Should We Be Called ‘Hispano Latinos’? Univision [And Myself] Really Want to Know

I don’t always watch TV on Sunday, but when I do, I watch Al Punto

Yeah, yeah, this phrase just sounded like a Dos Equis commercial, but it isn’t. I did watch this morning and, among other very relevant information (i.e. that Quadri thinks he can become Mexico’s next president and he likes pot,) I learned that Texas has put forward a proposal to change the name to describe Hispanics in the U.S.

So basically, from what I could gather, some fellows in Texas think we should not be called Hispanics or Latinos anymore, but we should be known as Hispano-Latinos.

I think these guys have a lot of time in their hands, but just in case, I am going to watch Capusotto over and over again to make sure I get my Latino-ness in check.

Hat tip: José Simián

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