McDonald’s Now Serving ‘Traditional’ Colombian Food

Don’t you just love it when huge corporations go out of their way to cater to our Latin palate?

Well, after an unsuccessful attempt to cater to Mexican tastes by putting the Big Mac on a tortilla, McDonald’s is now launching Antojos colombianos (Colombian cravings,) a specially crafted menu for sale in Colombia that includes “some of the most recognized and traditional” foods of the country: The classic McPollo Junior (sic,) hogao sauce, empanadas, sundaes with lulo sauce, nuggets with honey, and original and unique options like ají sauce.

Call me crazy, but last time I checked, Colombian food didn’t look quite like this. Maybe they meant to say typical “Columbian” food….

Now, that will totally make sense.

Hat tip: @blabbeando

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1 Response to McDonald’s Now Serving ‘Traditional’ Colombian Food

  1. mariposaoro says:

    McDonalds always know how to spoil/take some cultural thing and americanize it….In the worst possible way.. In some Caribbean countries, they have their own eateries and maybe Colombia should ditch some of the McDonalds and do fast food THEIR WAY!

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