Disney Wants Quinceañeras to Display ‘Grace and Poise’ While Wearing This Thing

Snow White2

Disney, the company that thinks Latino families dance cumbia while at an amusement park, this week unveiled the Disney Royal Ball collection, “the first ever line of Quinceañera gowns inspired by the inner qualities, personalities and stories of the Disney Princess characters.”

According to Gilberto Martinez Kladt, the VP of licensing of Disney Princess, and not related to this blogger:

Disney is thrilled to provide young Latinas with the opportunity to celebrate the elegance, grace and poise of their favorite Disney Princess characters on such a special and momentous day.

I’m not sure how much grace and/or poise you can display strutting around in these things; but then again, I am a little past my quinceañera, and for sure cannot afford these graceful dresses, which range between $530-$999. I guess I’ll have to find a way to display elegance, grace and poise in jeans and a pair of huaraches.

2 thoughts on “Disney Wants Quinceañeras to Display ‘Grace and Poise’ While Wearing This Thing

  1. you have to be mexican to understand. Quinceañera dresses are supposed to be big and reaching that age is a big deal in the culture. These dresses are perfectly fine, and you obviously do not know what parents tend to spend in such a party.

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