Research: Hispanics Love ‘Authentic’ Food, Including Make Believe American Tacos


When it comes to Hispanic eating habits, there is not such a thing as “enough research.” Take the latest from Technomic, a Chicago-based firm that this week revealed that Hispanics are more inclined to dine out than the general market. Really? Yes, really. According to Technomic:

“63 percent of Hispanics surveyed said that restaurants are an “ideal” place to spend time with family, compared to just 52 percent of the general market.”

But that is not all: According to said research, “Hispanics value authenticity in a restaurant too,” which basically means they would pay more food described as “authentic,” which –according to photo editors at the Chicago Business Journal means American-style, hard-shell tacos.

I don’t know about the rest of you, “other Hispanics,” but my ideal dining out experience looks a little different; it looks really like this:


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