One thought on “This ‘Abuela’ Is Very Clean, but She Could Brush up on her Spanish

  1. ‘You People’ need to be weaned on tacos… I just found a press release, here’s a few lines:
    Goya Foods And Beech-Nut Launch A Unique Joint Line Of Authentic, Nutritious Latin-Flavored Baby Food
    “Our research shows that Hispanic moms have been waiting for just such an offering, which combines the authentic, traditional Latin flavors Goya is famous for with Beech-Nut’s nutritious, natural ingredients free of preservatives,” said Mr. Boutelle. “Our products are as close as possible to home-made, and that’s very important to Hispanic families.”
    That said, a study recently commissioned by Beech-Nut revealed that two thirds of Hispanic moms are not satisfied with the choices they presently find in baby food, and wish there were more appropriate flavors from which to choose. The new Beech-Nut/Goya brand offers them 22 specially developed Latin flavors and combinations that support a baby’s oral development through the feeding cycle, 19 of which are eligible for WIC.
    The full press release must be somewhere on their website
    (I found this on a subscription-only trade news site. I get paid for reading this stuff, lol)

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