Mexican Barbie Is Documented; Comes with Passport

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The folks over at Mattel are so smart, that not only they have come up with a Mexican Barbie, but they have given her all the possible tools to go around the U.S. the world undisturbed.

In addition to a “wonderfully bright pink dress with ribbon accents,” Mexican Barbie comes fashionably ready for a fiesta with her Chihuahua friend (we all do.) But that is not all: According to Mattel, this beauty features accessories that “add play value,” including a passport and sticker sheet.

It is not for me to inform you about the “play value” that a passport provides, so go ahead! Play with your Barbie Mexicana and don’t even think of calling her indocumentada. Oh, and she can be yours for only $24.50 on

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This blogger has found a Mexican Ken to go with the Mexican Barbie. Here it is:


90 thoughts on “Mexican Barbie Is Documented; Comes with Passport

  1. Okay so I wanted to jump in here and be all mad about it, but they ALL come with passports so I’m a little less miffed. It’s supposed to be part of the “world traveler” experience.

  2. Tanya basically pointed out what I was going to say. No need to get upset over the passport thing. I’m sure you could have done research before making a post attacking Mattel over it. I highly doubt Mattel would pull a stunt like this, where a Mexican needs a passport to be documented. However, I do agree with the whole Chihuahua accessory. I mean most dolls come with dogs, but I think a simple purse would have worked better and be less stereotypical.

    1. people, people. no need to get all funky here. Nobody’s attacking Mattel. I am just a funny Mexican with a lot of time in her hands… ON second thoughts. Yes, I’d like to attack Mattel for selling this thing $5 more expensive than .. LOL

      1. Hahaha! Wise shoppers check Walmart prices – and beat that at BigLots! $5 USD total! Oh, wait, plus tax of course. Documented or not, buy in American, pay tax. (=

      2. A good friend is a Barbie freak, so I always share any Barbie stuff I find with her. And at first I wasn’t sure if this was a parody or real product (e.g., I’ve sent her one-off “heroin Barbie” and serial killer Barbie in the past), but I guess Mexican Barbie’s def for reals.

        Of course all Barbies have been stereotypes from Barbie I, and I guess you could say Barbie is the “archetype of stereotypes” for Western women for however many decades she’s been around.

        (A mother of one of my employees in my small biz worked as a marketer in the Barbie division of Mattel in the ’80’s, btw and talked a little shop about it to me, but I never pressed her on on this stuff, just let her fill me in on – she traveled constantly pushing Barbie into all kinds of spin-offs.)

        But a passport? That’s really pretty OMG level “damning with faint praise.” And I was going to throw in another snarky line, but don’t want to risk repeating Mattel’s own long-term cluelessness on creating useful role models.

        Fun, fun thread btw.

      3. To be fair about my own initial outrage, I went back to the Amazon site and ALL of the new Barbie world collection dolls come with a “Dolls of the World Passport and stickers.” And they all come with a companion animal. Panda for China, Koala for Australia, etc, etc., and all dressed in stereotyped costumes. (And the first set goes back to at least 1997, and for some reason the Irish and Indian Barbies are the most spendy @ $33.98 and $35.98 respectively.)

        But I still love the thread.

  3. The Chinese doll in this collection comes with a panda, the Australian a koala, the Argentinian a baby cougar, and the Hawaiian a sea turtle. I’m pretty sure having possessing any of the these is illegal! At least the Mexican version seems to be following the law! 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen anyone dress like that in Mexico, or bring their guns.
    Anyone who thinks that image is correct and who promotes such racist stereotypes projected only one thing, his/her absolute ignorance and fear of the unknown, for surely have never gone beyond their backyard to see the world. People with enough culture and brain do not think like that.
    Being white, black or any color, or being born fortunately or unfortunately somewhere, does not make you superior or entitles you to despise others. And if you think that’s right, you’re lost. What makes you superior is your human quality .

    1. Agreed. I think they were attempting to dress them her in “traditional” clothing. It would have been much cooler if they just made various multi-national Barbie dolls dressed normal. If they are looking for girls to identify with Barbie Dolls this outfit is all wrong. Not sure who their target market is.

