Comedy Central’s Idea of ‘Funny’ is a Bunch of Mexicans Competing in a Siesta Contest

You guys know I’m all up for funny & irreverence. But there are things that -when done badly- are just not really that funny.

Take this commercial via Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo, Brazil, which actually made it to the short list of Cannes and pitches Comedy Central as a TV channel “as serious as we are.” It kicks off with the following copy:

“Between 1 pm and 3 pm in the afternoon, there are more people taking siestas, than there are people working in Latin America.”

Here’s the video. Watch (if you’re not busy taking a siesta, that is) and tell me what you think. Funny? Hilarious? Not so much? Dumb? *

*Do leave a comment. Don’t be lazy like a Latin American!

Sombrero tip: @adictivomag

5 thoughts on “Comedy Central’s Idea of ‘Funny’ is a Bunch of Mexicans Competing in a Siesta Contest

  1. I’m with you. I didn’t find it funny. What’s up with the German narrator? Sounds like the Governator. Maybe if they had a narrator with a pronounced Mexican accent, it could work. But my question is: this siesta world cup really exists???? And what is a Shaman doing as a referee???
    Nada que ver.

    1. Carla: You can’t possibly be asking if this nonsense is real. It’s not- what’s more surprising to me is that a “progressive” ad firm such as W+K would be so out of touch and insensitive in producing work for a market they clearly don’t understand-
      If this was aimed at African-Americans there would be a riot out front of their Portland office.

  2. Luis – Of course I didn’t think it was real. I was being ironic with my questions but I guess that didn’t come through. Oh, well…

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