The Arizona Diamondbacks Lure Hispanic Baseball Fans With Culturally Relevant Hot-Dog


Los Diamondbacks de Arizona, which is Spanish for The Arizona Diamondbacks, have partnered with the local Univision station to offer Hispanic baseball fans the chance to gobble up at the stadium in a culturally-relevant way: With a $7 “Sonora-style hot-dog.”

Per a press release:

The Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) will offer a Sonoran-style hot dog at every home game for $7 at Red Hot Grill locations in sections 126 and 320. In addition, the team has partnered with Univision to offer a special Sonoran Dog Package, El Pa’quetellenes, for only $15 that includes an Outfield Reserve ticket, Sonoran-style hot dog, 24 ounce Pepsi and a coupon for a free cookie from SUBWAY® Restaurants. El Pa’quetellenes, presented by Univision, is available at every D-backs home game and can be purchased online at

For the monolingual crowd, paquetellenes is actually a smart made-up word combining the concept of “combo” with “to be full.” And naturally you’ll be full: The so-called Sonoran Dog “is a hot-dog wrapped in a mesquite-smoked bacon that is grilled and then topped with pico de gallo, ranch-style beans, and a mayo drizzle.”

6 thoughts on “The Arizona Diamondbacks Lure Hispanic Baseball Fans With Culturally Relevant Hot-Dog

  1. In my opinion, if you are going to eat a hotdog, it’s the only way to do so. I just heard a cool story about the Dbacks President, Derrick Hall. Apparently, he has allowed one of his custodians to open a tamale stand in the Park also.

  2. Even with a fifteen dollar ticket and free cookie, illegals will go the the Friendly House or Chicanos Por La Free Stuff Causa in search of ticket handouts for free.

    Selling drugs to even their grandma and looking for everything free seems to be a passion for illegals.

    Those that are here through legal means seem to carry that morality through the rest of their dealings in life; work hard and do not sin.

    Entering a Country illegally is a sin.

    Remember what sin is?

    Us immigrated legally Catholics still remember.

    Viva Cristo Rey!


    1. Yes N., there really is a pablo.

      I am a Guadalupano/Cristero Roman Catholic Mexican.

      My inculcation has been by and through traditional Roman Catholicism.

      My remarks concerning the habits and lifestyles were not made in mean-spiritedness, but from experience in the Hispanic community in which I live and travel through both in America and Mexico.


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