      1. They probably want them to be iconic, and a lot of modern clothing around the world is very similar to what we wear here, so it would tend to become very similar.
        There would also be pitfalls to making modern clothing that was in some obvious way in a local style. Chinese often wear T-shirts with random English words on them that make no sense to English speakers, but if Mattel made a Barbie that wore that kind of shirt, they’d get creamed. (Granted, the qipao they used for the Chinese Barbie is actually still seen as formal wear — maybe there’s some more appropriate bit of identifiably Mexican dress that’s still seen in Mexico.)

  5. Re “IMPORTANT UPDATE: This blogger has found a Mexican Ken…” No, sorry that’s not Mexican Ken – it’s Alan, an Alan doll, Ken’s buddy. Going out with Barbie behind Ken’s back. Que lastima.

      1. — Ken, tengo algo que decirte. Algo… dificil. Ken… estoy… con Barbie.
        — No… Alan. No comprendo, Alan. Cómo puedes hacerme ésto? Cómo me destrozas el alma? ERAMOS AMIGOS!
        — No entiendes… Ken. Nunca entenderás. Barbie quiere estar conmigo, porque… tú no tienes… genitales.

      2. – Ken: “Si Alan, tienes razón, pero siempre hemos sido más que amigos. Somos amantes, Tú & yo con nuestros genitales sin sexo igualamente.”
        – Alan: “Eso fue entonces, esto es ahora, Ken, yo ya no debe ser relegado a vivir en tu sombra & tu armario. Ahora que GI Joe & los NFLers & Anderson Cooper han salido del armario, eres libre de perseguir su verdadera naturaleza.”
        – Ken: “Pero .. pero … pero Alan … qué quiere decir?”
        – Alan: “Me temo que es cierto, Ken. Ahora que Barbie ha ido Chicana con su pasaporte & su pinche chihuahua & su pelo negro brillante, todo se reduce a esto: ‘Una vez que vas negro, es ni volverá. Barbita & yo vamos a casarnos en Las Vegas en la mañana.”
        – Ken: “Casado? CASADO?? Cómo que te vas a casar? Mi vida no significa NADA para ti??”

        Se debe continuará…

  6. If you want something to be angry about get angry about the Mattel “Dora” pinata. In what world is it okay to beat the snot out of a child with a stick? Uuuuuugghh!!

    1. Have you never seen piñatas in Mexico? Worst offender: the Distroller Virgencita piñatas here, I’m not that Catholic and it feels like blasphemy just to look at it.

  7. Forget Ken and Alan….Mexican Barbie would have more fun with G.I.Joe. He probably has night goggles and can help her get past the border patrols.

  8. Hey you guys who cares it is a doll for crying out loud not rocket science or a cure for cancer just a piece of plastic with hair. Though the features are not correct nor is the color of her skin…..she is just Barbie with a traditional dress and black hair that is all. I am done have a great day everyone.

  9. They have a Mexican Barbie with a passport, and ones of other nationalities, but, here’s a newsflash Mattel, there are Mexicans etc FROM THE US!! WOW! By including the passport with the Mexican one, and including the other nationalities with “Barbies of the world,” they are constructing these as the “other.” It would be one thing if there was one dressed in American clothes with a “cultural” change of clothes . . . smh

  10. Whoa, what’s the issue here? ALL of the dolls from around the world come with passports. Why is a passport offensive? It’s a legal document that many illegal aliens find inconvenient to try to work towards!

  11. way to not check facts.

    ALL of the dolls come with passports and ALL of the dolls have pets representative of where their from.

    grow the f*** up and do some research before you become reactionary….

  12. F.Y.I. “illegals” have passports from their country of origin. This is a mexican outfit there is nothing offensive about it. Mexicans wear this outfit with pride in holidays, why are you suggesting it is offensive?

  13. Nothing to see here folks….Obozo is going to give ALL illegal aliens living in the US a “jump ahead of the line” card for citizenship. To hell with the law-abiding people that have pursued it the right way, the lawful way. Your first time in the US and you break the law by sneaking across at night? Bravo for you! You get a reward! Now here’s your documents, and your pre-filled voter ID card (Registered Democrat). There ya go, all set!

  14. Thanks to Tanya for pointing out to all the DUMBASSES here and around the world who are constantly on the lookout for any chance to screech “racism” that ALL the “World Barbies” COME WITH PASSPORTS. Get over yourselves, whiny bastards.

