¡Órale! ‘The New York Times’ Wants You to Believe “Ora” is Spanish for “Now”

Carlos Slim is so rich that he is buying Larry King and putting him on the Internet.

Yea, Mexico’s super-archi-recontra-billionaire is the guy behind Ora.TV, an Internet venture that is set “to create high-quality video content on phones, laptops, tablets and connected televisions.”

So far so good, but for some strange reason, The New York Times and several other media are saying -with a straight face- that the word Ora translates to “now” in Spanish and Italian….”  

I’m sorry, but somebody got Mr. Slim all wrong. As a fellow Mexican, I’m sure the reporters asked him some question, and he replied with a typical “¡ora, ora! ¡no me pregunten esas cosas!” or some stuff like that.

So worry no more, Mr. Slim. I will help you get the record straight on this side of the border. So perhaps in exchange you can get Mi blog es tu blog a little part on your network?  I’d call it the ¡Órale! network.

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