on “Chinos, Latinos… Same Difference

  1. Perhaps he is not “Latino”, but the term is as nebulous as any “racial” category… i.e., subjective and rather meaningless. Besides, persons of Chinese and European ancestry are not unknown in Latin America, who … if they were in the United States and from a family with cultural roots in Latin America… would be “Latino”.

  2. I think what bugs me the most is that Latinos/Hispanics are not a “one note” ethnicity. We run the gamut from Afro-Latino to blonde/blue-eyed. All the faces on that cover are stereotypically Latino-looking (hence the Chino). I think TIME would have made more of an impact if they had genuinely attempted to illustrate the true depth of our culture.

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