    1. People, people. Let’s keep the conversation civilized. Nobody here is attacking anybody, nor calling anybody names. If you read my blog, you’d realize it’s a funny / snarky commentary about Latino media/marketing and pop culture. I am not going to explain why I thought my Barbie posting was hilarious… (if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. that’s all) but please refrain from calling people names and use foul language. I thank you for your comment, and for reading my blog, but I will not allow insults. I hope you understand. Thanks for reading, though!

      1. The snarky fun of this post about pop culture marketing, Barbie Mexicana, and her passport and companion dog was not lost on this reader. Right that, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it, end of story & el fin de la historia tambien.

        I was even good with what ‘pdxqt’ started saying about “Thanks for pointing out…” that Mexican Barbie, here in her oh-so-fashionable pink dress, was one of a set of themed dolls in a World Traveler Barbie series that each had her (its?) passport and little companion animal. I was even able to overlook the first slight of “DUMB… ” and on to the point of “those who are constantly on the lookout for any chance to screech “racism…” but then, to my dismay, the merit of what I was reading faded into the abyss of dis. Que lastima.

        Not to sling more caca on this topic by singling out any one well-meaning albeit humorless commentator over another, but back to the point of snarky wit in this blog – why I come here, not for lessons on the variables of who claims to be the authority on social appropriateness of the races – here it is: When the attempts to belittle others with scathing dis demonstrated in lack of respect for one’s self & others by name calling, the value of what might have been said as enlightening social commentary on the very real ways of racism departs like Barbie & her cultured friends on the Concord; just that fast and supersonic gone. And when the humor is gone, I’m outta here, documents or no documents.

        Thanks for posting, MBETB, it’s been a blast. And though I reiterate that’s not Mexican Ken posing with that long-globetrotting Barbie back in 1964, it’s Mexican Alan – good lookin devil aint he? – I do emphasize that the laugh medicine goes far here. I, for one, have to insist on it.

        Travles seguro toda/os!!

  15. Mattel celebrates racial, ethnic and national diversity but, for someone with a chip on her shoulder whose clearly craving attention however she can get it, mothers should be most offended that you’re trying to manipulate them into seeing a controversy where none exists, just to get more hits on your blog.

    This is just one line of dolls from Mattel and focuses on international folkloric costumes – this particular dress actually looks VERY much like a typical dress from Jalisco in Western Mexico, if you’d bothered to do your research. Although that’s considerably south of Chihuahua, I doubt that the dog is restricted to just its namesake state. No one doll can reflect the diversity within an entire nation, nor is this the only Latina doll produced by Mattel.

    Blonde Barbie has come with pets before including a horse, and it’s never intended to be indicative that EVERY blonde woman in the USA owns a horse.

    You have to look no further than their contemporary play line for little girls to see dolls that are modern-day Hispanic-American characters, with accurate face sculpts as well as skin tone and hair color, wearing the same range of contemporary fashions that Caucasian and African American Barbie dolls wear.

    And the “Ken doll” isn’t even Ken, he’s named Alan, and he’s and that costume are from the early 1960s – talk about having to scrape the bottom of the barrel going back to a 50-year-old incarnation to find racial stereotypes to prop up your weak argument against this doll.

  16. Ok, I’m a bit confused here. Aside from the fact that this is Barbie, whose body is unrealistic, I don’t see what the problem is with the clothing that they’re wearing. It’s exactly the same clothing that people in each respective country would wear during a festival or parade celebrating their heritage. Just like Native Americans don’t run around wearing feathers and clothing made of hides any more, we still wear them during celebrations. But if Mattel put one of their dolls in it, it would be an “outdated ethnic stereotype”? What am I missing here?

    As for the items they’re carrying, I do understand the significance of the items, even if they’re a bit unrealistic (pandas are dangerous animals!). And the passports were given to ALL of them, as it relates to them being “world travelers” … can’t get around without one.

  17. Instead of a chihuahua, they should have given Mexico Barbie a few babies and extra tight jeans and shirt that you’re unable to pull down over her muffin top no matter how hard you try along with a sharpie so you can draw in her eyebrows yourself.

