Gatorade Will Have you Believe Hispanics Love Lime & Cucumber in their Sports Drink

I said this before, and will say it again. Marketing minds will never cease to amaze me.

Not content with having conceived Hispanic mayonnaise, Hispanic cheese and Hispanic tuna, marketers have now concocted a Hispanic-flavored sports drink.

According to Fronteras, Gatorade has launched a flavor line called Sabores de mi Tierra, featuring Limon Pepino (sic) and Sandia Citrus (sic), which for some reason are supposed to make us, Latinos, think of home.

Ay, caramba!

Sombrero tip: @latinorebels and @hispanictips

3 thoughts on “Gatorade Will Have you Believe Hispanics Love Lime & Cucumber in their Sports Drink

  1. JAJAJAJAJA….. “stuff a bottle with soil”, that was so funny!!!… but, you know, on the more serious side of your website, let me tell you that I find it very useful, very insightful (and funny) all the information that you post in it… it give us a more clear vision of how “smart anglo marketing experts” see us Latino targets. Interesting.

    1. Dear Mogollan, I really, really appreciate your comment. It is for feedback like this that I continue doing so, even thouugh (for obvious reasons) I will never be able to monetize this blog (at least not with the likes of Pepsi, McDonald’s, Gatorade, Target, etc.).. LOL

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