More on the Growing Career Choices for Latinas

With Latinas rapidly making it as star maids in Hollywood, it was only natural that other professional opportunities would arise.

Enter the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, in Lubbock, Texas, offering “nude and topless maid services.”

How much are these sexified maids, anyway? Customers pay $100 an hour for one maid and $150 an hour for two maids, and “if the customer wants his or her maids to be completely nude, all he/she has to do is ask.”

With Hispanics representing 32% of the population of Lubbock, Texas, I’m sure Latinas are part of this company’s sexy offering, in which case all this blogger asks for is a fair treatment (i.e. please do not call the migra on them; at least not while they are cleaning in their undies.)

3 thoughts on “More on the Growing Career Choices for Latinas

  1. Clearly, Latina women are among the most beautiful women in existence. But something needs to be done about teaching our mujeres dignity and self-respect, as opposed to manipulating and objectifying them…all too often the case in society.

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