  18. I do t find it funny to put a chihuahua on a Mexican Barbie I don’t find the connection why only because it’s Taco Bell mascot . eBay is the African American Barbie going to have in her hand a piece of fried chicken

      1. Leticia, I don’t find it funny to include a chihuahua with Barbie Mexicana so much as I do find it absolutely appropriate. Perhaps you’re young, I’m assuming by the Taco Bell comment, and please don’t misunderstand, I do respect your voice and opinion. The chihuahua breed derives its name from the Mexican State of Chihuahua, where the earliest specimens of the breed were found. So why not a Mexican doll with a Mexican dog? The doll is an attempt to depict characteristics, including clothing, accessories and even a pet, that are common to the area of the world the doll designers sought to represent. This would not be an accurate depiction of, say, the ways of dressing or common pet dog of the people in the South or East of Mexico; such as the folks in Vera Cruz, which is a coastal culture on the Gulf Of Mexico, nor of the indigenous Azteca or Mayan people of, for example, the mountain regions of Chiapas. Hope that clears it up for you some. Good point about the piece of fried chicken, too, though don’t even get me started.about cultures of people in the Americas and elsewhere who see dogs as food and do cook and eat them. Let’s not go there, ok? This blog is intended to be humor, not of the degrading kind, but to be able to laugh at the silliness about ourselves as Spanish-language cultures.

  19. That last comment was just downright mean! You should be ashamed of yourself… but since you obviously aren’t, you should be banned from making public comments until you learn some good manners and common decency and respect.

  20. Oh cabronas and cabrones, please. Did you bother looking at the other ones? I know you didn’t so here you go:

    The Barbie Dolls of the World Dolls ALL COME WITH PASSPORTS. If you want to get your panties in a bunch over an isolated situation, I’m down. Getting worked up over nothing just makes you look like you’re looking for attention, stereotypical novela watching drama queens.

    Way to beat the stereotype.

    The whole point of the line is to do typical flare of the country it supposedly represents. I just made my French friend look at the French barbie and you know what she said? “I would not wear a black shirt with tha ridiculus blue and white skirt. wtf” SHE ALSO LAUGHED BECAUSE IT’S A DOLL AND WGAF?!

    I’m more pissed over the fact that Mattel doesn’t have a regular, run of the mill different nationality doll line than the fact that these dolls has a passport. You know we got the prettiest doll, anyway, she has the best dress.

    Anyway, whatever, get pissed, it’s good for you. As we say here en mi ranch”

    Si el saco te queda…

  21. -Every Doll of the world comes with a passport, it’s not a new thing or just a Mexican Barbie thing, They ALL come with passports! Frequently for collectors like me they are the hardest part of the original doll to find. This entire post was poorly researched.

    Mattel also has a doll considered to be the Hispanic Barbie. Her name is Teresa Teresa which again you would have known if you had done a tiny bit of research.

  22. You are way ridiculous. I have seen a number of dolls Barbie or otherwise that are not Mexican, with a passport. Is this your guilty conscience? Could it be that there are a HUGE number of illegals, yes I said Illegal because that is referred to their status. It is what it is nothing dehumanizing about it, just the facts. Quit being so sensitive.

  23. This is stupid. I see that you failed to mention that the other 99 Barbies in the around the world collection also have passports… SO THEY CAN GO AROUND THE WORLD. Was it offensive for the Holland Barbie to have a passport? How about the India Barbie? Was it offensive for her to have a passport? This is stupid, and you’re the only one who made this offensive. Damn, I can only imagine the backlash you would’ve generated if they had NOT given Mexican Barbie a passport even though the other 99 had one. “OMG, what, are they saying Mexican Barbie doesn’t have documentation???”

    You’re stupid. That is all.

  24. Reblogged this on Where's Aldo? and commented:
    My good friend Laura Martinez wrote this great entry, created uproar (again) got interviewed by HuffPost, among others. And just to contribute to the ruckus, here it is. Enjoy.

  25. 1, they made a collection of around the world dolls, all coming with small animals and passports, so this isn’t bashing Mexicans
    and 2, that ken doll looks like it’s from the 70s at least, so it was before the equal rights movement when people were a lot more ignorant
    Stop taking things out of content

  26. Like me its nice. I will buy one for my daughter & one for my wife. I am mexican , this Barbie is not an offense for me. some people make problems with anything. These people discriminated himself. I love this doll, I love USA & México too !!!!

  27. this is a super old post, but i just wanted to say that this isn’t a statement from mattel at all- this particular doll is part of the ‘dolls of the world’ series, and every single one of the barbies from this set comes with a passport, even the white ones.

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